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April 23, 2011


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Welcome to RPDream. Please read the following rules so that you can become a member and start rping. Until you are a member yourself, please refrain from talking to the members. And members, please only help the Dreamers if there are no mods or if they are all idle. The Sidekicks, Heroes, and Demi-Gods are here to help Dreamers and Members alike, please feel free to ask them any questions you may have. :)


1) Post one detailed, non-fanbased character as a comment to this rules journal, then ask a mod (Sidekick, Hero, or Demi-God) to look over it. ( Here are examples of what we are looking for - 
Male Character and Female Character.  The mod will either approve your character or tell you what to fix to make it acceptable. Once your character is accepted, you will be promoted to a Member class.  Once you are a member, feel free to rp with as many characters as you want, original and fanbased. You may rp in RPDream if you'd like, or you can take your rps to a less crowded, private chat. The non-member (Dreamer) idle limit is 1 hour, so please check in while writing your profile to avoid getting kicked.

2) To Avoid Spam - Limit the use of icons, emotes, capslock, and stretching. Bold is to be used ONLY in rp requests. Icons are not allowed in away messages or RP requests. No large thumbs, small emoticon thumbs only. RP requests are to be no larger than 250 words. If you have a large request, please sub your text.

3) No advertising your art, chats, or websites. 

4) No Bots! The only bots allowed in RPD are Ego-Berri, IAmABot, and other mod-authorized temporary bots.

5) NO DRAMA. Please use RPDOOCOfficial if you need to address any drama with a member or mod, to petition a ban, or to put in a formal complaint to a mod. Feel free to use the /ignore command to avoid drama, however members are NOT allowed to use that command on mods and vise versa.

6) Do not rush the mods. If you find a mod is busy, simply tab another mod to help you.

7) Keep it PG-13. Sexually explicit roleplaying is NOT permitted in ANY chatroom on deviantArt, private or otherwise. You will be IMMEDIATELY banned for breaking this rule. Because of the sexual connotations, the following words are not allowed in rp requests: Dominant-dom, submissive-sub, seme, uke, smuke, seke, top, or bottom. Please use MxM, FxF, MxF, ect to specify gender pairings rather than using the words Yaoi, Yuri, or Hentai.

8) No Multiple Accounts. If you would like to switch accounts, please log into both accounts and alert a mod. They will demote the old name and promote the new one. If you are unable to log onto your old account, please find a member to vouch for you, or you will have to submit another character profile.

* All rules are subject to change. If you are kicked for rule breaking 3 times in a 24 hour period, you will be banned.

:bulletgreen:Character Profiles:bulletgreen:

You MUST use this format. Please fill-in all fields with as much detail as possible or it will not be approved. Avoid overly cliched or perfect characters. ( aka Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus) Use full sentences instead of listing off traits. Use correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation please.

Examples of what we are looking for:  
Male Character and Female Character

Character Name:
Age: ( Actual and physical age if needed. Please do not go overboard on actual age.)
Species: ( If uncommon or made by you, please explain. )
Appearance: ( Must be written in full sentences, not listed. You may link a picture at the end, but you MUST write an appearance as well.)
History: ( From birth to current age. Please avoid cliched childhoods, unexplained powers, characters that are the only ones left of their race, slaughtering numerous/stronger enemies at a young age or with no training, ect. Also, even if they don't remember their past, they DO have one.)
Personality: ( How they act socially around different types of people, what makes them mad/sad/happy and how they react to those emotions, their likes/dislikes. )
Weakness: ( Must be a specific Physical or Elemental weakness. Emotional weaknesses and fears do not count. 'Normal human weaknesses' will only be accepted if the character is human with no powers, weapons, abilities, or special training. Your weaknesses MUST balance out your powers/weapons.)
Weapons/Abilities: ( Please don't over do it. )
Requested Class in Chatroom: Choose one of the following: Sword_Wielders, Spell_Casters, Battle_Mages, Long_Weapon_Users, Axe_Wielders, Archers, Gunners, Lashers, Short_Weapon_Users, Shape_Shifters, Fist_Fighters, Ranged_Weapon_Users, Multi_Weapon_Users, Mind_Users, Beasts, Non_Fighters )

:bulletblue:Useful Links and Information:bulletblue:

Sheeply's Roleplaying Guide for Beginners
Elvan-Lady's RP Information Guide
dA Notice: How to Discourage Predators
TheRainbowLlama's Tabbing Tutorial
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Name jigle

Age: 20's

gender: male

Race: unknown shapeshifter

height: 8 feet tall

Eye color & style: normal eye color is hazel w/arcane symbols appearing in them from time to time, can also change shape or change color depending on the mood w/either a faint or large amount of glow appearing in them as well

skin color: normal w/slight tan 

Hair style & color: shaggy black hair w/the back coming down to just the neck and the front covering the forehead w/the hair tips coming to points

clothing & style:dark colored baggy adventurer style pants w/two leather belts in an "X" formation around the waist area, foot and ankle style dark leather brown sandals covering the top of the foot and the back of the foot w/smoothed out metal covering the top leather and back as well, light weight thin t-shit blackish-grey in color w/gold painted on wings on the back of the shirt the tips extending to just about the lower half of the back of the shirt, cloth like bandages wrapped around the shoulders of both arms going all the way down to the hands but stopping short just past the knuckles a little bit, baggy style kimono dark red brimstone  color w/light thin line fire design patterns in the kimono around the waist and sleeve and neck line area one in particular is directly on the back, blackish-grey t-shirt underneath kimono.
carlodagunz 16 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Captain Shane Merrol

Age: 24 years of age.

Species: Human

Gender: Male

    Shane is approximately six feet and seven inches tall with a lean, muscular build from working side by side with his crew when he leaves his helmsman in charge. Stretching across his torso from his right hip to his left shoulder is a long, thin scar inflicted during his duel with the Admiral,; a wound inflicted by the same sword he carries on his black leather belt. He has short black hair that he grows out during the winter, keeping it tied back in a short ponytail to keep it out of his eyes.
    For his normal attire, Shane wears simple brown trousers tucked into flared-collar leather boots that come up to three inches below his knee. He wears a plain, sandy-colored, button-down crew shirt, with the bottom tucked into his trousers and the top two buttons undone for comfort. Over his shirt he wears a small leather vest, which he never buttons up. For headgear, he ties a red, tribal-patterned bandana over his short black hair, and he dons a tricorn hat when he docks his ship and goes into a town or city.

    Shane was born at Southern Slobobia General Hospital in the ass-end of Nowheresville. In other words, he doesn't remember exactly where he was born, so that's what he tells everyone in an attempt to be witty. His mother is Mrs. Alicia Merrol, and his father is Colonel Jack Merrol of the Royal Military. During the early years of Shane's life, there was no war going on, and his father was able to spend most of his time at home. Having a military father made the boy proud, and he aspired to be just as tough as his old man was. That being said, the young boy was somewhat of a troublemaker, and constantly came home with a bruise here and there from getting into a scrap with the older boys in the neighborhood.
    Unfortunately for his parent's nerves, their son maintained this love of combat all the way into his teen years. After Shane was expelled from his local high school for constant disorderly conduct, his father decided enough was enough and had Shane enlist in the military as soon as he was old enough, determined to have the boy learn some discipline, which actually seemed to work. By the time Shane was out of basic training, we was looking towards being a fine officer. When asked where he would serve most efficiently, Merrol said "as a ship's Captain, and I want to work for it."
    So it was then that Shane Merrol joined the Royal Navy, serving under Captain Cade Connely as Ensign aboard the R.M.S Dauntless, a tough little airship which has been through suicide mission after suicide mission, yet has only ever needed general maintenance repairs that are done during the post-flight routine. The ship is something of a legend among the Navy for being aptly named. No captain of the vessel has ever turned down a mission due to difficulty. Next year, Captain Connely was called to another ship, and on personal recommendation from each of the crew members for his hard work and courage, Shane Merrol assumed the position of Captain of the R.M.S Dauntless.
    All good things must come to an end, and it was that time for Captain Shane Merrol's military career. His newfound independence went straight to his head as his vaulting ambition and love for combat took the reins. Rapidly growing sick of being dry-docked, Shane and his crew decided that if they wanted the thrills of combat and conquest, they would have to seek it themselves. Captain Merrol walked right up to Admiral Geoffrey Anderson and said "I challenge you to a contest in fair and honorable combat. To prove my valor, I will best you with a common chef's knife against which you must use your fine sabre." The Admiral almost laughed until he saw the Captain's serious expression, and decided to accept, knowing somehow that the young man was capable of backing his claim.
    They dueled fiercely the next morning, and Captain Shane felt the bite of mono-molecularly sharp steel across his chest, before cooking his knife under the hilt and wrenching the sabre from the Admiral's grasp. Anderson shook his hand in respect and gave Merrol his sabre. "You held true to your word, and you are more worthy than me of such a blade. I'll pay the surgeon, and we'll have a drink together before I have to chase you out of the border. You have my word I will give it all I've got to destroy your vessel, knowing you would upbraid me for not trying. Good luck out there." So began the tale of Captain Shane Merrol, as he weaved about the harbor to avoid mortar strikes and cannon fire, a black flag now adorning the mast of the R.M.S Dauntless. In the past six years, Shane has raided 137 merchant airships, most of which were escorted by heavily-armed frigates.

    Shane is a very outgoing and confident man, who always looks for the craziest, most unconventional solutions to problems. He takes people off guard by using schemes so ridiculous that they actually work, even if he just barely scrapes by. For a pirate, he's also pretty reliable, and he deals fairly with anyone who deals fairly with him in return, and he develops the strongest friendships with men and women like his crew who strongly believe that some rules are meant to be broken. He rarely gets along with sophisticated nobles and strict military enforcers, as they are either to boring or too busy trying to arrest him to get along with him. His biggest hobby is invention, as he constantly researches and draws up technology that can improve his airship. In fact, he designed his clockwork pistols and later purchased the parts to make them after robbing a trade vessel of a portion of its cargo.

    For all his skill with a gun or a sword, he is still just a man. Unfortunately, he tends to drink more than he should when he goes into a tavern, and he was once arrested because he was too drunk to put up a decent fight. His other weakness is the scar on his chest. Despite being sealed for the past six years, it still hasn't stopped hurting. Being struck where the scar crosses will put him in excruciating pain, and that can ruin any ability to fight back for a few moments.


    On each side of his belt, a steel clockwork revolver is holstered, each with an eight-round cylindrical clip. They fire .32 calibre hollow-point rounds as fast as he can pull the trigger. He also carries a mono-molecularly sharp steel sabre which he won in a duel against Admiral Geoffrey Anderson of the Royal Air Force. He is skilled with these weapons, but doesn't rely on them constantly, often resorting to martial arts when he must fight without a weapon. In addition to his weapon and martial arts skills, Shane was born ambidextrous. Not only can he use a gun or sword well, but he can do so in either hand with equal efficiency.

Other: Shane's intense training while in the military has left him with extraordinary perception with each of his senses. He could hear a pin drop in a crowded hallway, which makes it much more difficult to sneak up on him. (I don't count this as an ability because it does not make him any better at combat. It is simply a skill.)

Requested Class in Chatroom: Multi_Weapon_Users
Jelly340 1 day ago  Student Writer

Character Name:  Marigold Jefferson

Age: 19

Species: Human (American)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Marigold is a slightly below average sized young woman, with a height of only five feet seven inches. Her eyes are a dark brown, but when she uses her magic they become sickly white. She also has light skin, and long dark red hair that reaches the middle of her back and curls at the ends.  

History:  She discovered her powers at a very young age. Her mother hadn't been home for a few days, and she became more and more worried. While her father was at work and she was with a babysitter, she sneaked into her parents to do a little detective work that only a five year old could do. When she found nothing, she crawled into her parent’s bed, curled up with her mother’s night gown and cried.

When the babysitter found marigold, her eyes were white and she was still crying. Not knowing what else to do, the babysitter called 911. When the doctors started to examine her, she began screaming that her “mommy is in the lake you have to help her.”

Sure enough, her mother was at the bottom of a nearby lake. Her father had accidentally killed her out of anger, and thought he could get away with it. Since then, the government has been using her to track down, and spy on anyone they wished.

She escaped when she was only fourteen and has been on the run since then. Using her powers to steal what she needed to survive.

Personality: She has had few friends since escaping, and she is slow to trust the people around her. The constant threat of the government catching her has left her a little sadistic. She will do anything to keep her freedom, even if that means killing a few people creatively along the way. Secretly, she is desperate for a place to call home, and is always dreaming of the day she won’t have to run anymore.

Weakness:  Her weakness is that she cannot move more than one object at once, and if she does it gives her a massive headache. When she is searching for someone, she is not able to defend herself against any oncoming attacks, which is why she either does it in complete seclusion, or with someone she trusts completely to guard her.

Weapons/Abilities: Her telekinesis easily allows her to throw her enemies away from her, or just be lazy and not get up off the couch to get the remote. She also has the ability to find someone where ever they are as long as she has something personal that belonged to them.

Requested Class in Chatroom: Mind_Users

HatsuneForever 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Character Name: Alex Harrison
Age: 15 3/4
Species: Human (English, British, Australian, French)
Gender: Female
Appearance: Alex is a short, tan, wiry athlete who stands at approximately 5'6" (extremely short for a 15 y/o...) and somewhat underweight. Her long brown with dark blonde and red streaks settles in poofy curls around her fair freckled face, bringing out her lime green eyes. Her shoulders make her figure seem even smaller, as do her inattentive C-cup breasts. As previously mentioned, Alex is very skinny, her flat stomach hinting the curvature of her ribs. Her hips are about the same width as her chest, giving her a soft, approachable look. Her legs are also short but very strong (given that she runs track and plays many other sports). She wears a size 7 shoe (EXTREMELY small for a 15 y/o...). Her body is covered with multiple bruises and cuts, none important enough to actually be mentioned except the distinct one connecting her shoulder blade to her neck. She has a short blue bandage covering her wrist. 
History: Alex was the youngest of her three siblings, being the only girl. Though her aunts and other family members thought she was the fragile one because of her dainty appearance, she really was the tough one. She would win every fight against her brothers, whether it be play or something silly that they would fight over. She learned interesting moves from them, and perfected them to her liking. They were extremely close. Her oldest brother, Alec, helped her realize her love for playing guitar and gave her lessons. 

On Alex's 7th birthday, her mother was killed in a tragic accident, but they never revealed how. This threw her father into a spiraling depression. They tried to help him, but he would sit in his room and stare at the wall for hours. Their aunt Holly watched over them while trying to get him help. 

Alex was now 9. Her father had come out of his depression slowly but surely, still recovering with only mild stress. Over the year, her brother Caleb, 11, developed a serious illness and was being taken care of at home. She was walking to the store when she saw Alec being bullied and pushed over at the park. She took immediate action, coming to her brother's side instantly.  They start to attack her, and she is somehow able to defeat them all (not without getting jacked up herself, of course...). When the two come back, they see the nurse walk out of the room. The blue bandage around her wrist belonged to Caleb, as she vowed to him to never take it off as his last words to her. Terrence and Alec received ones of different color, but blue belonged to his favorite.

At age 13, Alex was restoring herself after Caleb's death, no longer having haunting dreams. She was now in 8th grade, the second youngest person in her class of Talented and Gifted. She was in class when she heard the news. Alec was in a car crash with a drunk driver and severely injured. She ran to the hospital to see him. Her world was crushed once again. She would spend days and nights sitting with him. They waited months for him to wake, but he never did. They had no other choice but to take him off of life support. The only person she had left was Terrence. But during that time, something happened to him. He went insane, and his usually sweet and kind demeanor quickly turned cruel and hurtful after Alec's death. He would lash out for no reason, and wake up in the middle of the night screaming. It got so bad that she had to send him off. Alex was alone now, with only her father and Aunt Holly. Her life would never be the same again. 
At age 15, she felt she was ready to attend public school again and was readmitted into Clover Day High School.
Personality: Alex is a hot-headed young tomboy with a killer awesome British accent and a knack for jumping off of things. She hates being underestimated and never backs away from a challenge. She stands up for what she believes in always. Though she shows many soft emotions, too. She would risk her life to help someone in need, and her family is an extremely sensitive topic to her. She is very stubborn, and independent because of her situation, but will eventually put her stubborn pride aside and realize she needs help (though won't admit easily).
Weakness: Mentioning her family, her wiry figure, her stubbornness, her devotion to helping people, her blue bandage, and almost everything that could push a human over the edge (keep in mind she had a hard past).
Weapons/Abilities: Alex uses her surroundings to her advantage and her fists. She thinks that learning to master a weapon would be tiresome and really annoying to master, though when picking up a sword, she seems naturally good.

Requested Class in Chatroom: Whichever you think I would be best in~
MichaelaBowen 3 days ago  New member Student Writer
Character Name: Sally Sowerberry

Age: 19

Species: Human (With Telepathy)

Gender: Female 

Appearance: Sally Sowerberry, she is a young woman described with dark brown almost black hair and deep blue eyes. She is fair skinned, having an average height of 5'5 and an average weight of 180 pounds. Those who have the privilege of getting to know her and being in her company will see that she has a tattoo on her right wrist. This tattoo reads "Dreams can become Nightmares" it is a quote she has been accustom to almost all her life. He attire usually consist of long dresses, mostly burgundy, wine or black colored and simple one inch heels. Sometimes a matching lace glove here and there. 

History: Sally Marie Sowerberry, born on September 1st 1994, she has one sister by the name of Charlotte Sowerberry and two parents, Elizabeth and Nicholas Sowerberry. Her parents usually loved Charlotte, but they did not care much for Sally. Most of the time since the family business has been up and running. Sally would get stuck sleeping with the coffins in the basement. She can remember this one time when she was about six years old. Her parents were shouting at her calling her a devil and a murderous witch. They threw her into a coffin and locked her inside, she cried and screamed for help. That was when she smelled the smoke, her parents were trying to burn the house down, she cries and coughs as her parents stand out there watching the house burn. But someone saved her. She didn't know who it was all she knew was, she was pulled out of the coffin and carried outside but a large man. Since then she has been grateful of him. After that event, she still lived and slept with the coffins. Until one day Charlotte screamed out, Sally ran downstairs to see her mother and father dead. They trapped themselves in coffins and died due to lack of oxygen. Distraught and depressed, Sally and Charlotte decided to leave their hometown of London and move to Raven Hill, Illinois. Sally now 19 years old is living in Sowerberry Manor in Raven Hill, Illinois. She feels as though it is all her fault, while the two try to keep the family business running, Sally still sleeps in the basement and is mistreated and abused by her sister. Life for her has been a struggle which is why she has the tattoo on her wrist, she got it when she was 18 years old. It seems to be the only way she can live on through this hell known as life. 

Personality: Sally is a shy and quiet person. Although she if creative and carefree at times, most people<img src="…" style="background-color: transparent !important; border: none !important; display: inline-block !important; float: none !important; font-style: normal !important; font-variant: normal !important; font-weight: normal !important; font-size: 12px !important; line-height: normal !important; font-family: Verdana, sans-serif !important; height: 10px !important; margin: 0px 0px 0px 3px !important; min-height: 0px !important; min-width: 0px !important; padding: 0px !important; vertical-align: super !important; width: 10px !important; background-position: initial initial !important; background-repeat: initial initial !important;"> need to get to know her well enough in order to see that side. She may appear to be happy and go lucky but in all reality she is upset and crying on the inside. She only shares her past to those she truly trusts and that is through a method known as "Telepathy" though she can only share images and clips of the events. They are still seen to others none the less. She yearns to find love one day, but knows that no one could ever love her. She has chosen to accept that in this life and the next. 

Weaknesses: Her weakness for the most part are her memories. The fact that she cannot speak for herself and has to take whatever is given to her. Her past haunts her constantly and this is usually what leads her to shut everyone out. She can become extremely fatigued and lightheaded usually after sharing a memory with someone.  

Weapons: She only carries a simple Ottoman Dagger with her at all times. 

Abilities: She can share her own memories through telepathy. All she has to do is take you hands and then you can see the memory she has chosen to show to you. 

Requested Class: Non_Fighters
LUNAuniverse 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Character Name: Rachael Lander

Age: 20

Species: Human (Sorceress)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Rachael is average in height and stature- being of a healthy weight and standing at 5''4. Many don't see her features because of the plush purple cloak she wears no matter the occasion. However those who have the privilege of her company will see that she has canvas white skin, grass green eyes and raven black hair. The hair of which travels from the top of her head down to her waist, styled in plaits that pull it away from her face. Her usual attire consists of her aforementioned purple cloak; it keeps her hidden. When removed, she can mostly be found wearing long and low-cut sleeveless dresses like many of the whores in her home town. But the dresses she wears are usual dark in colour, with ancient patterns, woven in gold.

History: Rachael was the daughter of a whore, born in the whore house of Alangia City- her father was the previous King. Being the daughter of a whore and consequently a bastard she had to live off the little money the old King (her father) threw her way. At the age of ten, her mother passed away of an unidentified disease and her Father was killed in a war soon after. She found no more kindness in the City of Alangia, so set off with a group of travellers, entertainers and gypsies. 

It was in that group of travellers, that she became very attached to one performer in particular, Madame Winters. Madame Winters used her actual power of Sorcery to perform 'magic tricks' to crowds of hundreds. It was her who first saw the Sorceress in Rachael. She trained Rachael, most of it was slight of hand, illusion and quick getaways. When Madame Winters grew old, she became senile and found it hard to communicate- Rachael took over her magic shows, using the money to pay for assistance. From the age of 12 and with the help of some of the other gypsy children- she had became an accomplished thief, a pickpocket. It wasn't long until time took her. By then, Rachael was 17, quite able at basic sorcery and very much a woman. She couldn't stay with the gypsy group, unless she wed one of their sons- an arrangement she couldn't bring herself to. So she left.

Now she wanders the lands, making money from robbing the rich- using her magical talents to humiliate those who do bad by people like herself and children. But secretly, she yearns for something more- adventure.

Personality: Rachael is quite introverted and quiet. Though, when provoked she can be very sassy and even manipulative. There is a part of her however that yearns for adventure and love- romance. She has no problem stealing from those who have too much or take a lot for granted- but has a soft spot for children and the elderly. She's also quite aware of what she is, a whores daughter and bastard- though gets very agitated if it's mentioned.

Weakness: Sorcery is weakened when she is hungry, thirsty or tired. Similarly, sorcery takes up a lot of energy- causing her to become dehydrated and fatigued. In extreme situations and if she abuses her magic- it can cause seizures and black-outs. 

Weapons: One, dragon bone dagger.

Abilities: Sorcery, which consists off: lifting small objects into the air, creating veils of thick black smoke, temporary increase of speed, hypnotism (which requires her putting magic inside someones body through food, a kiss, a cut e.t.c) and ability to touch and see inside locks to pick them. 

Requested Class: Spell_Casters
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DickPayzRent Apr 15, 2014  New member
Sorry for reposting, but a mod said to post my bio properly this time

Character Name: My character's name is ERK-12a8 (Eric)

Age: There is no physical age since its a robot, but the time he has been operating is about 25 years.

Species: Eric is a military android.

Gender: Programmed to have a male appearance.

Appearance: Eric is a toe-headed; white male who wears a ballistic vest, a disguise and protector for his main circuit board over an army shirt and pants. His ballistic vest is not separate, as it is attached on to his chest making his clothes fabricated specifically for him. he wears black boots used for navigating terrain such as rocks, sand, and swampy areas. He has a rather skinny appearance due to his metallic android foundation behind his skin. He also wears an army helmet with connected ballistic goggles.

History: In 2042, the human race is at the brink of extinction. World War 3 is know as the test of all technology. Armies take advantage of robot armies, nuclear warfare, and even contacting extra-terrestrial beings for support. For the Drone and Robotics Federation of America (DRFA), their focus of ending the war is not for the good of the people, but for the peoples' own survival. They have spent countless hours conducting experiments, engineering technology, and trying hard to end the war and save their own race. Their chances were vague, they were about to call it quits with the entire project, but then they were given hope. Neighboring facilities were aware of the project and wanted to present an idea that will change the war.

Their idea was their current robots weren't as efficient because they lacked human awareness. They couldn't reach an intelligence level humans could. However, the proposed an idea. This idea was called "Project MAM" and required all funding to go to the development of a hyper-intelligent robot. The federation, at their limit of what the could do, accepted the idea. After billions of dollars and over 5 years, the project was complete. ERK-12a8, or "Eric" was created. They originally planned for him to go to war immediately, but rejected that believing he needed time to train. He was put into isolated training for most of his life. Learning human basics, weapon structure, and strategic planning. Various combat simulations were put on him, making him as hit as he could be for battle. After being in training, he was dispatched with an army of both robots and human soldiers called the Desire of Peacekeeping (DPK). He has been in service for 25 years and is still fighting.

Personality: Intelligent and strong, making him smug and cocky at times. But mostly has empathy for his comrades. He does feel guilty about the people he kills and the drone he damages. Except aliens, he has a bloodlust when it comes to missions where he has to kill alien mercs. Yeah, he really hates them.

Weakness: Hacking devices, to much gunfire, extra-terrestrial infantry, his incapability to drive or pilot, gases, plasma, explosions, and extreme voltage

Weapons/Abilities: He can out stand normal gunfire, be resistant to fire, crack a code or device in no time, and heal his teammates and supply them. Since he was put into isolated training for 10 years of his life, he as easily master basic infantry. He has 25 second invisibility and intense agility. 

His weapons are modified Mauser C96s, AK-47, and Galil. He also holds a Plasma Sniper Rifle, a Subsonic Shotgun, and a prototype version of a pistol

Other: He does malfunction at times, but other than that this is pretty much it.

Requested Class in Chatroom: Multi_Weapon_Users,
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