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April 23, 2011


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Welcome to RPDream! Please read the following rules and get a character sheet approved before rping. Until you are a member please speak only to the mods - Sidekicks, Heroes, and Demi-Gods, they will answer any questions you may have. For RPDream members, please refrain from distracting Dreamers from their profile writing and only assist them if all the mods are idle/gone.


1) Post one detailed, non-fanbased character as a comment to this rules journal, then ask a mod to look over it. ( Here are examples of the detail we are looking for - 
Male Character and Female Character. )  The mod will either approve your character or guide you in making it acceptable. Once your character is approved, you will be promoted to a Member class and be free to rp with as many characters as you want, both original and fanbased. You may rp in RPDream if you'd like, or you can take your rps to a less crowded, private chat. The non-member (Dreamer) idle limit is 1 hour, so please check in with a mod while writing your profile to avoid getting kicked.

2) To Avoid Spam - Limit the use of icons, emotes, capslock, and stretching. Bold is to be used ONLY in rp requests. Icons are not allowed in away messages or RP requests. No large thumbs, small emoticon thumbs only. RP requests are to be no larger than 250 words. If you have a large request, please sub your text.

3) No advertising your art, chats, or websites. 

4) The only bots allowed in RPDream are IAmABot and xLittleMisfitx.

5) NO DRAMA. Please use #RPDOOCOfficial for heated arguments, to petition a ban, or to put in a formal complaint to a mod. Feel free to use /ignore to avoid drama with other members, but keep in mind that you cannot /ignore mods.

6) Do not rush the mods. If you tab a mod and they do not answer, please tab another mod to see if they are available.

7) Keep it PG-13. Sexually explicit roleplaying is NOT permitted in ANY chatroom on deviantArt, private or otherwise and is punishable by IMMEDIATE banning. Because of the sexual connotations, the following words are not allowed in rp requests: Dominant-dom, submissive-sub, seme, uke, smuke, seke, top, or bottom. Please use MxM, FxF, MxF, ect to specify gender pairings rather than using the words Yaoi, Yuri, or Hentai.

8) No Multiple Accounts. If you would like to switch accounts, please log into both accounts and alert a mod. They will demote the old name and promote the new one. If you are unable to log onto your old account, please find a member to vouch for you, or you will have to submit another character profile.

* All rules are subject to change. If you are kicked for rule breaking 3 times in a 24 hour period, you will be banned.

:bulletgreen:Character Profiles:bulletgreen:

You MUST use this format. Please fill-in all fields with as much detail as possible or it will not be approved. Avoid overly cliched or perfect characters. ( aka Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus) Use full sentences instead of listing off traits. Use correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation please.

Examples of what we are looking for:  
Male Character and Female Character

Character Name:
Age: ( Actual and physical age if needed. Please do not go overboard on actual age.)
Species: ( If uncommon or made by you, please explain. )
Appearance: ( Must be written in full sentences, not listed. You may link a picture at the end, but you MUST write an appearance as well.)
History: ( From birth to current age. Please avoid cliched childhoods, unexplained powers, characters that are the only ones left of their race, slaughtering numerous/stronger enemies at a young age or with no training, ect. Also, even if they don't remember their past, they DO have one.)
Personality: ( How they act socially around different types of people, what makes them mad/sad/happy and how they react to those emotions, their likes/dislikes. )
Weakness: ( Must be a specific Physical or Elemental weakness. Emotional weaknesses and fears do not count. 'Normal human weaknesses' will only be accepted if the character is human with no powers, weapons, abilities, or special training. Your weaknesses MUST balance out your powers/weapons.)
Weapons/Abilities: ( Please don't over do it. )
Requested Class in Chatroom: Choose one of the following: Sword_Wielders, Spell_Casters, Battle_Mages, Long_Weapon_Users, Axe_Wielders, Archers, Gunners, Lashers, Short_Weapon_Users, Shape_Shifters, Fist_Fighters, Ranged_Weapon_Users, Multi_Weapon_Users, Mind_Users, Beasts, Non_Fighters )

:bulletblue:Useful Links and Information:bulletblue:

Sheeply's Roleplaying Guide for Beginners
Elvan-Lady's RP Information Guide
dA Notice: How to Discourage Predators
TheRainbowLlama's Tabbing Tutorial
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ChrisChaos369 Featured By Owner Edited 15 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Thorne... turned into the perfect killing machine by the evil C.L.A.W. organization Thorne has been thrust into the role of leader of the Chaos Corp and not by choice, but when launching a rebellion against the Devil himself and freeing the world from his tyranny and corruption he is willing to make the sacrifice. -Male Character-
OXBlackWingedAngelXO Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member Hobbyist Artist

Character: Elizabeth Chains

Species: Avian-Human (Angel)


Appearance: Thin, tall, only wears black clothes usually a plain black dress. Long black hair down to her waist. Her face it elegant and fragile like a china doll but at the same time rough and scarred.

History: Underwent a tough childhood as she was taken into a lab and turned into a science project called AVE8. The end result as a black winged angel. When she turns seventeen she finally found an escape .  Currently she is being hunted by the secret organization known an ECON labs.

Personality: Dark, Scarred, she suffers from Post traumatic stress. She can be violent at times but for the most part she is quiet. She is scared of close relationships in fear that they will turn on her.

Weakness: Iron sulfate, and anything that might trigger a flashback. Her wings are hypersensitive to water. She can be very stubborn at times which cost her alliances.

Abilities: Can fly, shoots blue fire from her hands using spells, her wings might also suffice as a weapon.

Cata: Spell_Caster

TrulyMyDestiny Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member Student Artist
Character Name: Lunar Nix


Nephelium. The cross between an angel and a demon through birth. Nephelium are normally human until their 18th birthday when their powers and Stille form awakens.

Gender: Male

He is tall with short black hair that frames the delicate yet sharp features on his face. His red-streaked bangs come down over one of his violet eyes that have a soft and sad glow in their depths. His skin is smooth and unscathed in an ivory color as if made of stone. He is usually found wearing a dark outfit comprising of a black hoodie, dark red tee, and faded black jeans. He has a mark beneath his left eye where he was grazed by a Kirth (Skeletal Faery).

As a child he was a normal boy. Though as he aged, he noticed the little things around him that shouldn't be there. a flicker in the darkness, a familiar face in the light; things no human child should see. This sight was not in his choice, but rather the seal on his abilities slipping after his parents (who lived with their son in secret, away from the over and underworld) were murdered in front of him.Soon, it was a fortnight before his 18th birthday and creature form both sides begin to appear, more clearly than in his childhood.

Is very apathetic to shelter him and his fragile heart. Even with a fragile heart, his true self may very well be a dark persona that slumbered until he Awoke.

Even though he is a human who had only just awoke to become a Nephelium, he still holds the physical weakness of an average human. If he is shot he can still die, if he is trapped beneath ice, he can still die. And after he Awakes into Stille he is weak to the very elements he is made of; Darkness and Light.

A single sword, thin and strong. The blade is a deep shade of red with a hilt design of dark and light rose thorns.

happens to be gay -.- (for no particular reason)

Requested Class in Chatroom:
Ganakalday Featured By Owner 3 days ago

Character Name:

Xaviera Winter




Frersta is an elite form of cyborgs created by a scientific outpost, these machines work like humans and are engineered to the highest quality. Some even live their lives believing they are human but are unable to reproduce giving them a few fatal weakness, there is only a certain amount of them left but all are trained as elite hunters, their programming dedicated to serving humans and protecting knowledge.




Standing at about 5’9 Xaviera is voted pretty by most of the male population and it’s true, large bambi eyes, long eyelashes, curly blonde hair and a delicate heart shaped face accent most features, which are all followed by a petite frame.

She is often wearing a pair of cut off pants and a plain white tee shirt with a denim jacket over the top, she always has a purse slung over her shoulder as well as a backwards turned cap. Her jewellery is pretty simple and is not meant for catching the eye, with a small pair of ball silver earrings and small neck choker she tried not to stand out, her makeup reflects her jewellery, simple and plain. With only a touch of blush and small amounts of mascara she does little to try enhance her natural features.


Created at the mere age of three Xaviera was trained to be the fastest, the strongest, the smartest all by the governing scientist that created her, with no time for socialisation she became an introvert focusing only on becoming the best, leaving behind the scraps of humanity she had been gifted with. The need to achieve often got her into trouble, training after hours, correcting the instructors and often pushing the other kids harder then she should be brought attention to her. She was a perfect specimen something they had worked long and hard at to get, they had pulled her out of her regular training schedules in the lab and made her work with real weapons, real prey, real fear, but she never gave in.

At 10 she started to turn into what she truly was, a machine. Obeying orders and doing work was the only part of her life that mattered and that had began to worry them, they had tried to put her in more social situations but she never had any response, she was an empty shell. Her hatred for mystical creatures grew and she only ever felt comfortable around the scientist in the lab, anything that entered would not per say last long when she was around. Even though she had long passed the training she continued to fight, mastering martial arts, weapon fighting and street fighting, being sent out on missions was a past time for her, but one day she was out slaying a pack of worgens that were camping around the human city Therastril the lab was attacked by swarms of halfing. These specific halfing were bred from the dark elves and the many beasts that roamed the area, paired with knowledge and the setup of an animal they were an almost unstoppable force, tearing apart the whole lab taking what little info they could salvage and destroying the rest so no other would find them. Returning back they were lost, authority was a key point in their life but with the scientist gone that had to figure it all out, after many days they had salvaged scraps of what they could returning to human city and gifting the knowledge to those deemed worthy in their eyes. Pain had filled Xavieras empty heart, leaving she wandered the wood searching for prey and only occasionally retreating back to the city, for personal matters.


Xaviera is not the friendliest person around, her defense to strangers is sarcasms and wits which often pushes people away. People of lower intelligence and lower standards AKA slobs are the worst for her, physical and mental hygiene are needed for socializing with her. She prefers to have conversations about history and mathematical studies with smart people and easily gets along with the more intelligent, but any other person is worthless to her. She is never interesting in anyone which is frustrating for anybody that gives her romantic advances or sexual actions.  


Frersta unique likeness to humans offers them basically no difference to the lower species apart from specialized defaults created by the lab as a form of control. Her physical weaknesses is the inability to allow herself to rest, she keeps going until she faints or is forcibly taken away from the scene, which creates a massive problems in groups


She specializes in knife combat and owns a few weapons none with any immense power or magical spell bound to them, her most used item apart from blades are tiny vials of pain inducing dust that is easily thrown in eyes and can cause fatal scaring and even blinding.

Multi_Weapon_Users please
hunterhunter40 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
Name: Hunter Takirsii
Age: 17
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Appearance: Hunter is a short guy, about 5'1, and has jade green eyes. He is from a southeastern Asian country, and has naturally tan skin. His hair is an extremely dark brown, which has overgrown to cover his left eye. He wears a oversized black trench coat, with a dark green shirt underneath, accompanied by a bulletproof vest/plate carrier, and cargo pants. For shoes, he wears an average pair of hiking boots. Accessories include a watch and a backpack (full of climbing gear).

History: Hunter never had a dad. He was just....gone. His mother never talked about it, but Hunter had a feeling that he either died or was killed. Hunter was always bullied, as he was always a loner, never had anyone to help him. When he was 10, he snapped, and beat the crap out of two of the guys before getting suspended. He ended up being sent to boarding school, for being so violent. Eventually, he got out of school, only to find that his mother, the only family left, had died too. So he went, took any possessions left to have, and now is just a wandering loner.

Personality: He doesn't like people in general. The only person that he will talk to is someone that needs help, or someone that can help him. He is also easily ticked off, making him very agitated. He really doesn't like hurting people, and would rather run than to fight, but can defend himself efficiently enough.

Weaknesses: Hunter is susceptible to honestly everything. Despite having his body armor, melee weapons, projectile weapons, and especially fire hurts him. A very effective way to kill him is through a long range projectile weapon, as he won't know where it's coming from. He is also allergic to strawberries.

Weapons/equipment/abilities: 7 (seven) vials of poison, 1 (one) box of smokebombs, 2 (two) shortswords, 1 (one) subcompact handgun, and 1(one) set of climbing gear. Wears a large hiking /climbing backpack, with all of his gear in it. Abilities include rock climbing, evasion techniques, the use of poisonous materials and first aid. His fighting style matches that of a street fighter, with no formal training, and his skills with a sword are limited. His best weapon usage is his poison, which he needs to get close to use. His gun usage is fair, but not always effective when farther away.

Other: goes by Chris as a disguise name, or Carrier.
Preferred class: Multi_Weapon_Users
Name: Jason Hunt (Messenger)

Appearance: Jason is 5'11 in height and fairly built in musculature, his toned skin is a result of his mixed heritage, being half Asian and half Hispanic. His hair is naturally jet black, however the tips have been dyed green making him look like a punk. His facial structure accentuated even further by his sharp eyes. His eyes are a deep rustic color. He has no facial hair. He wears dark navy denim jeans, like any young person of his age, accompanied with dark black combat boots. White collar shirt to give a semblance of formality and a black jacket. On his arms and legs are round bracelets of different colours, sometimes when you look from the corner of your eye, they sparkle. He carries a set of black shades in his jacket pocket. This will all be noticed after seeing the swords on his body. Two on his left and a concealed dagger in right boot. He also carries around a silver glock on his right hip.

History: When Jason was born to his parents, he was born into a perfectly ordinary life, well okay fine his dad was a ex-gang member for the resident Hispanic gangs and his mother was the daughter of a yakuza member but such was life in the crime infested world. He grew up in a dangerous area, his dad taught him how to shoot so that he didn't die and he made sure to keep a piece with him at all time. He was only 8 when he got his first gun. His mother however taught him how to handle a blade, because ammunition costs money and the economy was rough back then. Life went on as usual until Jason got involved in something he didn't want to, gangs. He got guilt tripped by his best friend into helping him out with the local gangs since he was deeply connected via his parents. At the age of 18 he got interested in The Obsidian Forge, a legendary forge where one blacksmith, ages ago, made deeply magical blades out of life energy. Vibrant and constantly changing, they could control strong forces. One day his friend took him along to a black market trade, that was when he saw 2 of the fabled blades. They were going to be sold to a rich collector. Jason was taught by his mother that a sword is not something to mount on your wall to rust into disuses. He objected to deal, and took the blades. Two katanas. After a long shoot out with the Syndicate, one fool decided to use an experimental grenade that was being auctioned nearby, the explosion destroyed half the building and shot Jason out of the building. He had promised himself that he would never let the swords of The Obsidian forge be misused. He however lost almost all of his memory from the blast and all that he remembered was that promise. His own name was a mystery. Not knowing anything he believed that if he completed his quest to gather all the swords he would regain his memory. He was 20 when that happened. Jason eventually started to do underground jobs, his alias? Messenger. Along his jobs he started to encounter the supernatural, this was of course expected searching for the legendary swords.

Personality: Jason is sarcastic and enjoys to make light of other's tragedies and believes himself to damn near invincible due to the abilities granted by the swords and magic. He enjoys to toy with people but he doesn't like to controlled and will probably get angry if he realises that he was. His go to method for problems is violence, this does not always work. He does not beg and has a strong will. He doesn't like to break promises and hates those that do. When with family Jason would sometimes act confrontational however he still loves them. With friends he will eagerly point out mistakes and make fun of them. He will however make it obvious that he's just playing around. If someone he has newly met does not realise this, he will awkwardly apologize. He is not good at apologizing. Obnoxious people who look like they need to be knocked down a peg will be met with a strong mocking attitude. When Jason gets angry, he welcomes it and uses it to fuel his actions. If he feels self regret or self pity he will attempt to push them aside. Love is not something he has ever experienced but if he did he would be very awkward and unsure of what to do. He trusts his allies when they appear. He has a fondness for strawberry cheesecake.

Weaknesses: His body is vulnerable to weaponry of all kinds due to him still being human. He is extremely vulnerable to Lightning and other Electrical attacks due to the amount of metal he is carrying on him. Fire attacks and explosives hurt more due to his mind having a mental imprint of the amnesia inducing explosion. He is weak to Light based attacks due to the experimental grenade being a Dark based magic grenade.

Weapons/Abilities: He has 2 fabled swords Hikari the light based wakizashi which can send out a light pulse to blind enemies, the sword can also teleport to the owner if it senses he/she is in distress of the sword feels uncomfortable. And Surudoi, a razor sharp katana, much sharper then an average katana. He also carries a small combat dagger in his right boot and a silver Glock. Daggers stab and guns shoot...
Jason has a mixture style of street brawling and martial arts. He also a kind an ability from the grenade, when he concentrates he can cover his fists in dark flames, these damage more than normal fists but do not burn in the average sense, only giving a numb feeling. Similar to pins and needles. Jason's physical stamina,strength and speed are at Olympic level due to amulets he wears. Without those he would be at an above average state.

Other: Jason has amnesia just in case it was forgotten and goes by Messenger.

Requested Class in Chatroom: Multi_Weapon_Users
FirePheonix5 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Name: Princess Aalarai of Orlankrone
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Personality: Aalarai is usually very level headed and calm but she forgets that she is hiding her royal blood and gets extremely angry when someone doesn't treat her with the up most respect.
History: This young Princess was always expected to be a perfect "Lady Like" woman. She instead wanted to wield a blade on the front line and defend hr nation. But she was constantly scoulded for playing with toy swords as a child and would have a doll forced into her hands. she would fling her self over fences to be cought by the Queen and would be put in dresses. When she turned 19, Aalarai fled and never returned to Olankrone. Her word skills are to be beholded and her speed is unmatchable. She masquarades as a man by having her cape's hood up. Her alias is "Soul".
Strengths: Speed,Agility,Stamina
Weaknesses:Brute Strength,People Knowing her secret,Guilt of abondoning her nation.
Weapon: A custom made Katana she made
Prefered Class: Sword_Wielders
8BITSEXKITTEN Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago  New member Student General Artist
Character Name: Elizabeth Sturion

Age: She's 2338 years old. But has the appearance of 19.

Species: Demon

Gender: Female

Appearance: Despite being "old", Elizabeth looks like a young girl of about 19 years old and most of the people who talk with her says that she's pretty, she have a smooth long hair, of the light green color and her eyes of the same color as well. Her face is, let's say "gentle" and her ears are pointy like a elf ear, her skin pale and her body is skinny and pretty fragile, but Elizabeth have a considerable strength, she got some scars over her body, some in the chest, tummy and a lot of cuts on her right arm, those scars aren't visible with her casual clothes nor her dress, they're always hidden. Elizabeth ALWAYS wears a necklace, that looks like a large red stone, but not so big. Her casual clothes are a simple beige long sleeved dress (and it's still a little big on her) going down to her thighs, under her dress there is a black medium shorts. She wears a pair of black and white shoes with white socks most of the time. That's what she wears when she have nothing to do, or going to places like a Cafe or a restaurant, but she wears what she finds confortable. When she's going out she tries her best to impress, she will wear a long black dress with white high heels, she will tie her hair, making it look like a ponytail and will use some perfume on her neck.


History: Elizabeth was a high class demon, daughter of a powerful overlord that ruled the netherworld they lived, she had a nice childhood, with decent school and friends. Around her 113 years, her father, Zagan, taught her a powerful magic that was learned by every member of the family Sturion, what they call the Dark Arts, her father teached her everything about Dark Arts, how she was discovered till how he used it to become overlord, he said to him it's weaknesses as well.

As Elizabeth grown up, her magic was getting stronger everyday, she was capable of creating and destroying small objects in a blink of an eye, her father was really proud of it, but.. a certain day, Elizabeth met a angel, who's been sent to assassinate the Overlord. Of course, Elizabeth tried to stop him, but he was far more powerful than her. The angel was about to kill her, when her father suddenly saved her, throwing himself in front of the arrow which the angel shoot, that was merely a scratch, he killed the angel, and teached something to Elizabeth, that every Sturion had a secret power that can only be used in the netherrealm, the Transcendent Demon Physiology, with that, she can transform into a beast of imaginable power, made of pure evil, but it takes years to master a powerful skill like that. They went back to the Overlord Castle, and protected against the angels.

She reached her 1900 years, and she asked Zagan if she could visit the Human World, her father was shocked with such request, Elizabeth implied to let her go, he had no choice but to accept that. She promised him that she would be back, with all her skills stronger than ever, he nodded and let her go, saying the words a demon should never say "I love you.", she smilled and went on her "quest", reaching the Human world, she noticed how everything was in place, and her powers weakened, she was confused, didn't even know what she should do first, she had to get some easy money, and so she did, with the very little of power left she created a lot of money to buy a place for herself, where she could rest and call it home. Elizabeth started to study the humans, how they act, what they do and why they live, she discovered that they live like demons, they all have a goal to reach and right now her goal was to understand this world. She didn't care much about having friends or having a job, she could create money with a snap of fingers. Elizabeth went out to try every type of food, from snacks to sushi, from candy to cakes, she tried everything and anything that a human being could eat, and she found the perfect food for her, she loved that food so much that she buyed a lot of them to her fridge, the humans call this food Ice Cream but Elizabeth call this Demonic Food.

Personality: Elizabeth act like she's a overlord and of course, act like the world turns all around her. She's arrogant and rude with people (Most of them strangers) and mock them all, but that doesn't mean she can't have a friend, It's hard for her, after all she's a demon. Elizabeth for some reason likes Ice Cream of any flavour (But her favorite is Chocolate), that makes her happy. When her friends are in danger she can be very protective and try everything to save them, she would sacrifice her own life and lose all of her powers to have them back. Elizabeth is very proud of herself and that can annoy other people, she hates love, more like anything and it's hard for her to say "I love you" or hug someone, that would make her "skin burn" (not really), she hates to lose fights that makes her even more angrier. When she is happy, she will not demonstrate it but she'll have a smile on her face and will stutter most of the time. When she's feeling sad she will let a tear or two out but will clean it as soon as possible, also when she's sad she will become nervous sometimes depending in the situation. When Elizabeth is mad she can be quite dangerous, she will make decisions without thinking twice and will act without thinking, she'll become stronger of course, and will fight until the end using her full power.

Weakness: As a demon, her weakness would be powerful divine artifacts or the power of light itself, that can weaken her more than anything. Holy water and Fairy dust can hurt a demon as well, but Holy Water will only work on her if it's a lot, when I say a lot, It's REAAALLY a lot, Angel Blood can weaken her and stun her for a couple of seconds, but not hurt her directly. And of course, exorcism work as well.

Weapons/Abilities: Elizabeth don't really have a weapon, but she can create a scythe for a couple of hours for her own use, nobody besides her can use it. Also she is capable of using demonic magic, magic to achieve several feats such as creating, destroying and reconstructing anything, sometimes even to warp reality, she have a lot of powers for her own use, from create or destroy things to necromancy, but it will require a lot of her. While she's on the Netherrealm she can become Pure Evil, assuming the form of a creature of imaginable power. This form will have the same powers as her normal self but they're upgraded to a more powerful spell. She will have a Demonic Aura that will allow her to reflect spells and attacks, giving her more strength, this form also gives her the power to transform any living being (excluding angels) into demons, but the process can be painfull and slow and it WILL be irreversible, it will take time to finish the process and may be denied with holy power, with time she will learn how to use this form in the Human World. As her appearance, Elizabeth will grow black wings and her hair will turn black, the necklace and her eyes will shine red and your whole body will become black, she won't change her size or anything but her voice will become somewhat more demonic.

Requested Class in Chatroom: Spell_Casters
AHeartInABox Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member Hobbyist Writer
Character Name: Kalisi Galron

Age: 25

Species: Human…mostly.

Gender: Female.

Appearance: Kalisi has an exotic look to her features. Her hair is a bright red, her eyes a vibrant green. She has freckles dotting her cheeks and nose. If anyone were to read her specs written down, red hair, green eyes, they'd think she was of pure Irish descent. But what you don't see on paper is the slight tan of her skin, the contours of her face, the broad nose, her full lips. No one knows what her father had looked like, he was not there when she was taken, but it can be assumed that she took her hair and eyes from her mother and that her father was very light skinned and of African descent. Her body is long and lean, strengthened from years of training and upkeep. She has a moderate bust and a waistline and hip range that is proportional to the rest of her. As for clothing/uniform, she has her standard military suit. Light weight yet strong metal armor, capable of withstanding the different atmospheres of planets as well as the bullets of many guns. Out of uniform she usually wears the normal attire for her laid back and comfy fashion sense: cargo pants, t-shirts, wifebeaters. She's almost never seen in dresses or skirts unless it's a special occasion, and even then only when her 'father' begs for her to doll up for him.

History: Kalisi was born in an era where bloodshed was the norm. She was birthed amid that bloodshed, amid the screams and tears of families. But what could a woman do when she was going into labor as the invaders attacked? Nothing. And so her mother was robbed, robbed of the child she'd carried for nine months. Her mother had named her Alisa, but the uprising had named her Kalisi. She was taken into a false family, raised under military rule, as her 'father' was a top officer in the forces.

She was born of Earth but raised in space, on the outlaying platforms that the rebellion called home. It was the usual story of the war. Earth forces versus alien forces. It's just how things went. Despite being an earthling herself, Kalisi was raised as if she were one of them, and even being injected on a regular basis with alien blood to help fool anyone who could smell the earthling in her blood. They'd told her she was sick, that she needed it for medicine. But they were simply trying to make her more like them, more powerful.

All in all, Kalisi had a great childhood. She ran and played with the other children on the platform, she was likeable and friendly, with a great spirit. Most of the other children were alien, though there were a few that were 'sick' just like her. In her teenage years, she grew a rebellious streak. She knew her father's power would protect her from any real punishment, and he thought her wild streak was a good sign for leadership, something to reign in and gain control of, that could help her in the future. Her mother, on the other hand, thought it was something they should squash, to make her a nice, obedient wife. But she would follow her husbands orders, for he saw something in the human girl that had potential for more than just being a subservient wife and mother.

When Kalisi came of a good age, sixteen, she began training with her father for the military. Hand to hand combat, weapons training, the art of killing as well as the art of torture. It was all taught to her by her father and the various training officers on the platform. The young girl enjoyed it, it tested her, strengthened her. The killing of course was another story. She learned it but did not enjoy it. It was just another task to conquer the skill of. The alien blood coursing through her viens helped her along the way, giving her extra strength, heightening her senses. No, not so much as if she was a purebred, but it helped. By the time she reached her mid twenties she was very well trained and enlisted. She was a fighter pilot and a soldier, ready to invade the planet that she unknowingly was stolen from.

Personality: Kalisi's personality has a wide range, as do most peoples. Around her friends and family she is bright and caring. It's easy to make her laugh when she's around the people she is most comfortable with. She's a good daughter, if not a bit of a stubborn girl at times. It is a trait her mother certainly doesn't appreciate, and one her father thought she would out grown of. But even still, it reminds him of the little girl he raised. Kalisi doesn't know of her original origins, and her family gives no tell that she is not their biological daughter. Her mother has green eyes but both parents hair is brown. They just called it a fluke. Around strangers Kalisi is still a bit reserved, but she opens up pretty quick as long as the person is nice. Around those that are rough with her, she will be rough right back. She dislikes when people judge her on gender, and will be quick to prove she's just as good of a fighter as the boys. In her solitude she enjoys reading, from fantasy to military strategy, her mind is like a sponge, soaking up anything she can get her hands on. People would describe her most as cool, calm, and collected. But even she has her weak moments. In sadness or anger. She conceals it in silence the best she can, but everyone can be pushed only so far.

Weakness: Her advanced hearing is one of her weaknesses, the sounds of gunshots is not too bad for her, but explosions and other very loud noises can drop her to her knees if she does not have any protection for them. Sirens especially are a hindrance. She also took a bullet to the shoulder during one of her interplanetary outings, taking a nice hit there will render her right, dominate arm, pretty useless. She can shoot a gun with her left, but she's far less accurate.  

Weapon: Her standard military issue rifle and handgun. She carries at least one knife on her at all times. Her fighter ship, of course is her largest weapon, but obviously can really only be used while in flight. She also carries various other weaponry that she exchanges for each different mission.

Requested Class: N/A, already placed.
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Name: Yamada Kushijitsu
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race: Mostly Japanese with a small mix of hawaiian from a distant family member 

Race 2.0: Human/ Demon/ Cat (original human form)
Appearance: human: long straight hair that covers her left eye thats a light dirty blonde beatiful tan unblemished skin tall and skinny but very strong the type that you would not wanna get in a fight with huge breasts and a curvy figure very large eyes that are a deep aqua blue
Demon: human with slight changes: hair turns into a jet black and eyes turn red clothes get torn in this transformation
Cat: add ears and a tail <3

Personality: Yamada is a happy outgoing person whos basic goal in life is to make others happy its would not be enough to say she was a kind person and cats tend to follow her you almost never see her with out one or two trailing behind her. Her grandmother who is currently losing to breast cancer is her guardian she lives in a dorm with one other girl and goes to a high school in tokoyo but little does she know that there are powers in her that not even she knew about...
Demon Side: Yamada is that person when shes her normal self but when she transforms she gets a whole new personality she develops a "im better than you" atitude and is dark and quiet she is an expert fighter and will go out of control if you mess with her  

History: Yamadas parents where killed in a car accedent swerving out of the way trying to avoid her- she had gone out side to check the mail they proceeded to hit the very tree that her mom had perviously that day told her to not climb ever sense she hides this with a smile and trys her very best to make sure that no one thats close to her will ever be killed again because of her because of this she is very loyal and a true friend she will always stick by your side once she got moved to her grandmother house she led a "peaceful" life until the summer when her grandmother developed breast cancer she then had to move to a dorm where she is presently her power are from a demon who posessed her when she was in the womb he left the devils mark on her leaving her as an unholy child in wich the devils powers reside in her until her 16th birthday wich is when she will awaken to her new self

Strengths: Speed Agility Stamina Sword Weilding And Brute Strength

Weaknesses: Friends Cars (because of her parents) and bullys

Powers: Controls Water Cat claws and demon powers (she still has no idea how to use any of these powers such as she is the only one who weilds them and has not yet awoke to them when she turns 16) 

Weapon: Katana whom her mother gave to her on her 5th birthday (her demon powers are held in this, yes i know blue exorsist copyer blah, blah, blah i dont care)

Class: Sword_Weilders/ Shape Shifter i would perfer sword
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Character Name: Eric Tsumi

Age: 19

Species: Sorcerer. (If unknown it's practically human with magic... An Apprentice If That's Allowed..) 

Gender: Male

A Young Good Looking Boy Who Has A Style Of Dirty Blonde Hair, The Style Of It Is Kind Of A "Scene/Emo/Modern/" (Its Hard To Explain.) He Wear's A Baggy White T-shirt With A Black Thin-Leather Jacket And Some Lose-Skinny Jeans That Are Slightly Torn At His Knee On The Right And Lower Leg To The Left And Also Dark Colored In A Style Of DarkBlue/Black. His Height Is Pretty Tall About 6ft'5. His Skin Is Pale But Slightly Tanned. (As It Is Not TOO Pale) He Has Deep Blue/Turquoise Eyes And A Light Scar Across his Lower Neck Hidden By His Shirt. Also There's A Piercing On His Left Ear.  (If This Is Not Enough Info I Am Working On A Character BIO Thing... For Him I Will Post Up Today Or Tomorrow And You Can See It :-))

Eric Was Born In An Old Small Wooden House In The Woods Of South Africa Located Exactly In A Farm-Like-Well-Known Area. Eric Growing Up Was An Orphan, His Mother Gave Him Up For The Simple Reason Of Not Being Able To Pay For The Food And A Good Education. Being From A Family Of Power Eric Knew Just What He Was Capable Of So The Bullies Never Really Tried Bothering Him, He Has A Good But Upsetting Childhood At Times Just Like Any Other Kid. At The Age Of 11 He Was Adopted By A Man Called "Ralph" And Was Brought Into Their Family of Three But It Never Worked Out In The Sense That He Liked His "Step-Sister" And The Eldest Brother Wasn't Very Kind. He Stayed At That House For Four Years And Packed His Bags And Left. After Months Without A Decent Dinner Another But Elderly Looking Man Found Eric Digging Out Of His Dirt-bin After He Had Just Thrown Out Some Left-overs. The Mans Name Was "Jurasumi" But He Requested That Eric Would Call Him Teacher. Jurasumi Could See Where The Boy Came From So He Trained Him In This Beautiful Village He Now Lives In To This Small House With His Teacher At The Age Of Nineteen And Has Respected Jurasumi Like A Father... Therefore Jurasumi Knows Something Of His Past, Jurasumi Is Actually The Boys Uncle.

Eric Is A Very Cocky Like Person. He Gets Aggressive When His Upset And Is Very Brooding At Times. Eric Has A Soft Spot For Certain Things. (For Example, If He Had Just Stolen An Apple And See A Mother And Child Go Hungry, He'd Make Sure To Give Them That Apple.) Eric Is Also A Very Quiet And Dominant Stand-Up-Tall Person To New People. Long Story Short; He Has A Split Personality And It Changes With His Moods Often, Some Days He May Not Even Be Recognized By The Childish Or Aggressive Way He Can Be. 

 His First Weakness Is Probably That His Not Very Good At His Magic... If He Had To Face A Super-Villain Then He'd Probably Get Thrown Across The Floor Face First. (If That Even Counts BUT IF NOT) Second (or First) Weakness Is That Eric Has Only Just Above The Feelings/physical Insides And Such Of A Human Boy, Just Slightly Above That But There's No Immortality, He Could Fall Off A Cliff And Die. Third Weakness In Element View Could Be Toxic Or Poison.  Forth Could Possibly Be A Bullet From A Gun, Or Certain Combat Because He Only Knows How To Work With Swords. (I'm Really Not Sure What Weakness's, Idea's? If Not Then N/A.)

Eric Has Two Small Knifes/Daggers That Are Strapped To His Back (unsure Of The Name) And A Gun For Safety Hidden In His Back Pocket. Out Of Abilities His Very Good In Combat And Uses His Sorcery
Other: Eric Has Been The Type Of Teenager To Go Hang Out With His Gang-Friends And Rob Stores, Sometimes He May Carry A Type Of Machine Gun And Steal From People. He Has A Dark Side, Not Knowing If He Will Turn Out Evil Or Good.

Requested Class in Chatroom: 
Battle_Mages (I think...)
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Character Name: Mila Hawke
Age: 24
Species: Blue tabby
Gender: Female
Appearance: Light blue fur with a white stripe down her nose, and more white strips on her shoulders, and white underbelly. She has golden eyes, blue hair and a fluffy tail with white tip. She's about 6')' tall, and 135 lbs with a curvy body style. She is rather attractive, typically wears her military gear, which consists of a dark greyish armored vest with short sleeves, dark grey cargo pants and black combat boots. She wears a matching bandanna and ammo belt. The weapons she carries vary from pistols to assault rifles to heavy machine guns, however she is not a skilled sniper, though she might try to use one from time to time. When she is at home, or at rest, she will lounge about in her underwear, which consists of a black tank top and black ladies' boxer briefs. In public as a civilian, she will sometimes sport a mid thigh length blue skirt and a long sleeve white shirt.
History: Mila was born in a large city called Central, just before a war broke out due to a wolfen mage finding a source of magical power (in the form of a tablet with a red orb imbued into it) and using it for malicious purposes. Her parents died before she was old enough to remember them, and thus, had to grow up in an orphanage. By the time she went to school, Central was completely governed by the Magi, the faction sided with the corrupt wolfen mage. She was raised to believe that magic was the grandest and purest of powers, and it fascinated her; it could cure illnesses, allow powerful magi to build large structures in seconds, and magi fighters to use all different magics to their advantage in combat. From that point on, she decided she wanted to become a mage when she was old enough. By the time Mila turned 10, most of the city's tech revolved around magic usage. Aircraft, transportation, weapons, etc. You couldn't use most of the technology without magic, but the fact they needed magic made them that much more efficient. At the age of 14, Mila started to study the Magi military and their war against non-magic users, which were referred to as Techies, in regards to their consistent reliance on technology. The Techies, apparently, thought that magic was evil and corrupts the user. The story was that Techies tried to oppress magic users and magic users fought back and took the city. At age 18, Mila was finally enlisted into the military to fight, but still had a lot of training and tests to go through before she could be allowed to use magic, or to be trusted with the Magi's military secrets. At age 19 when Mila finally completed her training and tests, she faced the Grand Mage, the wolfen that "defended his freedom to use magic." When she did, he gave her an aptitude to use magic... but it wasn't what she dreamed. She was only given enough magic to operate weaponry and vehicles; nothing else. Mila was meant to go into Techie territory and gather intel. In other words, she became a spy. Becoming a spy for the Magi wasn't all that special. It was staying alive as a spy that was special. And Mila did just that! She survived, despite the obstacles. Her missions could have gone much better throughout her time with the Magi, especially when her plane was shot down over an island on her way to a mission just after her 23rd birthday. She lived, and washed up on the island, and was looked after by some Techies. She kept her cover as she did with military personnel, but she'd never been with Techie civilians before. During her time on the island, she changed sides, never revealing her magical prowess. Mila now works freelance with the Techies, building her own arsenal to plan a special mission to the heart of Central in a few years.
Personality: As a kid, Mila was very shy; so shy she would rarely mention or ask to use the bathroom, or ask for more of something from a meal. She only ever took something if it was offered to her. As she grew into her teen years, that shyness turned a little bit into anger towards the other girls and boys that made fun of her. Mila did everything possible to follow the rules when others were watching, and follow her own agenda when they weren't, hence why she was chosen to be a spy later on in life. As an adult, and trained as a spy, she could easily through on a new facade or fursona because she had to. She doesn't even know her own TRUE personality, but she is generally kind to those she doesn't know and those who don't pose a threat, but a little bit of her shy personality still reamins.
Weakness: Mila's physical weaknesses include:
"Sniper range combat" as she was trained more in espionage, stealth , hand to hand, and basic weapon usage. It was enough to keep her alive and gather intel, but she couldn't perform very many specialized jobs.
Mila's bladder tends to fill quickly. While it hasn't caused her to fail any missions as of yet, lengthy stealth missions have always had a way of becoming increasingly uncomfortable.
Mila' may be able to fight, but her upper arm strength isn't the best. She's stronger than most civies but weaker than most soldiers.
Incresingly complex door locks. Mila was trained and conditioned to acquire security clearance from an enemy, as opposed to breaking in. In a pinch, she wouldn't be able to make it through a locked door without an explosive, or someone who could hack the door.

Elemental weaknesses are just about anything she can't move with explosives, or anything strong enough to breach a small magical shield she learned to conjure on her own. It's not elemental, so the element doesn't matter against the shield or her.

Other: Is a Multi-engine and single-engine rated pilot, instrument flight in both. Preferred weapons are pistols and assault rifle whether they are of Magi or Techie origin. Can conjure a small magical shield.
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Somehow I skipped over weapons...

Weapons: Weapons of choice are claws and feet, pistols, and assault rifles.
Relic-Angel Featured By Owner Edited Jan 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Character name: Asuna Kyoni

Age: Looks around 38, give or take a year

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Appearance: 5"8 in height and 47kg in weight. She has an oval face, thin eyebrows, and long dark lashes shadowing steely blue-grey-amber eyes. She also wears a pair of onyx-framed glasses perched on her nose. Her hair grows in waves of black and brown, and is often worn in either a ponytail swept over one shoulder or in a knot at the back with a hairpin shaped like a floral-printed folding fan. Her fashion sense is stylish and modest, like business suits with a pencil skirt and flat heels, not flashy or gaudy.  

History: Born to a Japanese mother and an English father, her upbringing was nothing special. Her mother taught her how to write, while her father read to her every night before bed. She often liked playing alone in her room, making up her own fantasies, which her mother greatly disapproved. Her father, on the other hand, was more lax about letting Asuna keep dreaming and constructing the world she lived in. Often times, she was misunderstood by her peers, which created a rift between the world she loved and the world she loved to hate. 

In her first years of high school, Asuna excelled in information technology and art, and read books while her classmates struggled to finish their own paper work. She was often found in the library reading books on beauty tips. She won an award for contributing to her school student newspaper, which brought forth a window of opportunity for Asuna to study. At 18, she studied in professional writing and proofreading, interpersonal communication and multimedia, before she met her future husband --a fellow student who was studying to be a painter. Their months together were happy and comfortable, then 2 years later they got married and had a son, who drowned at age 5 from a boat explosion. The death of her son caused Asuna's heart to harden, forcing her to build a wall around herself to keep others out of her personal life. She later divorced her husband after finding out he was cheating on her for another more younger female. So she decided not to let any other man sway her heart, marking his soul under her heels of justice. Nowdays, she is happy in her high-rise apartment, with a bubbly secretary who is a source of amusement, and a business to call her own.  

Personality: When you first meet Asuna, she is elegant as she is wise. She handles everything with strict balance, with the combo of intellect and perceptiveness -so perceptive that she can detect minor things other people don't notice. Being the editor-in-chief of a newspaper industry, her presence can give off an air of judgment in the eyes of a stranger. In reality, she shows a very different side of herself; sincere and lets others come to her at times of distress for an active ear or an earnest word. What she dislikes most is dishonesty. Her favorite books are historical romances and social psychology. She likes everything going streamline with no bumps or creases. She enjoys going to art galleries and reciting poems. Strawberry cream cake and herbal tea is another love of hers.

Weapon: A blue-feathered quill that auto-scans a person's profile and reveals their behavior at their worst. 

Weakness: N/A

Chat class request: Mind-Users
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Character Name: Elrii Ror'zar ("Roar- zar") (Means: Dragon Sister)- In Elrii's culture, last names are never used. It can be a sign of severe disrespect. A last name is meant to identify ancestry only, and for someone to use the last name in conversation gives an implication that they do not wish to know the Elf by their common name. It is a strong symbol of disassociation. Last names are used to identify in cases of battle, death, or births.  

Age: Elrii is approximately 75 years old. This translates to approximately her late 20's in human years. She is considered an adult by social standings.

(Some more on the age:It is generally expected for females of her Clan to join in unison (marry) at about 50 years of age, But can be done as young as 30 years of age. This seems young (with the scale of Elrii's age) But the maturity of the Elf can not be measured on a direct scale, the Elve's life stages are not consistent with that of a Human.  (For example, infancy is estimated to be around 5 years time instead of one year. Adulthood is not assumed until approximately age 30.) )

Species:  Elrii is an Elf, put simply. I (Riley) did not "create" her race, but because Elves are a fantasy creature I will explain my take on her. Her kind lives in a dense forest, their dwellings are carved in trees. They worship no god, but they see the spirits of life in all things. They are hunters, gatherers, and growers. The race is an ancient one, who can live to be upwards of 300 years old. Some Elves are magic casters, some fighters, some fly, some speak to animals. Their abilities are determined by their genetics, it is born into them. Her race lives in communities called clans.

Gender: female
Appearance:  General frame: Standing at approximately 6' Elrii is average size for the women in her clan. She is very slender, and agile. Elrii has long arms and legs, but they are well muscled and very strong. She is seen as petite, being daintily framed. She has delicate shoulders, but wide, feminine hips. Elrii is similar in proportion to a human female, but her limbs are slightly longer. The Elf's skin is a pale shade of amethyst. Elrii's hair is kept at a shoulder blade length, and usually tied back with a leather band, she wears eyebrow length bangs. Her hair is a crystal white color with a bright luster to it. Her ears are long and pointed, they extend a full two hand's length from the base of her ear (backwards). She wears silver earrings with precious gemstones along the entirety of the edge of both ears. The Gemstones are not always the same, most of the time they are of purple, blue, and opal shades. Her jawline is refined and strong, but not masculine in the least. Her neck is long (not abnormally so for her race, but compared to a human.) and slender. Her eyebrows are white and well kept, they are perfectly arched over her piercing blue eyes. Her pupils are vertical resembling a reptile. Her nose is slightly upturned at the tip, but has a mostly straight profile. Her lips are thin, but not sickly. Her collar bone and chest are refined and feminine. Her hands are elegant and nimble, but very strong. Elrii has a flat, well toned abdomen. Her legs are extremely strong and well muscled. They can carry her great distances. Her feet are usually bare, but they are tender and well kept dispite that fact. 

Elrii has a shapeshift form. Her dragon form has the same skin color (pale amethyst) and its secondary color (wings, horns, etc.) are the same pearly white as Elrii's elven hair. She has two strong wings, that can carry her in flight for long distances. They are similar in anatomy to a bat's wing. She walks on four strong legs, and her build should be associated with that of a "European type" dragon. She has two pearl colored horns on her head that spiral upwards. All four feet are heavily clawed with pearl colored talons. She is a bulky dragon, but still agile. Her throat and underbelly have heavy plated pearl colored armor on them.  

History: Elrii was born to two Elven dragon breeders. Her parents had no special abilities or callings in life, they were considered middle class, they had enough to get by, but were not respected for their work. They just bred and trained the dragons that the clan used when they went to war. The family name Ror'zar translates to Dragon Sister (Ror'zor is the name used by the males in the family). When her ancestors had magical abilities, they related to the dragons. Some relatives could shapeshift into a dragon, some could talk to the dragons. Most family members did not have a special ability. Elrii's parents did not expect their only child to be born with any abilities at all, but at less than a 5 years of age, Elrii began to display many powerful abilities. 

When Elrii began her schooling, at ten years of age, her instructors began to help her harness her abilities. They helped mold her into the clan's most respected female. Elrii's schooling years were uneventful, she tried to keep to herself, and never made many connections outside the dragons she loved. As she reached adulthood, and word of her strength made its way through the clan, she quickly rose to influential power within the social hierarchy. The elders of the clan respected her, and recognized her wisdom beyond her years. 

As Elrii attempted to settle into the life that her family before her lead, the clan was attacked by a vicious and fierce enemy. The Horgul are a race of nomadic humanoids with many beast qualities. They raided the town, slaughtered the majority of the dragon's, burned the crops, and assassinated the elders. Horgul left the town in shambles, and took anything they pleased. Many of the clan were killed in the ambush attack. Elrii's parents were no exception. Elrii, although badly injured at the time, survived. She made a complete recovery, and only has minor scars to show for it. The clan tried to convince Elrii to help lead them in their time of need, but she became fearful of their demands, and because of her lack of confidence, fled the clan. Elrii currently lives in solitude in the sanctuary of the forest. She occasionally finds a wild dragon to keep her company, but has adapted a mostly nomadic lifestyle to stay alive. 

As an end note: Elrii's powers and abilities ARE explained, they were just not expected. They are a genetic trait passed from her family. She is also not the only elf left, she just preferred to leave the clan after the attack. 

Personality:  Elrii is very quiet and reserved, she is a very timid Elf. Elrii never entered into a relationship because of her timid social nature. She chooses to not publicize her abilities for fear of people's reaction to them. Many people mistake her for rude or standoff-ish, when in reality she is probably just afraid of you. Elrii does not fear everything, it is just social engagement that she shies away from. When Elrii lost her family, and her beloved dragon's her quiet nature worsened. When she is deeply sad, she often cries quietly, trying to not draw attention to herself. When Elrii is angered, defensive, or protective, she is usually seen in her dragon form.  

Weakness: Elrii is not immortal, the same things that could kill a human can kill Elrii. She does have an exceptional weakness to dark magics. 

Weapons: Elrii does not carry a weapon with her for fighting, but she does carry a skinning knife, a hunting bow, and a short dagger for protection. If she needs to fight a more difficult battle, Elrii can shapeshift into a dragon.
Abilities: Elrii can talk to dragons. She can shapeshift into a dragon as well, this is done at her own will, and has no adverse effects on her. (When she returns to her Elven form she is usually naked) She can summon light magic while in shapeshift form, in the form of breathing it. (Similar to a fire breathing dragon) Her light magic will create damage on almost any surface, (The exception being certain enchanted armors and metals) similar to that of a sci-fi plasma gun. When Elrii's light magic makes contact with skin it will blister it and melt it away, similar to extreme sunburns.


Requested Class in Chatroom: Non_Fighters
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Character Name: Jean-Luc Depotentin
Age: 34
Species: Human
Gender: man

Appearance: The man has shoulder-long, dark hair, a little messy beard, a HUGE moustache, camouflage hunting clothes and black, pointed shoes. He is 1 meter 85 high, making him look down to most people he encounters. He walks like a creeper, head down, on silent feet, eyes darting around to find the slightest anomaly in the environment.

History: A long time ago, in a small little village in south France (Aubagne), a little boy was born. Overprotected by his loving parents, the boy grew up as a nervous, shy and sensible teenager. Live was hard for him. Everyday at school, he got bullied (under the pretext that "he acted strange"), hit multiple times and mentally becoming a little... unstable. Although his parents tried to help, in the end, they could do nothing for their little jungling. As he became older and older, a strong love for history began to appear : He would never stop speaking of great battles, mighty rulers and wealthy merchants of the Middle-Age. That, of course made him even more hated among his comrades. His slight mental disturbance became more and more pronounced with each received hit, making him in the end laugh every time he felt pain. It was then, at the tender age of 16, that our Jean-Luc met his first magical creature. It was a werewolf, who had just left the house when the teenager came back from school. his claws and muzzle were soaked in fresh blood... Fortunately, the wolf didn't notice him when he arrived, letting him involuntarily live. His parents weren't that lucky... From that day on, Jean-Luc swore vengeance for his fallen parents. From that day on, The poor shy guy died, giving the place to his dark, mad side to take over. From that day on, he began to hunt every single magical creature he encountered, selling their hide for lots of money (which he spends every single cent in Whiskey...)

Personality : He prefers to stay alone, speaking to himself most of the time. To other people, he seems rough, intolerant, impatient, egoïstic, and too drunken most of the time to have a normal conversation with (which is true 90% of the times). But to his friends, he shows his real self, sad, worried for the sake of others, overprotective in a way, and always trying to be helpful. To magical creatures, he always prefers to shoot bullets in their head before asking questions, but is willing to speak to them ( and maybe make friends with them?)

weapons: he has a 15mm hunting rifle, a 1.50 meters long Germanic twohanded sword, and a 17th century French musket.

Weakness: Besides the fact that he is overconfident in his abilities, that he underestimates the ennemy and that he is drunk half of the time, his only real weakness is that he is in fact Human : no superpowers, no super fast healing, no unpenetrable skin, ETC.

Requested class in chatroom :Multi_Weapon_Users
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Character Name: Cresselia Ariana
Age: 17
Species:  half-demon and half-angel
Gender: female

Appearance: She has red long hair that is kept on pigtails and has white eyes. She wears a black and white sweater with blue shorts. Her shoes are green converse. She also has one wing that is a devil one while the other one is an angel's one. She is exactly a 5'6, pretty okay for a girl that age. She also weighs around 60 lbs. People think she's "elegant" in a way, but she just shrugs it off.

History: She was born on October 1, 1997. Her parents names are Emilia Frolic and Cronic Ariana. When Cresselia was 1, she first held her sword, but her mother despised it and hid it in her pocket. She did grow with powers, and it's having light and darkness + she has the ability to know when someone is near her. As she started to grow, her attitude started to 'swing'. Whenever she was in a good mood, she was fully an angel, but when she is mad, she becomes a devil. She believed it came from both of her parents since her mother is a devil while her father is an angel. When she turned 16, her father left her and went to Heaven to seek aid for a 'mission' or so. It only left her with her mother who still despised the fact that she held a sword at the age of 1. When Cresselia was 17, she decided to move away from her mother because she couldn't pay the bills for the house nor buy enough livestock for her. So now, she travels street by street in hope of finding a nice cozy place to rest.

Personality: She isn't really social nor cooped up in her room. She likes to hang out with people that are calm and collected, like her. You can say that she is serene, warm, and at peace at times. Only some time will she be excited, like when she finally gets to cross over to Heaven to see her father.

Weakness: Her elemental weakness is grass while her physical weakness is when you pull on her hair. She won't attack and just flail if you tug her hard by the hair.

Weapons/Abilities: Light and Darkness (like balls or something), and a bit of sword combat.

Requested Class in Chatroom: Spell_Casters
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Character Name: Daisuki Draco

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Species: dragon

Appearance: small black dragon with purple webbed wings and purple markings on her scales that have a faint glow to them. Her tail has a glowing purple streak like a long blade. about 4 ft tall and weighs about 50 lbs.

History: Daisuki was hatched on July 7, 1999. Her parents names were Flare Draco and Minori Violet. At the age of 7 she got her first bow and arrow and fired a bulls-eye. Flare was impressed as well as her brothers Corrupted and Nylon. as she grew she got better with a bow and arrow. She started to hit every target including moving targets. Her father taught her how to make different kinds of arrows and to fire three arrows at once. One year later her father passed away and her mother,even though she disliked that her daughter fought like she did, how to fire arrows alot better, faster, and stronger. At the age of 12, Corrupted, Nylon, and Daisuki were chose to become guardians.

   Guardians are specially chosen creatures assigned to protect a special child. Corrupted had to protect a young demon who couldn't control his powers, Nylon had to protect an angel who couldn't fly, and Daisuki had to protect an elf named Dahaki. Daisuki protected Dahaki from poisonous drinks to giants, Ghosts to goblins, and other dragons to basilisks. Daisuki still protects Dahaki until she turns 18. After all Daisuki is sworn to protect her!

Personality: Daisuki is very loyal and protective of her friends.She is very feisty. She will attack anyone who threatens her, but when she is not ticked off she is really nice and can be a fangirl at times. Daisuki really hates fire and won't get anywhere near it unless she is freezing cold or she's near her brother Corrupted. She also doesn't like being held by her tail.

Weakness: Her elemental weakness is electricity and her physical weakness is if you hold her by her tail. She can't attack you if you hold her by her tail or if you but her in a steel bar cage.

Weapons/abilities: Daisuki's weapons include a small sword like a dagger and a bow and arrow. If she stabs you with the end of her tail you can be poisoned if she stabs deep enough.

Requested Class: Beasts
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Character Name: Scott Hammond
Age: Twenty-two
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Appearance: [This section is written by a slightly biased third-party.] Scott Hammond is a pretty boy.  Between his fair blonde hair and that stupid white-and-blue plasti-spandex skinsuit they have the Protectorate wear, it's hard to identify him as anything else.  I don't know what color his eyes are supposed to be, but they've long since been turned purple by his use of psionics.  Not that I'd want to get close enough to check.  

They're all like that, of course.  The Protectorate are "the product of a perfect society," "marvels of the power of man."  They're dogs, let to roam stations across the galaxy to scare would-be insurrections into submission.  Like dogs, they wear collars.  Thick, white bands of metal with blinking lights thrown on for style.  I don't know what they're for, but they creep me out.  They're constantly scratching at them.  I've never seen one of them without it on.

They're not footsoldiers, of course.  They're too "special" for that.  Every single one of them--at least, the ones they parade around--are beautiful.  I think they just pick the best-looking ones, the most disarming and charming among them, to walk the streets.  They're enforcers, but they're not the police.  Soldiers, but they're not the army.  The only reason they exist is to stop people like me from ripping the republic down around them.

Man, he's pretty, though.
History: Like most of the Protectorate, Scott Hammond didn't have much of a life before his induction--or abduction, depending on how much you know of their practices.  Most people think that psionic ability is something you need to be born with.  That's not entirely true.  Like most things, it can be bought for the right price.  If you snatch them up early enough on, by the time they're ready to put that power to use, they can be every bit as strong as a natural psionic.  

This was the case for Scott, who as abducted by the state before he was old enough to form memories of his parents.  For their part, they were compliant.  When the state broke down their door, they didn't fight or resist.  It didn't matter, in the end.  The state, like any good thief, doesn't leave witnesses.  Over the next twelve years, Scott wouldn't see the light of day.  His limited-interaction training regimen would be long, sterile, and steel-grey.  He would train until the thick, purple-black bursts of primal psionics were refined into thin, subtle, silver-purple wisps of energy.  Then they'd dress him up, give him a badge, and start the conditioning.

Scott didn't see the night sky until he was eighteen years old, and when he did, he wasn't even allowed to smile.

Personality: The Protectorate aren't soulless, though that perception of them is very intentional.  Psionics don't fear the common man, but they're made to fear the state.  Disobedience is not tolerated.  Emotion is weakness.  Showing weakness makes you weak, and as extensions of the state, you cannot show weakness. In the end, however, they are people.  Scott has desires.  Companionship, love.  Freedom.  He hates the state, but he's obedient.  He works for the promise that he'll see his parents again someday.  He doesn't know the impossibility of it.

Weakness: The main weakness of the Protectorate is the collar they wear.  Some theorize that it keeps their powers in check.  Others posit that it would explode if they tried to run, or could be used to shock them into submission.  They're both right, of course, but for its final purpose: it keeps them sane.  Psionic energies are a ravage on the mind.  If exposed to this early, psionics can learn to manage that stress.  At length, they can live free of it.  The collar robs them of that opportunity, keeping the Ravage at bay.  The result of this, of course, is that a Protector without the collar would die in short order, their brain tearing itself apart in minutes.  

Secondary is the fact that psionics, as an expression of the mind, is subject to the mind's whims.  Distracting a psion is an easy, effective means of limiting their combat ability.  Psions excel in duels, but quickly lose effectiveness against multiple targets.  Exhaustion is something that psions grapple with, so if you can set the terms of battle, nighttime is a great way to ensure some level of fatigue at the start of a battle.  Emotional appeals are hit and miss--they are taught to fear emotion, but exploiting the right angle might work well in your favor.  They're strong, but psionics being a relatively new venture for mankind, they aren't the gods that the stat would have you think they are.

Weapons/Abilities: Protectorate are equipped with standard-issue stun guns, for disabling opponents who don't warrant the use of psionics.  Psionics are slightly harder to define, as it's an expression of an energy.  Bursts of energy can be detonated with concussive force.  Psionic energy is always visible, and extends from the user to the target, rather than appearing somewhere in space.  A psionic "projectile" is difficult to aim in-flight, and relies on the user's ability to lead targets in order to hit.  Without focusing--standing still, or preparing an attack--a psionic attack will, at best, hit with the force of a well-thrown punch.  The showy, explosive, bust-down-doors types of psionics require time to set up in advance.  Keep a psionic moving, and you limit his strength dramatically.

Requested Class in Chatroom: Mind Users.
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May edit this later, or re-submit with a new character :shrug:


Character Name:  
Nio Lancis - the name was given to him my his mother.

Age: Nio looks thirty-six (36) in appearance, but is at an exact age of three hundred and ten (310). Although, his age can and will vary depending on the roleplay and my partner's preferences.

Species: Halfblood vampire - he was born as a vampire, but due to the mixed blood of being the offspring of a human and a vampire, he is not counted as strong and pure as some.
Nio is certainly not the Twilight Look-at-me-I-sparkle vampire, but he isn't quite a traditional vampire as well. The sun does not effect him in any way, nor does garlic. He still requires blood for food, but is capable of eating human food.

Gender: Male, identifies as male


Nio takes the form of a human - two legs, two arms, two eyes, one head. No claws, paws, tails, animal ears, blue skin, third eye,ect.
Nio weighs 159lbs and is at the height of 5"11. 


 Nio is mildly tanned due to being in the sun for extended periods of time everyday. His natural and current hair colour is a medium ash brown shade, silky straight - the length falling down to his hips, which is more often than not tied back in a high ponytail - with a side fringe cut just above his eyes, and a low hairline. Nio has an ovalish shaped face, having a narrow jawline and high cheekbones. Yes, he has frown lines. His eyes are roundish-almond shape having a hazel colour, short eye lashes, natural round eyebrow (root colour). He has straight teeth,a medium defined nose, and medium sized ears - attached earlobes. 
Nio is a clean shaven man, refusing to let any facial or chest hair grow, he shaves regularly, although he does occasionally get a stubbly beard, of course root colour.


Nio's body type is mesomorph. 
Nio has narrow shoulders, his arms are toned and masculine as well as his chest and stomach - abs, six pack - from extended amounts of fitness/exercise from jogging, weight lifting, and push ups being part of a daily routines, and sort of a stress reliever for Nio. He has no piercings, but has a tattoo on his the right side of his back of a koi fish (just the outline, not coloured). The reason for getting such a tattoo is due to Nio's strange fascination for koi.


Nio's everyday clothes are usually a plain, white blouse - classic collar, long sleeve, the cuffs often unbuttoned - and fitted black jeans, no belt. The only type of shoe, well boots, he has and will wear is an ankle,flat heeled, laced boot, always being plain black. He never wears hats, glasses of any kind or accessories including wrist watches, wrist bands, rings, chains.
When exercising, Nio is often found in clothes that could be described as plain, worn and old. This usually varies from torn  short-sleeve shirts, shorts or sweatpants. He has no swim wear as he refuses to swim at all, unless he is forced into a situation where he absolutely needs to.
During formal events, if he ever decides to to attend one, he will bee seen in a fitted white tuxedo with a complimentary purple tie, and white derby shoes. This would be most likely the only time he would have his hair down.

History: Emma Hart, a pureblood vampire, was only twenty years old (in human) when she fell in love with a human man, Ryoga Lancis, and despite being far different than each other, they still loved each other and eventually settled down years later and got married. After that, it was only a year later that Emma got pregnant with their first child. Although, with their village being invaded during those months of pregnancy, village people were taken as prisoners and slaves, including both Emma and Ryoga. Unfortunately, as Ryoga attempt to escape with her, he was beheaded on the spot. 
And as Emma gave birth to her first, and only son - Nio, in imprisonment, she struggled greatly to raise her son the way she had wanted. Due to small amounts of food given, Emma always feed it to Nio, loosing weight and strength herself. The two of them spent an exact eight years in prison, before they escaped. And, only knowing one safe place to go to, Emma retreated to her sister with Nio for help. And despite getting there in one piece, Emma died just days after, leaving Nio with no parents. In this case, his aunt - Maria, and uncle - Theodore raised him. 
Nio spent five years being an only kid in the house before Maria gave birth to her first son, Crim. And with a new addition to the family, the stricter Theodore and Maria got on Nio, not letting him get away with anything. With this, Nio learnt to be obedient and well mannered. Eventually, Nio's habits came to cleaning, washing and helping take care of Crim.
Then, three years later, Maria gave birth her second son, Griffin. Unfortunately, she died from the lack of strength she had during childbirth, therefore Theodore was left to take care of the three boys on his own. Which, Theodore did an exceptionally good job at, keeping all three obedient, healthy and safe. But, only four years years passed before they were put under attack, forcing Theodore into a situation where he fled the three boys to safety, only to disappear, leaving Nio to take the responsibility as the oldest and look after everyone. The three of them were led to believe that Theodore had died.

Yet, they all continued on. 
As Crim and Griffin grew older, Nio would take care of them but as they drifted apart, the two brothers assembling a clan of vampire. While Griffin became stronger and more capable of things, Nio continued to keep him close despite being pushed away many times. On the other hand, Nio's bond with Crim quickly fell apart, due to the many attempts Crim tried to force Nio into being some sort of personal slave, Nio would keep avoiding such situation. 
It seemed the whole family had fallen apart. But, Nio as grew on to thirty-three, he was re-united Theodore, who had supposedly been dead for fourteen years.

Though, nothing seems to have changed between Nio and his two cousins upon Theodore's return, they are still somewhat distant, Griffin still pushing away Nio yet always relying on him to be there. 

Personality: Nio is often seen as a grumpy and anti-social man.
He has a short temper, and if the sort of person to no hesitant in punching someone all the way to tomorrow, it doesn't matter if they're old or young, female or male, adult or child. If you piss him off, you best be ready for his temper. Apart from his temper, he's rather good at hiding his emotions, he is stoic.
He tends to steer clear of social events, or any situation involving socializing, as he feels awkward talking to others due to his serious attitude, and just prefers spending all his time on his own. To coax Nio into being party of a party or event is an impossible mission, as he is quite a difficult person to impress, interest and gain attention from. To even get the slightest attention from Nio, you would have to have connections with his family members, whether good or bad.
Though, if he ever roams into a public place, most likely a bar, there are a very slim number of people that he tends to become interested in. And while Nio continuously denies he wants part of a romantic relationship, he wishes for a partner, and as he can get easily seduced and tempted there are times where he stops being so stoic and shows his emotions, besides being grumpy and distant.
If ever in romantic relationship, he can be describe as a protective, possessive but reasonable man. He dislikes people touching or flirting in anyway with his partner. And while, his partner is ever threatens or attack, he will not hesitant to play 'hero', he would not be insensitive and will not say such words as "I will protect you even if I die" as he always considers the other's feelings, and will always defend his own life as much as his partner's. But, being in a romantic relationship is very slim, as Nio tends to close himself from such things. 

Weakness: Nio has a lack of stamina, therefore he is rather slow compared to other vampires, yet still faster than a human. He fails to socialize accordingly, due to his lack of communication and failure to actually attempt conversation with others as he finds such situations a waste of time and unimportant, therefore many people find him irritating and a joykiller to be around. 
By drinking a Christian's blood, Nio will be end up getting 'food poisoned' and get dramatically sick. Iron chains can be used as a binder to keep Nio contained.
Nio can be killed in multiple ways; beheaded, fire, silver knife through his heart (cutting is also effective but will only bring him pain, not kill him).

Weapons/Abilities: Due to Nio finding no need to use weapons, being a vampire, he carries no such objects as he uses his own strength to his advantage. 

Abilities include exceptionally good super strength - improved due to consistent weight lifting being a part of Nio's daily routines, poor super speed - yet he still has speed faster than a human, super sight - advanced enough to allow him to see clearly in darkened areas, Nio also has an incredible sense of taste - being a vampire and all, he can pick the flavour from blood instead of that metallic taste that only humans know. 

Other: -

Requested Class in Chatroom: Beasts
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Character Name: Leonora del Circo Grande

Age: 54

Species: The Prophet of Wind (half-human,half-god), based from the Pentagram. She was born into a pre-war Earth as a human/god species that could use telepathic powers to determine who and what her enemies were. Since she is a Prophet, she is able to live longer than others.

Gender: Female

Appearance: Leonora has grey-red hair, bandages that covers an eye that was ripped out during the war and her special third eye. She wears a long tattered trench coat with stripped stockings. Leonora has crooked yellow teeth as well, with freckles and pale skin. She is also overweight with a mechanical arm she obtained from getting it bitten off by a Clock demon. In addition, she wears a beaten helmet and combat boots.

History: Leonora began her child being raised by three circus freaks: Mazipan the German Octopus Mouth Woman, the English Amputee, and the Russian siamese twins (who spoke no English). Despite not knowing her true origins and not being able to prevent the Ringmaster Maria from beating her, all three of them raised her to be intellectual and mature like they were with a happy childhood to come along. Leonora was happy with them, for 15 years she lived like that and was completely ignorant to the fact that her Ringmaster was the demon who plotted for her death when she was in her twenties. When that day came, the Ringmaster reveals her true form to Leonora and explains why she was going to kill her. You see, Leonora possessess a third eye, something that was very unworldly to those who lived on that Earth. Whenever a wealthy individual approached the girl, they retracted because they felt a force that was negative to them.

This was because they were demons that took over anyone who wanted to be perfect, which were most of the wealthy in the First class. It was an omen to the First Class and Leonora was to die for disturbing the plans of the Demons. Leonora was able to kill the Ringmaster by unraveling her third eye, and detecting the kill spot (which is not the same as a human's kill spot). She then learns that the English amputee was murdered by the demon, and makes refugee homes in the sewers where most of the "non-perfect" citzens lived. For ten years, Leonora lived there and obtaining more and more news of the First class becoming more powerful. So she waited....

Another decade came, she had risen to the ranks as an air-general, and taken control of the Second/Third class armies to battle against the First-Class, which consisted of demons. Leonora had learned much about herself by then. From the voices of the Other Worlds, Leonora was one of five Prophets-Siblings that were meant to protect the worlds that they were sent in. Leonora was second to the eldest sister, Spirit. Her third eye conjured psychic powers that would punch a strong force at her enemies and if it was concealed with her rage, her enemy would die as well. Before going to war, Leonora adopted a little girl from Russia (Katyusha) that was left on the streets by her parents. Despite Leonora's disagreement, Katyusha wanted to fight for her mother when the reconing day came and when all machine guns were fire.

At the very last battle, Leonora slays the mother of all the demonic enetities of Earth, her name was "End." It costed Leonora one of her arms since End bit it off. In the aftermath, another one of Leonora's beloved ones was slain, and it was Katyusha. Upset by this, Leonora blacks out and dies in Earth, but is brought to life in a world that was completely strange to her. It was full of life, with trees and harmless wildlife. Stunned, Leonora is greeted by her older and younger sister, Spirit and Fire. They tell Leonora that this was her true place of origin, but there was no going back to Earth until the World of their origins had faced its Ragnorok. Noticing their sister's melancholy expression, Spirit tells Leonora that she would see Katyusha again, but for now, there was work to be done to prepare for the end. To accompany the Wind Prophet, Marzipan is the only one who is allowed to enter into the realm with Leonora....

What would happen next? Leonora and Marzipan had yet to find out.

Personality: Sagacious and a peace-maker, Leonora's memories from a past world-war creates her character and though at times she is cowardly, she does her best to look closer into what she is fearing and analyzing what she could overcome.

Weakness: The third eye gives her massive migranes to where she has black outs. She is cowardly at times, and has the fear of not being able to protect her comrades in battle. She also can hear voices that distract her from combat.

Weapons/Abilities: A staff/ A third eye on her forhead that can use psychic abilities to detect enemies and determine their kill spot.

Other: Leonora is very observant and a wiz in creating cyborgs/machines.

First class: Rich, healthy, fit, white and Latino. Lives in big mansions and wears proper clothing.

Second class: Poor, hard-workers, normal people mostly. Gays and lesbian, Black people, Asian. Lives in factories, normally dirty and muscular. Cyborgs are also included here.

Third class: Red-heads, Albino, mentally unstable people, deformed people. Lives in sewers. Circus freaks.

Class: Mind_Users
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haracter Name: Luke Willwood

Age: 14 (can be changed for convenience)

Species: Mutant human

Gender: Male

Appearance: Luke has blue eyes, and brown hair in a shaggy, emo-esque parting. He usually wears a dark, long-sleeve top under a dark blue denim shirt and jeans. (

History: Luke was born into a very religious family, and grew up with the teachings and lessons of Christianity. At the age of 13, he discovered he was able to manipulate electrical objects, around the same time, discovering that he liked boys, after getting a crush on famed super hero Northstar. He kept both a constant secret, certain that his parents would never approve. He managed to keep them secret for the next two years, before he was discovered Not knowing what to do, they sought the help of a local pastor, who belived that Mutants were the result of demons, and suggested they perform an exorcism to which they agreed to, despite Luke's reservations. The process went horribly wrong. Half way through the process, Luke panicked, and his powers lashed out, electrocuting - but thankfully only stunning the pastor, but effectively destroying the church. Seeing what he had done and the fearful look he recieved from his parents, as a result. So, he ran away from his home, not only scared of what he was, but of what others would do to him. 

Luke would then live off the street for a week before hearing about the Xavier Institute from a local group of underground mutants. He hitchhiked his way there, and managed to infiltrate the building by draining the energy from the perimeter defences. However, he failed to think about the internal security, and tripped one of the laser alarms. He was found by Professor Xavier and Storm, who allowed him to explain himself. He was later inaugurated into the Institute, and joined on with the other kids within the school. He would quickly find a friend in Cody, another recent addition to the mansion.

ALT for older, non-X-men version - Luke is given the powers by an alien in the hospital and is one of a small number of 'mutants' in which the ability to control certain elements is unlocked. He is instead picked up by a local children's hostel after his fortnight on the streets and allowed to live there until he's 16, after which he lives in a half-way house. At age 18, he gets a small apartment, and gets a job, trying to live as normal a life as he can....unfortunately it often seen that he is plagued by monsters  and humans alike that wish to harvest him for his abilities. (The Northstar element is converted into his appearances in comics)

Personality: Luke is naturally quiet and can be shy at first, but tends to open up when he gets to know the individual, becoming both protective and loyal to them - he becomes more introverted after witnessing the destructive power of his abilities, though he does enjoy playing with them in small ways (i.e. controlling the smaller electrical devices in his apartment).

Weakness: Any element that can insulate electricity is useful against him. 

Weapons/Abilities: Electrokinesis

Other: None

Requested Class in Chatroom: Non_Fighters
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Name: Magdelegna Thronas

Age: Magdelegna ages like a feline, she is only six, by the standards of a wild leopard, however, her body has matured faster than the normal human's. Her lifespan is at most twelve to seventeen years of age.

Gender: Female

Race: Magdelegna is a leopard, she is not a human who turns into a leopard, but a leopard who sometimes wears a human's skin. She is very primal, and follows her instincts more than logic. She is one of the very few left of her kind, it is to believed that there are less than two hundred let throughout the world, this is due to the fact that centuries ago, the female leopards left the male's of their race to join the humans, they wished to have real families, and now that the blood has been so diluted as it was passed down through the bloodlines, and mixed with human blood it is rare to find an individual who can actually shift, and even then, the ability to hold the form of the leopard for more than a few moments is even more rare.

Weapons:  She  has knowledge of poisons, she often poisons her own blades, she will even wear poison on her lips, on on other parts of her body while when seducing men or women, often using her most favored poison, one that she has taken small amounts of to build up an immunity to in order to use it as she does. As well as her own body, it is a good weapon, she uses it in a way, that some women may find revolting, or vulgar, but she grew up around whores, and she watched how they would use their bodies to seduce men. She also carries two daggers, one on each hip, they are not the bet weapons, nor are they particularly well made, but she will use them if she must, however, most of the time, she resorts to her more natural attributes, or poison.

Appearance: Magdelegna is often called graceful, or primal in appearance. She is certainly not human, with long waist length tresses that are a thick mass of unruly curls, the color is similar to that of a leopards coat with strands of black and brown in the mix, making it appear brindle in coloring, this is due to once again, her blood, she can't hide the fact that she is different. During the colder months her hair will thicken, just as a leopard's coat, and her hair is a mixture of an under, and outer coat, with both soft downy hairs, and coarse outer hairs. She stands five feet and four inches tall and weighs about a hundred and thirty-five pounds, she is not the smallest of women, but she is glad that she has a sturdy build.

Her eyes are amber, a mixture of many shades of gold, and light browns, with a vertical black pupil, much like a feline's. The reason for this oddity is due to the fact that she carries the blood of a leopard within her, and like naturally wild leopards their eyes can vary from amber, to a very pale green Her body structure is lithe, with slender muscles. She has wide child-bearing hips, her legs are long, with thighs that are slender, her calves are slender as well, most of the fat on her body rests in her hips, her bottom, and her breasts.  However, she is not without her flaws, she bares many scars, the most prominent one is the one on her lower abdomen where she was gutted with an iron blade, the scar is about seven inches long stretching out along the line of her pelvic bone, it is raised with scar tissue and purple in color, it appears to be almost shiny, the reason for this is due to the fact that the blade was iron.   She has a scar over her left eyebrow that splits the hair from being hit in the head with the handle of a knife, the edge had struck her just right and it had split the skin. Her skin is almost hot to the touch, considering her heart needs to beat faster than a humans in order to get enough oxygen to her muscles, if her muscles don't get the allotted oxygen they require they will cramp up and it will hinder the individual, causing pain, and temporary paralysis of that limb or appendage, due to the extra need of oxygen, she has a larger heart than a human, and instead of having four chambers, it has six.

 Her skin is a 
light peach, yet her body is covered in tribal tattoos, or at least they appear to be tattoos, however, they are the Thronas family legacy. These tattoos are black in coloring, they start at the base of her spine and rise up, along her spin and along each rib the black ink swirls and connects to the tattoos on her torso. These tattoos were carved into her skin at an early age, done by her mother, and another woman who knew the Thronas secret. Despite the pain that she endured as the tattoos were inked into her skin she takes pride in each marking.

Magdelegna often wears gauze-like material that she will wrap around her body often creating dresses, or tops, with an added skirting. They are often rightly colored, or black, she does this so she can remove them easily in order to shift without ruining her clothing. She will wear men's trousers, when needed, but often her attire is minimal. 

When Magdelegna is in her leopard form it is easy to mistake her for a normal leopard, for she has the same build. With relatively short legs, and a long body, with a large skull it is hard to separate her, from that of a natural leopard. Her leopard form is similar in appearance to the jaguar, but is smaller and more slightly built. Her fur is marked with rosettes similar to those of the jaguar, but the leopard's rosettes are smaller and more densely packed, and do not usually have central spots as the jaguars do. Being a female she is twenty to forty percent smaller than a male leopard, her kind are strongly built and have a large heads with extremely strong jaw muscles. They are graceful, stealthy animals and they are well known for their ability to go undetected. She is a very agile climber in this form, and a good swimmer.She has a light tan base colored coat with a black rosette pattern and a lighter colored underside.

Personality: Magdelegna is known to obsess over things that she finds catching her interest, be it a story of grand treasures, or her next human interest, she doesn't really care what it will take to get what she wants, she will get it.  She is very curious, bent on finding out as much as she possibly can, all the while causing as much trouble as possible. She also has a brash and vulgar way of speaking when around men, proving that she is just as capable of doing things. She has the mouth of a sailor, and an attitude to match. 


Magdelegna is known to have no qualms of killing, although she has been known to show mercy on very rare occasions, she is independent and dominant by nature, but if it is the right person, she will submit, but not without a fight first. She is a and has little interest in finding a mate, for even though she is unable to have children due to a near death injury, where she was gutted with an iron blade, it is still ingrained in her to search for a mate, however, she is unaware of what she is searching for, and so she tries to fill the void in her heart with the constant adventures, and expeditions. She loves having a good time and simply drinking with friends or those she is currently in company with. She has very few good quality friends who are with substance, she is wary when it comes to the fact of her getting attached, she is afraid of marriage for her crew is her family, and she will tell everyone the same thing.


There is a side of her that not many see, it is the cannibalistic and ruthless side, she is a natural born killer. Many mistake her beauty for stupidity and they are ensnared by her beauty that they think she is simply a pretty face, many have learned curiosity will kill you, as it has killed so many when being curious with her. For she tends to eat them, literally. She is bloodthirsty when it comes right down to it, there are very few that are dominate enough to make her submit, but it is possible.

 Strengths:  Magdelegna has the skills and means to kill efficiently to get what she desires she moves with a feline grace that she is not aware of, almost as if she is stalking prey,  even doing the most mundane of tasks .Magdelegna due to her animistic nature, as well as her instincts has it ingrained in her DNA to have the ability to hunt, she also has heightened senses, such as sight, smell, and hearing. She also has a spine that flexes and twists much more than a human's own. Her strength is also greater than a normal human, she can run faster, jump higher, and she also has night vision, for she is a nocturnal hunter. She is an exceptional navigator, she can always find her way, having an almost uncanny sense of direction. She also has a photographic memory, she can remember things with very acute details.

Weakness:  Magdelegna is barren, it is unknow as to why, however she has had enough sex with men, to understand that she will never be with child. Also, iron is poisonous to her kind, if enough goes straight into  the bloodstream, they die. Iron causes the flesh to rot when it come's within contact with the leopard's flesh, it is unknown as to why this metal causes such an extreme reaction, but some think it is because they carry fey blood, for fey are allergic to any types of metal, in truth, the iron simply affects them, and there is no real explanation as to why They don't carry the blood of the fey, it is just that iron is extremely deadly, and often fatal to their kind .Magdelegna should never have survived, however she did. Besides her physical flaws and weaknesses, she has a tendency to get angry very quickly, anything can set her off, and when her anger sparks it is hard to calm her down, often those around her need to physically restrain her and make her submit, for that is what she understands. She also has a tendency to be cocky, and sometimes arrogant, running her mouth often gets er in trouble, and she earns a smack across the mouth.

History: Magdelegna Thronas is a bastard child, her mother was a whore at the local brothel and her father was Despot from Ireland , she has both Italian and  Irish blood within her, at least that is her appearance, but in truth, her father was the one who had the Thronas blood within his system, however he could not shift. She grew up around men, considering her mother's profession.

Magdelegna had grown rapidly, by the age of two, her body was that of a twelve year old human female, she learned at a rapid and almost alarming pace. Considering her rapid growth she needed to be kept from the general public, but her mother and two other women did all they could (when they weren't servicing a customer), to teach the young girl. They gave her many books, she didn't care what subject they were, she just consumed the information.

 When she reached the age of four her mother was killed, for it had been a single night with the wrong company, she had received a blade in the abdomen. And the killer had been Captain Thatch, a man that had taken pity on the young girl, and instead of killing her, he took her to a Gypsy camp. Traveling through Europe, Magdelegna learned that she was not the only one as herself, in the Gypsy camp she met a young woman by the name of Sariel, who could shift, but she couldn't hold the shift for very long. Sariel was in her eighth year of life, young enough to have a few good years left in her, but no longer in her prime. Magdelegna learned all she could from the fellow feline, but their quiet life was soon torn to shreds when one night the caravan had set up camp along a river for the evening, only about five miles outside of the nearest town, when the caravan settled down, they were raided by bandits that had been following them for miles. 

The caravan was not prepared for the attack, and many died that night, when Magdelegna watched a man kill Sariel she shifted, unable to contain her anger, she didn't think, she just tore into flesh and bone. However, that night was when she had lost the last shreds of her innocents as a child, and came to understand that the world was a harsh place.

 Today she can be seen in the local taverns or brothels, both for their lovely atmosphere, as well as the hope of finding work, she longs to travel the sea and see the world, yet she still doesn't have enough coin for even that. Most of this is a facade, this woman is as free as the wind that washes through her hair, and as shrouded in shadows then the night itself. She hardly allows anyone in, ever....Will you be the one to get through her walls and see the woman beneath? Or will she just end up eating you like she does with most of the men and women that surround her.

History of The leopards:


Leopard shifters are few and far between, they are very rare, and it is even harder to find those that have the ability to shift. This is due to the fact that the blood has become so diluted over the generations, that each new generation of Leopard shifters, every one out of six has the ability to shift. 


The females of the Leopard shifters left their men centuries ago in search of human men, the reason was the humans stayed with them and helped raise their children, unlike the Leopard males who impregnated the females and left them. Over the centuries the Leopard bloodline has been diluted due to the mixing of blood, yet those that are unable to shift often have physic abilities. It varies with each individual, for each individual has different amounts of Leopard blood within their bodies. Not much else is known of the Leopard race, they were a very secretive race, and stayed in the shadows. Surviving and dying without much notice.


There are stories however of great warriors who fought in wards beside humans, yet that was centuries ago. Leopard shifters are a thing of legends, they are often talked about around cooking fires, or late at night. And if an individual is luck, or unlucky enough, they may encounter such a being late at night, however the chance of such events taking place, are very slim.

Key Terms:

Shifting: Shifting is the ability to shift from a human into a Leopard, this ability is very rare. It happens one in every ten individuals with Leopard shifter blood.


Hunger: Leopard shifters hunger for flesh constantly, it is part of their nature considering what they are, they can't help it.


Mate: Leopard shifters often mate for life, that is if they can find the being that completes their other half, it is simple really. However, they will mate with those that are not their mate, yet only during breeding season.

Sample Post:

Magdelegna found herself watching her next victim, a man that she had been toying with for at least a week now, she found him extremely annoying, but when they were together, she acted meek and helpless, she had done this in order to draw him to her, for she was growing hungry, and her hunger needed to be sated, and so as he waited where she had said she was to meet him her heart began to beat faster and she licked her lips in anticipation. 

She could already taste the blood and flesh on her tongue, she imagined sinking her teeth into his jugular, and then as her teeth pierced the almost delicate skin the hot life blood would slide onto her tongue and slowly down her throat, soon enough to rest in the pit of her stomach. She found herself purring at the thought, and her mouth salivating with anticipation. She took an unneeded deep breath to calm herself and stepped out of the shadows that were offered by the alley that she had told him to meet her in, she chose this place because not many would care if they heard a man screaming, and because it was secluded. The male then looked up, his deep chocolate brown eyes lighting up with lust, it was evident in his gaze and she repressed a shudder of disgust. While he was fair looking enough, he was the kind of man that made her skin crawl, but she wasn't going to allow him to touch her more than she needed him too. He was about six feet tall, and of Hispanic descent, he was averagely built, with dark hair tied with a leather cord at the base of his neck, he had a strong jaw, and was dressed in a set of brown roughly woven trousers, and a deep brown tunic made of the same material, on his feet were sandals that appeared to have been made out of river reeds, but Magdelegna wasn't sure.

She stepped forward and smiled, her full lips glistened as if she had licked them, but in truth, there was poison on them, and as she stepped up and pressed her lips to the male's own she felt his tongue sliding along the seam of her lips as if to beg for entrance. She didn't part her lips, instead she pulled away and began to trail kisses down the male's jaw to his pulse. She licked the skin right where his pulse beat the strongest, and as she did so, it began to beat faster, and this wasn't due to excitement, it was due to the poison taking effect. 

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Character Name: Apolliorous

Age: 712

Species: Undead Human

Gender: Male

Appearance: Apolliorous is a Lich, first and foremost, and is so well beyond his years that he has been reduced to little more than bones. Apolliorous floats around in a chair that he effectively moves with his vast pool of magical power. From the front, he is a skeleton draped in luxurious robes of silk that do little to betray his bony nature. A crown, grafted onto his skull is beset with rubies and gems of all sorts, and cradled at his waist is a black and crimson book, clasped and clutched tightly by his undead fingers. The chair is made of black marble, the back of which is far higher than necessary and made specifically to look imposing. It looks smooth to the touch, save for the spikes that fan out from it, gaining distance from the chair as they approach the top. Hanging down lightly from his hand that rests on the left arm rest is a rather long, pointy wand made of gold and gems in a manner akin to his crown. Apolliorous is held tightly within his chair by starmetal grafts.

Childhood -
Apolliorous's childhood was, unfortunately, lost to his transformation into a Lich.
Adulthood - What little he's capable of remembering placed himself deep in the study of Necromancy, or dismantling dead bodies in what he believes was a morgue. Consistently his fleeting memories remind him of a job he'd had as a mortician before he'd descended underground to develop his magical tastes. It was during this time that he contracted a magical illness that slowly robbed him of his ability to move. It was during Apolliorous's slow loss of his limbic system that he'd found his personal secret to becoming a lich, but the magical affliction would slowly rob him of his movement until he'd turned.
Venerablity - In his most memorable state prior to lichdom, Apolliorous could only speak his spells, and wave his left arm. He had sunk himself so deep into the study of Necromancy that he became the single most powerful wizard within that school of magic. He was universally hated and sought out consistently for crimes against nature by adventurers and holy men alike. He surrounded himself in droves of undead workers, some more intelligent than others, and bended the will of those that were foolish enough to come for his head. With the magic he'd slaved over for years, at 106 years of age, Apolliorous flung himself from his magical chair and released the shackles of his frail body in a vat of necromantic energy. This process robbed him of his earliest memories and muddled anything shortly after them.
Lichdom - Much to his horror, upon coming out of the vat dragged by his personal undead guards, the affliction that robbed him of his movement stayed with him even after his turn. The affliction was cured, but the damage that had been done couldn't be reversed. Apolliorous has ruled a Necropolis with his vast magical power for over 600 years, spreading his influence and seeking out anyone who could possibly purge his ailment. Those that could not returned home to horrific displays of his dark power. 

Personality: Apolliorous is brash, rude, and not prone to joking in any form. He is matter-of-fact in any situation, and doesn't feel the need to waste time, even while technically capable of eternal life. He is prone to overcompensating for his lack of physical prowess through blatant displays of magical power. He doesn't believe in deities of any sort, as he has seen religions come and go in his many years of existence. He is easily intrigued by anyone that shows off healing capabilities, and is rather courteous towards anyone he believes could cure his ailment, but doesn't play games when it comes to bargaining. Generally he is prone to threats of destruction, and when angered is known for his unimaginable cruelty.

Weakness: Apolliorous is undead, and has all the weaknesses that go along with that. He is not weak to sunlight, however. Add to that his surprisingly frailty when not magically empowered and his inability to move without his chair and you'll find that he is physically powerless. Among the schools of magic he practices he is absolutely horrible when it comes to Illusions and Enchantment. While not incapable of handling them, Apolliorous is actually frightful of established holy men, and is wary of those that practice miracles. Apolliorous is prone to using large spells early to save time, but only if he is confident in his ability to not let them go to waste.

Weapons/Abilities: Apolliorous is an extremely powerful necromancer, and has the ability to protect himself if given the time to prepare and can actually become quite durable if given the chance. He prefers to allow his undead minions to do the fighting for him while he watches, learning about opponents from afar and on high. He is capable of somewhat powerful Evocation, but as with any wizard, has a limited supply of magic. His golden wand is made strictly to resurrect the fallen as intelligent slaves to his bidding. His crown allows him 3 times per day to gaze at events anywhere on the plane he is presently on and either watch, or listen.  

Requested Class in Chatroom: Spell Casters
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Lich Weakness include, but are not limited to:

- Lack of pain
- Weak to Holy Power
- Fragile to Bludgeoning
- Heightened need for Gluttony - Lacking a soul, and the ability to feel anything but emptiness means a Lich must "eat" fairly frequently to fill the "need" but at the same time it doesn't nourish him or bolster his power in any way. Simply speaking it just satiates what is effectively now a placebo-like habit.
- Vulnerable to resurrection, but can resist unless weakened. - you're only a Lich if you're dead.
- Does poorly on Consecrated Ground 

Lich Strengths

- Phylactery - A Phylactery is the source of the Lich's soul, and as a result is very often hard to break, find, or both. Lich's guard these with overwhelming greed and wrath. Very few people would believe the idea that Apolliorous's chair was indeed his Phylactery. Phylacteries rejuvenate a lich all at once in perfect physical condition (Unless they're Apolliorous, who comes back paralyzed, for the most part, but conveniently in his chair.) after a number of days, and depending on how utterly destroyed the body originally was, could take more, or less time.
- Hard bones - Slashing weapons will find a Lich's bones as hard as steel, and for good reason.
- Completely dead - No need to breathe, or eat, really. Can't be poisoned, or catch any (more) diseases.
- Augmented Necromantic power - A Lich's Death spells are deadlier than normal death spells.
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Name: Nicholas Arbalester

Age: 19

Species: Human

Sex: Male

Nicholas is relatively tall (~5'11") and well-built (185lbs, 10% body fat) for his age, sporting a muscled, if marbled form built from years of diligent weightlifting and a perhaps slightly excessively-measured bulk diet. His musculature is most prominently developed in his shoulders, upper arms, chest, and glutes, while significant fat deposits mar his abdomen and rear. His skin is pale and smooth, sparsely light-haired in all the places you’d expect save for a small patch of dark, thick hair on the center of his right shoulder blade. He bears scars on his forehead, both lips, abdomen, both outer wrists, both knees, and lower back.
Nicholas has light, wavy copper hair buzzed close on the sides and worn long, messy, and off to the left on top. He has confusingly hazel eyes, simultaneously mixed shades of green and brown in alternating radials, and distinctly faint eyebrows augmented by thin black half-rimmed glasses. His face is wonderfully symmetrical, with a strong jawline decorated with a thick patch of long chin hairs and a rather unremarkable nose. His facial structure places him only somewhat above average in appeal according to individual taste – a solid 6 or 7 to most, but tipping toward 8 or even 9 from certain angles in certain lights. His teeth are white and his smile is convincing.

Nicholas was born to two loving, if slightly older than usual parents and a brother two years his senior in a Connecticut suburb. His childhood was difficult from its beginning, dealing with an emotionally- and psychologically-abusive older brother from as soon as he could talk. From the moment he entered the local public school system, his brother became his superior in all regards, exceeding him in grades, social life, and personal development,  and would regularly berate him for his shortcomings. Beyond his knowledge, his father was a problem alcoholic, abusing his mother and eventually being arrested for a DUI and checked into rehab after a subsequent mugging. Toward the end of his elementary school years he became a pariah among his peers due to an early onset of puberty resulting in severe acne and vocal adjustment, both issues only worsening into middle school. In middle school, both of his grandfathers passed away, his mother's cancer resurfaced, and he was bullied harshly by the vast majority of his grade. His tormentors were so inventive and intent on doing him any form of harm possible that he was very nearly suspended on a number of occasions, and his capacity for trust was eroded over the course of numerous pranks and attempts at gaining, then betraying his confidence. Nicholas was so universally attacked, not only at school but at home by his brother, that he grew to distrust and dislike humankind in general, believing them all to be inherently cruel by extrapolating from the small sample size he had come to know. He hid his negative experiences at school from his family, but his brother managed to glean vague details from his friends, being only two years his senior, and wore further upon him for failures that his brother perceived to be Nicholas's own fault.
Nicholas's powers began to surface in the seventh grade, seemingly in response to the gradual change over from verbal to physical abuse by his aggressors. The many fights he was forced into ended up so disproportionately injuring his attackers relative to his supernaturally-reduced damages that he was ultimately expelled in the eighth grade. The school administration was insensitive to his situation, and removed him from the student body to reduce the amount of problems it had to deal with from his presence. Faced with a mother physically incapable of helping him, a father put out of commission through his drinking habit, and a brother actively out to get him, Nicholas despaired. He spent a week locked in his room planning before he stole what he could of his parents' money and made for New York City by hopping a train, hoping to leave both his hard life and concerning supernaturality behind him.
He was in the process of switching lines when he was caught by one of the railyard workers. Nicholas begged the man not to turn him in, explaining his situation and earning the man's sympathy. The man told him of a friend of his that lived in the city that might be able to help him, and allowed Nichols to sneak onto another train to reach New York.
Once in the city, Nicholas sought out the man's friend. He turned out to be the owner of a small gym in the Bronx and a few of the apartments above it. The friend, a man Nicholas would only ever know as "Dave," reluctantly agreed to give Nicholas a job at the gym and pay him under the table to keep him safely in the wind. He use the money to pay for the cheapest of Dave's apartments that he could, and has been living on his own ever since with Dave's guidance. Dave became his closest friend and a father to him, someone whom he eventually came to tell everything and would confide in for years to come. Dave taught him how to survive, and has done his best to help Nicholas deal with his psychological problems, helping him to construct a mask of normalcy until he can eventually put them to rest. In secret, he has struggled to come to terms with his strange abilities, working to understand them and hone them to their best in case he should ever need them.

Nicholas comes across as very friendly and affable, notably playful and easygoing from even a moment’s interaction. He’s fast and clever with jokes and good-natured witticisms, though his sarcastic delivery can often make well-intended pokes come across as malicious jabs. Nicholas is quick to care and offer help without expecting anything in return, and is honest, unbiased, and objective in all of his dealings. He’s a good listener and also an effective communicator in a variety of styles.
In actuality, Nicholas is unfeeling and uncaring, feeling no influential sense of obligation to or concern for anyone and taking no pleasure nor pain from any part of his life. Neither happiness nor sadness affect him with any kind of tangible or conscious feedback, and so do not act as incentives to him. He puts on a perfect façade of personality and humanity and lies as easily as breathing to maintain the illusion of normalcy Dave helped him to craft.
Nicholas's mind works in a strictly logical manner, and he operates on a general premise of utilitarian philosophy - though he has no attachment to others, he is not inherently selfish. He believes his inherent value as a person is less than others' due to his condition - what he perceives as a psychological disorder or emotional deficiency. Whether consciously or not, he considers his inability to feel a scarcity, and so consciously values emotion and seeks to protect others' out of a perception of value. However, his consideration for others' happiness is entirely dependent on his willful decision to consider it. His personal code is fluid to the point of being nonexistent, his will and his own desires overriding all other variables.

When immobile and unaware, Nicholas is a normal human being, vulnerable in all ways an ordinary human being is. He does not have superhuman speed or stamina, so his advantages while in motion are dependent on his natural ability as an athlete and his own capacity to keep moving.

Nicholas tends to carry a pair of spike knuckles - metal bars with holes for his fingers to fit through, with long spikes extending from between the middle and ring fingers.

While standing still, Nicholas weighs his listed weight and is of ordinary human durability. Whenever in self-propelled motion relative to a supermassive object such as Earth, Nicholas’s mass, strength, and durability increases in proportion to his speed. His strength is only increased as a property of his added mass, providing no functional improvement beyond allowing him to move his heavier body parts as though they were unchanged. His increase in power is immediate when accelerating, and decrease over a period of time roughly equal to the length of time for which he was moving at the approximate speed he was moving at before decelerating upon a reduction in his speed – if he fell for ten seconds before hitting the ground, his mass, strength, and durability would return to normal over the course of the ten seconds after stopping on the ground. These increases are separate across differing parts of his body – if he is standing still while punching, only his hands (and, less so, his arms) benefit from increased mass, strength, and durability, while the rest of him remains ordinary in these areas. Nicholas can also temporarily enhance the durability of certain parts of his body at will, though this is an extremely strenuous task.

Class Requested:
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Name: Ananria Fenwick

Age: 34

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Appearance: Unless you actually speak to her, Ananria is incredibly easy to forget. She is five feet and five inches tall and she weighs 140 pounds. Her eyes are brown, and her hair, that goes down right to her shoulders, is a light tawny brown. She is not visibly strong, and her body type is an average one.

History: Ananria was born to a professor at a highly respected university and a marine biologist. From day one, her parents pushed her to develop her intelligence and her knowledge, hoping that she would one day follow in their footsteps and go into the sciences as well, a hope that she would be all too happy to fulfill.

From her first day of school, Ananria was always a bit of an outcast. During recess she would sit at the bottom of the smallest slide reading a book while all the other children went and played on the rest of the playground equipment. In class, she would always answer questions correctly, and almost always know the answer, causing her classmates to become rather jealous of her, not that she minded, at least at first, seeing as she hardly ever interacted with them anyways.

However, as she moved through the grades, it started to sting every time they chose their own partners in class and she was the only one not picked and every day at lunch where she sat all alone. She buried herself even further in her books and her schoolwork, trying to avoid interacting with others as much as possible. Her parents never seemed to notice how quiet she had become, and when they did, they expressed their pride in her for being so eager to learn new things.

It wasn't until her freshman year of high school, however, that it became full blown bullying. She was called horrible things, and the more she tried to stop it from happening, the worse it became. So she delved even further into her books, spending her lunch periods helping out her teachers to avoid having to interact with the other students. The bullying continued all through high school, until finally she was free of every having to see any one of her abusers ever again.

Once she was in college, she was the happiest that she had ever been in her life. Majoring in Biology, she finally found people with the same passion as her, for once she finally felt like she belonged. However, all those years of being an outcast left a mark on her, and she was careful not to let anyone get to close to her, for fear of them seeing who she really was.

Now that she is a scientist, working primarily in genetics, she is all alone, and rather than trying to change it, she surrounds herself in her work, and in material possessions, being willing to do nearly anything for the money to buy more of them.

Personality: She has air of intelligence around her, and a tendency to use as many big words as possible to prove the point even further. She prides herself on her knowledge, and makes a point to mention it whenever possible. Around other people, she exhibits a mask of confidence and does her best to seem like she isn't afraid of anything. When she's all alone, however, it's a different tale. She's incredibly insecure, constantly worrying that she isn't smart enough, and silently wishing to finally find someone to be her friend, and to fight away her loneliness.

Weaknesses: Anything involving physical exertion. For all her intellect, she is incredibly out of shape, and if she were to be attacked in a combat situation, she'd be absolutely powerless. She couldn't run away if she needed to either. Additionally, even mentioning one of her emotional pressure points can distract her. She'll most likely say something mean in an attempt to hide the fact that it hurt her, but she won't notice anything happening in the world around her. Additionally, she has horrible asthma, meaning that even someone smoking a cigarette around her could trigger an attack.

Weapons: Besides her understanding of physics, and a lot of really heavy books, she's basically useless in a fight, being more of a strategist than a combatant.

Requested Class: Non_Fighters

If a mod could please look this over, it would be much appreciated!

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Character Name: Mordecai Cyril Drake

Age: God age: 573 On earth: around 21

Species: Demigod

Gender: Male

Appearance: On earth, Mordecai is around 5"11' and 164.7 pounds with a Sturdy/Lean build. he has pale brown/dark blonde hair, shaved around the sides and back, slicked back on the top, ending before reaching the back. He has a very refined, george clooney jaw. Mordecai has ravishing pale diamond-blue with a thick black ring around the iris' aswell as semi-dilated pupils but still to the point where they are visible. Mordecai has the usual eyebrows, not too masculine and not too feminine. He trots in a casual punk attire; black Asking Alexandria hoodie with a sleeveless black shirt with gashes down the sides under the armpit. His choice of footwear is a pair of black ankle high, flat boots with the British flag as the laces. he had the top left fang tooth sharpened. he refuses to wear hats but will occasionally have silver 4mm ball studs in both of his ears. When alone, he will get a hair tie and put his hair up. As for his weapons, he has matte white bullet in his pocket, that when activated turns into his rifle. When he is looking down a scope his eye will reverse, making his pupil white and the sclera black, resulting in the loss of the need to blink and reduced eye twitch. As a god, he wore very generic Norse white robes and the sandals, carrying a void infused crossbow.

History: Mordecai is the son of the Norse god known as Tyr. As the son of a god he had much potential, but didn't care to live up to it. An argument with his father about going to war enraged mordecai, causing him to abandon his home and go live with mortals. but as he was leaving he felt a blade pierce his spine, and the energy had left his body, allowing him to be taken prisoner by fenrir. As a prisoner as fenrir he was tortured and taught more in the way of fighting to kill tyr. after 100 years of training fenrir sent mordecai to deal with tyr. Mordecai went to the room where tyr was. Tyr sensed the evil and struck first, mordecai dodging swiftly and pulling out a sickle like weapon as the battle has begun. The battle did not last long, Mordecai had been demolished as tyr had guards to back him up. Mordecai was sent to be executed, except that tyr had known what happened. Instead mordecai was sent to earth, set to the age of 10, with his powers in tact and all his memories, except for the memories left with fenrir. Mordecai lived a normal life he was adopted by average parent. He dealt with school, homework and drama. he made it through school with flying colors and when he was 18, he joined the military where he was trained in sniping. Mordecai was deployed into a war, where he discovered the ability his eye possesses. Mordecai was top tier, being able to pick off targets from extremely long distances. Mordecai eventually left the military and got a personal rifle of his own, a modified FN Ballista in which he fused his powers in (see weapons) Mordecai got into hunting as he really liked to shoot a gun. Not long after he started listening to alot of metal and hardcore bands. at that point he became the generic punk. 

Personality: Being a god has made quite cocky but he knows his limits. Mordecai is quite romantic but tends to talk down to humans. He tends to avoid contact with strangers. Due to this the only people he knows well are the people at the monastery. He can be very cold, and blunt when speaking as he doesn't always proof read it in his head. He was raised very upper-class, so also tends to be snobby and greedy, but those are occasional and not too common.

Weakness: He has a fear of dogs. Due to being a sniper, in battle he has trouble hitting moving targets. He does not like to see suffering, in battle he tends to aim for the head, but since that takes more time there's a higher chance he could be shot first. he is unable to do damage to a light user and is extremely weak to light, a golden bullet anywhere will paralyze him for around 5 minutes and cause searing pain. His sniping eye, once activated cannot be deactivated until it has been up for 5 minutes, making him blind if its still up when he isnt looking down a scope.

Weapons/Abilities: His weapon is a modified .50 caliber FN Ballista (which is bolt action) with an illuminated variable zoom scope, adjustable stock and suppressor. His god powers have it so he uses void magic and can open tears in the continuum, he integrates this into his bullets, meaning that he can charge one bullet, once a day, to temporarily contaminate the foe's mind and judgements' and thoughts although this will only last for 1 minute. he also has the ability of his eye going reverse, sclera being black and the pupil being white for improved accuracy while aiming.

Other: his age may change in some rp's aswell he can be killed like any normal person

Requested Class in Chatroom: Ranged_weapon_user
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Name: Cybil Logan

Age: 24

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Appearance: Cybil is a woman with short black hair, but a pale completion. Cybil has a small nose, small lips, and cyan eyes. Her outfits usually consist of a tight fitting azure jumpsuit that molds with her athletic build. on top of that, she wears a thick heavy metal belt and sturdy heavy iron boots. On her left arm is a thick metal sleeve, but she only wheres the armor when preparing for a battle

history: forced to marry a man she never met, Cybil ran away from home to escape proposal. She found a life on pirate ships, sailing around the world. She discovered magic when her crew was in the middle of a turf war, in which she used to turn the tides. Leaning magic outside of a class, she mastered a guerrilla style magic technique. Cybil has separated from her captain to establish a bank for them. currently looking for odd jobs.

Personality: Cybil lacks some mannerism, but not entirely. Her life as a pirate made her jaded from joking around, shes calm and patient but a bit stubborn. She likes to open up to people who she finds intelligent or experienced.

Weakness: Aside from basic human weaknesses. Cybil's weakness is that in combat, Cybil has trouble countering anyone quicker than her. her torso and head are without armor. she  is weak to earth elemental attacks.

Weapons/Abilities: She wields a barbed whip with a wind enchantment. She also has a knife for rare close quarters.

Other: She doesn't trust men as easily as women, but she gives everyone a chance.

Requested Class in Chatoom: Long Weapon Users
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Character Name: Cut Away )perfers the name Cut)

Age: 17

Species: Shape Shifter 

Gender: Male

Appearance: Cut away is a tall lanky young boy. His hair is a cream color with a dark brown streak over the middle portion of his combed over wild hair. The clothes in his possession include a redish shirt and some short blue jeans. While much of his appearance is human, his ears are those of a dog with the same color of his hair and having a dark streak of brown on the sides. Portions of his body are missing due to removal, but tagging alongside him with the help of a potion brewed up by his grandmother. 
He hides his cuts and missing limbs often with bandages, but his cover get's blown off easily. 

History: With his mother abandoning him at 5 weeks old and his father killed in an accident while hunting, Cut has been raised by his grandmother. He's had a marvelous childhood with lots of friends and even a girlfriend. But at his 15th birthday he stayed out late at his friends house for a party they had thrown him. He decided to walk home that night since he lived only a few blocks away. Halfway home he noticed he was being followed by a dark figure but he thought nothing of it, until he was knocked unconscious out of nowhere. When he woke up he found himself cut apart from some of his limbs. Of course he was rescued by police 3 days later but with the cost of never having his missing limb portions returned to him. Thanks to his grandmother and surgeons he was able to keep the rest of his limbs, by having a magnets implanted into them so they could stay together. His girlfriend dumped him and is Nana passed by the time he reached 16 and he was left alone. Temporarily set into the foster care system, he ran away and now lives where ever he can. (mostly foreclosue homes).

Personality: Comedic. He loves to tell jokes and clown around. But deep inside he is lonely, he has lost all his friends after the incident and was left with nobody to care for him. He is a hidden depressive person and is prone to cutting himself a lot. He loves classical music, soccer and of course cake. He's easily startled and dislikes rain and thunderstorms.

 His limbs can be swept from under him with not much effort and he is very bad at keeping his balance. Elementally his weakness is water as he cannot swim and is scared of rain.

Weapons/Abilities: He can shape shift into near all mammals, but his preferred shiftings are Bats, Dogs, and Cats

Other: His limbs sometimes get stuck somewhere and he has to carry them by hand

Requested Class in Chatroom: 
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