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Welcome to RPDream! Please read the following rules and get a character sheet approved before rping. Until you are a member please speak only to the mods: Sidekicks, Heroes, and Demi-Gods, they will answer any questions you may have. For RPDream members, please refrain from distracting Dreamers from their profile writing and only assist them if all the mods are idle/gone.


1) Post one detailed, non-fanbased character as a comment to this rules journal, then ask a mod to look over it. ( Here are examples of the detail we are looking for - 
Male Character and Female Character. )  The mod will either approve your character or guide you in making it acceptable. Once your character is approved, you will be promoted to a Member class and be free to rp with as many characters as you want, both original and fanbased. You may rp in RPDream if you'd like, or you can take your rps to a less crowded, private chat. The non-member (Dreamer) idle limit is 1 hour, so please check in with a mod while writing your profile to avoid getting kicked.

2) To Avoid Spam - Limit the use of icons, emotes, capslock, and stretching. Bold is to be used ONLY in rp requests. Icons are not allowed in away messages or RP requests. No large thumbs, small emoticon thumbs only. RP requests are to be no larger than 250 words. If you have a large request, please sub your text.

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7) Keep it PG-13. Sexually explicit roleplaying is NOT permitted in ANY chatroom on deviantArt, private or otherwise and is punishable by IMMEDIATE banning. Because of the sexual connotations, the following words are not allowed: Dominant-dom, submissive-sub, seme, uke, smuke, seke, top, or bottom. Please use MxM, FxF, MxF, etc to specify gender pairings rather than using the words Yaoi, Yuri, or Hentai.

8) No Multiple Accounts. If you would like to switch accounts, please log into both accounts and alert a mod. They will demote the old name and promote the new one. If you are unable to log onto your old account, please find a member to vouch for you, or you will have to submit another character profile.

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:bulletgreen:Character Profiles:bulletgreen:

You MUST use this format. Please fill-in all fields with as much detail as possible or it will not be approved. Avoid overly cliched or perfect characters. ( aka Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus) Use full sentences instead of listing off traits. Use correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation please.

Examples of what we are looking for:  
Male Character and Female Character

Character Name:
Age: ( If your character looks younger/older than they actually are please list both their real age and what age they look. Don't go overboard on actual age. )
Species: ( If uncommon or made by you, please explain their species here. NO FANCHARACTERS. )
Appearance: ( Must be written in full sentences, not listed. Paint us a picture of your character using your words, you may link a picture at the end, but you MUST write an appearance as well.)
History: ( This should be at least 3 fully formed paragraphs detailing their life from birth to current age. Please avoid overly done cliches such as these: Dead parents, unexplained powers, child killers/assassins, raising themselves alone at young ages, being 'insane' with no explanation, etc. And remember, even if they don't remember their past, they DO have one, so explain it. )
Personality: ( How they act socially around different types of people such as friends, family, strangers, etc. What makes them mad/sad/happy and how do they react to those emotions? What are their fears and emotional strengths/weaknesses? What are their likes/dislikes? FULL SENTENCES, NO LISTING. )
Weakness: ( Must be a specific Physical or Elemental weakness. Emotional weaknesses and fears do not count and should be put in personality. 'Normal human weaknesses' will only be accepted if the character is human with no powers, weapons, abilities, or special training. Your weaknesses MUST balance out your abilities/weapons.)
Weapons/Abilities: ( Please don't over do the amount of weapons and abilities. )
Requested Class in Chatroom: Choose one of the following: Sword_Wielders, Spell_Casters, Battle_Mages, Long_Weapon_Users, Axe_Wielders, Archers, Gunners, Lashers, Short_Weapon_Users, Shape_Shifters, Fist_Fighters, Ranged_Weapon_Users, Multi_Weapon_Users, Mind_Users, Beasts, Non_Fighters )

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Sheeply's Roleplaying Guide for Beginners
Elvan-Lady's RP Information Guide
dA Notice: How to Discourage Predators
TheRainbowLlama's Tabbing Tutorial
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CaptainRougefaye Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student General Artist
Character Profile: Faye Whitefeather

Basic Information:

Name: Faye Whitefeather Shinro
Aliases/Nicknames: Iron Rose, Dead Rose, Cursed.

Gender: Female
Race: Unknown
Ethnicity: Unknown

Origin: Ether aka Limbo
Current Location: Classified.
Occupation: Classified.  


Supposed Date of birth: April 25 1959.
Supposed Place of Birth: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Orientation: Straight
Relationship status: Unknown.

Mother: Andrea (presumed dead)
Father: Valex (presumed Dead)
Sisters: Jessie (alive); Nikia (alive)
Aunts: Taimatsu (alive)
Uncles: Reikan (alive), Radu (alive)

Physical Appearances:

Human: Black Halter top, dark wash jeans with tan moccasins or ankle high boots, depending on time of year can be seen wearing a black trench coat.

Hair: platinum blond
Eyes: Sapphire toned.
Skin: Slightly tanned, Native American.
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 190
Physical body shape: Average slightly muscular female; strong with flexibility and slight agility.
Markings: A few scars from various fights in her past. One tattoo marks her back taking up the center area near her spine; a very difficult flowered design with an arcane circle wrapping it.
Around neck: One distinctive Crystal cross with a sapphire center stone.
Earrings (both): cuffed earrings with silver leading chains w/ a feather connected to silver studs

Faye madness appearance:
Dark midnight blue one shoulder dress w/ front slits, black gladiator sandals that wrap the ankles.

Hair: slightly silver tone.
Eyes: an icy blue.

Overall Personality:

Faye is very cold, collected, and logical when it comes to strangers she shows very little emotional standing. Faye personality is based on the situations she is involved in; she tends to show a very deceiving and clever image with a strong image but inside Faye is a kind but deeply troubled individual her strong facade keeps others from getting to close. When Faye is with family or gets to close to a particular situation she can show both a vicious and kind nature but it has consequences that leave Faye with a bitter feeling of resentment and disgust.  

Beliefs: The truth is three sided, theirs no great reward without an even greater price, What we do now exist for all eternity. Etc.

Military Info:
Codename: Iron Rose
Rank: Classified
Weapons: Various guns, Sword combat and hidden weapons.
Affiliations: Unknown
Moral Alliance: Neutral
Abilities: Classified.
Specialties: Classified
Education: Mostly self-taught, Trained by various operatives.

Research and personal studies
Intellectual arguments
Various foods (especially loves to cook)
Manipulating others for information
Night walks and underground fighting (hosting and watching)
Training with her sister Jessie
Teasing her sister and aunt.
Listening to the rain.
Various types of Music.

Idiotic and annoying people
Weak fight/war tactics
Talking about operations, her past, or her curse.
Abuse of any kind
Being forced into a operation by blackmail.

Very well informed and focused.
Non-judgmental of People and creatures.

Manipulative and cold to others
Closed off to her own personal emotions.

Training with others
Reading and Art
Brewing and mixing her own teas and alcohols
Studying weapon specs
Playing the flute (when alone)

Personal Weakness:
Being emotional during Operations
Figuring out a way out of her current situation.

Being manipulated and captured by her enemies
Her sisters dying because of her
Letting true self being seen by anyone outside her family
Letting others down

Personal Goals:
Keeping the balance on earth.
Avenging her Fallen home world.
Getting out from under the governments thumb.
One day hoping for a family of her own.  

Back story/History:

Faye had a very happy, loving and intellectual up bringing before the war broke out. Faye parents and grandparents took great care to educate Faye in the various fighting, tactical and magical arts. During Faye happy youth she spend a good amount of time studying various books that were kept in her uncles and father libraries about the various worlds beyond that of her home. When war broke out Faye first obligation was to helping those who were injured in battle by using her arcane and alchemical abilities that are connected her families' magic seals given during the first years of birth. As the war progressed for several years Faye sisters were born Jessie who's birth was unexpected just shortly after the death of Jessira; Freya closest friend and trainer. It was then a year later and six months later that Nikia; Faye youngest sister was born. Since the wars progress was becoming more apparent and dangerous Faye responsibilities to both the war effort and her family became more strenuous. Faye took on the duty of watching her sisters and training them when they were old enough to understand their in which they would be assigned. The strain of the war caused various issues with Faye mental and physical abilities trying to keep up with both the injured and the casualties of those who fought. It was a few months before Faye's entire world would crumble that her sister Jessie was kidnapped during an assassination operation against their enemies. Against her own Families wishes Faye entered the war to retrieve her sibling from the overlord Vlad. However when Faye found her sister it was too late, Jessie had been stripped of her ability to feel any emotions even with her past soul being locked away in Jessie subconsciousness, which could only be accessed through her past life. With the devastation of the war burned into Faye young memory the affects had a lasting impression. Without thought or even regret Faye began killing and assassinating those who had betrayed her family. During this curse of madness that affected only females of her bloodline, Faye could not discern those who fought for her family verse those who betrayed them. This madness that affected her so deeply because of the war; Faye family blocked the madness into her own mind to save Faye from the images of death that she herself had brought about. As the tables turned in the war, Freya and her family knew the end was inevitable that their world would soon be destroyed by the wars devastation. In the last battle, Skry's armies one last stand on Vlad's advancing forces it was at this time that the world began to implode under its own destructive weight. As the world began to crumble Faye family opened one of the largest gate seals to the next world being earth, sending their daughters through the other side to safety. Supposedly safe on the other side of the gate it was permanently shut; however anticipating this move Vlad opened a secondary gate sending both his minions and demons through the passage to earth to capture what he so long sought.

Once on Earth. Faye primary duties were to protect her family and to capture and destroy those who had escaped the devastation of the war on their home. Given the mission to destroy those she sought to kill for their betrayal and influence on the humans, Faye had little choice in this matter because of factors outside her control. Faye was later discovered by various government operatives she was threaten with expose for trading various sensitive information in exchange for her talents in undercover operations that others didn't have the skill or ability to handle properly. Under the alias as consultant for a variety of Secret organizations; Faye and her sisters could operate without interruptions from other operatives. With Faye's ability to understand strategic and tactical movements of her opponents she is able to take command of various situations. With the governments involvement Faye is able to move through various countries along with her sisters without being detected by specialized groups looking to stay secretive in their operations. To current date Faye location and missions are kept secret from politicians and government officials because of the sever risk that it presents. The heads of the organizations are the only ones who know their girl's location and operations.  Faye allegiance are unknown to all those in the organization including her sisters; though her skills are somewhat questionable her methods of handling problems yield lasting results. Faye mission is still incomplete to this date.

" Exactly why are we here?", " Don't push it…" " Please just shut your mouth.", " Your kidding me right?" " Your sure about that are you?" " Please…" .

Fun Facts:
- Faye likes to tease and manipulate those who think they are more skilled.
- Is considered on of the daughters of Radu V. The ambassador of Romania, but hardly acts like a proper lady.
- Tends to spend long hours watching the rain.
-  When Faye was a child, her uncle and aunts called her "Ryu" for her stubborn nature.
- Faye loves to go to underground fighting rings to watch the fighters.
- Faye spends time making her own tea and alcoholic brews with her sisters.  
- Likes a challenge many of which she instigates and enjoys playing mental games on others.
CPLJohnner Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago  Student Artisan Crafter
Character Name: Zachariah Christie (prefers his sur-name Christie while few friends will call him Chris or Zack)
Age: 27 (he looks 22)
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Appearance: A 6'3 gentleman with dark brown hair styling dreadlocks, often worn in a ponytail. He's African american with green eyes, probably his most defining feature. Although the structure of his head is slender with defined cheekbones he has quite a masculine build. As for his apparel he wears a sleeveless dark gold and brown stripped t-shirt. Covered by a dark brown and slightly torn trench coat. His pants are a mere black cargo set with a crescent knife and water jug strapped to them  

History: Born of a lower middle class family Christie's early childhood has been one of struggle,confusion and learning. His mother was a car sales person and father a quarry worker, unable find a house with a reasonable price they've gotten the misfortune of having only enough to to make the mortgage. As this proceeded Christie developed some unsavory behavior that ranged from bullying others out of jealousy engaging in fight due to individual mouthing off about his financial issue & more often than not stealing.This behavior grew and was never touch on until his sophomore year in highschool where an ROTC instructor could see his acting out and figured to tend to it so that he may better himself and would'nt put himself in the scenario for serious trouble. As the years passed he had become more disciplined and level headed, at the same time demonstrating admirable leadership qualities though he would often think of ways to best serve himself. By the time he was 22 he was in his second year of college when more trouble struck him at home where his mother had a shifted disk and it crippled her ability to move there wasnt much he could do for until he used his acquired skills from what his time in ROTC offered him and became a contractor. This required him to partake in some.....unsavory tasks which resulted in him dropping out of college and these tasks ranged from kidnapping to robbery to killing. As long as he's been doing this he was soon offered a position with a group of Mercenaries aboard the S.S Alice. Due to his drive and his loyalty he was soon made 1st mate by the ships Captain Elgyn. For the duration of his stay he soon befriended the ships' engineer Vriess as they shared common upbringings in terms of under privileged social classes. Vriess was critically wounded by sharpnel near Norway when the crew was operating there as mercnaries, the injury paralyzed him from thewaist down, forcing Christie to carry him out strapped to his back, what the two now know as the "Norway Maneuver". Following his injury, Vreiss was confined to a wheel chair, eventuall constructing his highly motorized chair. There was soon a contract where his ship was meant to deliver civilians to an armed forces base for purposes unknown to them. When the ship ported the base the contract betrayed the captain and had him and the crew members attacked, during the resistance Christie took a movltov to his face resulting in the left side of his face suffering third degree burn and scars from glass. while the chaos resumed him and few members of the Alice were to flee to safety, though its been a number of years since he's lost contact with them. 

Personality: Despite the fact that he was every bit as cold-blooded and ruthless as his crew mates when the situation required it, Christie was the most stable and amicable among the mercenaries on the Alice Unlike the majority of the crew members  aboard the ship, Christie showed compassion and friendship towards the crippled Vriess, and was always the one to help when Vriess was without the use of his chair. Maybe it was because as odd as it may seem he was reminded of his mother, which made him abit apt to converse with Vriess. Christie was fiercely loyal to his captain Elgyn, but still remained his own due to his own leadership qualities. Even so, he was mistrustful of others and something of a loner. Even though he's far from proud of the decisions he's made thus far, he doesn't regret any of it. If one wishes to have a pleasant encounter with him, don't judge his past decisions and be patient.

Weakness: Because of the damage that was dealt to his left eye his accuracy has been thrown off but by very little, as long as he is not  under any physical strain or nothing's obscuring his vision he is able to stay to his true accuracy. If he's ever without his wrist guns or his crescent knife favor falls dramatically to his opponent. He's as strong as an athletic gentleman and outside his skills with firearms he can still be bested in a fist fight if the situation calls for it.

Weapons/Abilities: Christie is a master with small arms, capab of calculating and performing ricochet trick-shots that others would never even consider. He is also an expert of close quarter battle, even more so when he uses his crescent knife and an expert with general  knowledge of such firearms, preferring to use the type of disposable weapon favored by professional assassins owing their reliability, simplicity and high stopping power. He notably carries two small wrist guns mounted on extended rigs on his forearms; he designed and built the slide mechanisms himself, to conceal the weapons where few searches would ever think to look.

Other: Famous quote "I dont trust anyone."

Requested Class in Chatroom: Gunners
WillowzeFox Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist

Name: Zoe

Age: 19 but looks about  16

Species: A shape shifter, most of the time a human or dog.

Gender: Female

Appearance: Her height is 5’11 , skinny but not too skinny. Clothing: skin tight blue jeans, a black sweater, a skull pattern sounded by roses with thumb holes. wearing white sneakers or brown boots. Blonde hair with pink ends, hair length is medium-long, often put up in a pony tail.

History: She was born in a town with barley any resources and grew up with only her best friend Zack, they had to find food, water and clothes by themselves. War broke out when they were only 10 years old, they snuck on a truck to a different city but sadly they got separated. Zoe discovered her powers after this happened. Zoe came to a new town, was adopted and lived with her new siblings and parents, but often didn’t feel comfortable with them. She became very depressed and hurt herself a lot. When she was only about 16 she left them and started out alone, for 2 years she was a no-mad and was beat and hit a lot by people who she met in the new places because what she was like and her strange abilities. When she turned 18 she started to learn how to use weapons, 1 year later, now 19 years old, she moved to a new town to start 100% fresh and meet new people hoping they would accept her strange abilities.

Personality: She is really kind most of the time, caring and accepts everyone. She loves people for who they are, she really loving to anyone and everything. She isn’t shy to say what she wants or means to anyone. She can often get angry or depressed at anytime, anywhere. She isn’t shy at all but has a lot of borders up. She isn’t open about her past life and often keeps to herself. She can be sentimental at times but is often not sentimental. She has many a lot trust issues. She is kind of a jerk towards people she doesn’t know. She has almost no friends but is hoping to make some.

Weakness: Physical weakness: punched or hit in the stomach, hit in the head with a object and any touching of both wrists. Emotional: being reminded of where she came from and her life before now.

Weapons/ abilities: Weapons: 2 swords, a hand gun and a dagger. Abilities: shape shifting, duel wheedling, magic, and flying.

Other:  She is straight and has only dated guys, she hasn’t experienced anything with girls but sometimes finds them attractive. She is currently single ;3.

An-Animated-Spirit Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Character Name: Alishah
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Alishah is of average height. She has long black hair that she usually ties up in a pony tail so it doesn't bother her when she is moving around. Her eyes are dark brown, and if black was a color, she could say they'd be almost black. Her skin is a little bit dark, but not enough at all to be considered colored. She has many freckles that create a line under her eyes that goes from one cheek bone to her little nose and to her other cheek bone. Alishah can be called, but she is muscled. She wears clothes that are suited for living in a tribe in a very cold place. Her clothes' colors are different tones of browns and beiges. She wears a big coat with fur around her neck, her shoes also have fur. She wears loose trousers and a long blouse. 

History: Alishah lives in a tribe in a place where technology doesn't exist. Her tribe is far away from any other place where humans live. She has had a pretty simple life there. Her tribe mainly eats sheep, deers and mooses. Her parents are normal citizen of her small tribe. There is also an issue concerning wolves ; some of the citizens have the duty to protect the sheeps from the wolves, but they should not kill them. But, some wolves are enraged and have to be killed, very few citizens have this dangerous duty. A tradition was born from this job : sometimes, when an enraged wolf is captured, the ones who have to kill them volunteer and are to fight the wolf.
Alishah quit her family's tent pretty early, as soon as she was allowed (16). Her parents were denying her fighting skills and didn't allow her to become one of these wolves killers. This is why she emancipated herself. 
The young woman is now the first woman to be a wolf killer, but also the most talented and devoted. Usually, during the traditional fight, many wolves killers die, but Alishah has won several of them. As the weather becomes colder, the wolf killers become even fewer and Alishah is now the last one. 

Personality: Alishah is a lonely person. One could say she does not have any friends ; she left her family and won't talk to them because it worsens the situation. She is uneasy around people her own age or adults. Alishah like children and spends her free time at the tribe's kindergarden. She feels more understood there. She became close friends with the 7 year-old Elijah. She also feels better when spending time with the tribe's grand mother. Alishah doesn't show her emotions and rarely talks. 
Weakness: She is too sure of herself, her human body is the weakness against wolves. She also isn't as strong as the previous wolf killers.
Weapons/Abilities: She is quick and agile. Her movements are precise. She knows how to dodge easily. Alishah uses knives that she created herself : they can be compared to two curved knives attached together. She has two of these two bladed knives : one for each hand, and they are also attached by a string to her arms so that she never looses them. One of the knives has little dents on its blades, and the other one has simple sharpened blades.
Requested Class in Chatroom: Choose one of the following: Short_Weapon_Users
Character name: Hotaru Kisaki
Age: 16.
Gender: Female
Appearance: She long thick black hair, that goes a little past her shoulders. Her neck is average size. Her shoulder's aren't the broadest in the world. She's size C 32 in breasts. (below average) (assuming average is around.. D?). She's very skinny. Her arms are very thin. Comparable to a tooth pick. Her legs are long, and thin. Her feet are size 7 1/2. Women's. Her eyes are a aquamarine color. Her nose is very small. She fits into "petite" sized clothes. She doesn't have a large Gluteus Maximus. She always wears blue nail polish. She wears a light sky blue and dark blue Highschool/school girl Outfit.
Infantry:(1 yr) As an infant she was raised by her parents, both normal shadow demons disguised business people owning the Kibaki incorporation. She was always in the house. Her parents didn't pay attention to her much, but she was well loved. As a child she had shaken baby syndrome, due to the doctor accidentally shaking the baby during an agreement with a nurse. She always had a nanny take care of her as a baby, so she never saw her parents quite too too often. Due to the shaken baby syndrome the father was accused of child abuse, even though he attempted to prove it was the doctor's fault, he was seen guilty by the court, and sentenced 10 years in prison. Her mother then had to file bankruptcy due to her alone being unable to handle the business. After, she got a job as a cashier at a grocery store, and applied for child support, and etc getting her 400$ a month.
Childhood: (8 yrs) As a child Hotaru seemed to be very anti-social, and was made fun of a lot due to her spider demon abilities. She was made fun of for eating bugs because she needed blood, and humans weren't an option due to how it was back then. For her athletic abilities, She was highly athletic. Due to spiders having long legs they can run, and jump higher, she has the same abilities. Children would cover her locker in white silly-string and call her "spider-girl" due to her being like a spider. Her athletic abilities also caused this.  Back then children found  bugs disgusting, due to them having long legs, and bugs simply being a common phobia. And children were less understanding back then. Due to the parents ignorance and lies told to the children. When she was a spider demon. out of school, she'd go into the forest during the night she'd practice making webs Similar to the ones of Claude Faustus off of the Black Butler as a spider demon she needs these abilities to fight in a battle, if she didn't have them, the chances of her loss, or death were higher. Her mother always wanted her to be a normal child and fit in, to reduce the chances of people realizing she's a Spider demon. During the time, demons were considered unholy, evil, and satanic. Any demons whom were found at the time were ridiculed and murdered, due to at the time as was explained, they were considered evil, unholy and satanic. Due to her fear of this, she always tried to fit in, but always failed, and was made fun of.
Currently: (16) She's currently a high school student at Kurochichi High. She's a jouinor, and has fit in pretty well due to her learning from her childhood. She completely acted normal and mastered how to "blend" in and act normal. She never stopped bullies, she never spoke out, she never did anything different and blended in. She thought if she did so, her parents won't get caught, and she'll have a great high school, and she was right. No one really noticed her. But some people did. People call her the "spider" She can blend in, in an area, but not COMPLETELY invisible. She gets good grades, and exell's in Science, and Phys Ed. Her father had been let out of prison, and he had cracked his skull in a car actident, making him brain dead, being hospitalized for the rest of his life. Hotaru continued to blend in, but sometimes brought herself attention, for example, in phys ed, She had to do hurtle jumps. Her spider abilities make her super naturally able to jump high. The other students question how she can do so, and she just explains it's good practice. She practices fighting with her mother after school every day. She has a large blade she uses. (the blade ->)… (watch the video to see a large quantity of angles of the sword) 
Whoops! forgot to put the rest!! 
Personality: She tends to be very very anti-social. She doesn't really like talking with others, and if she does, she mainly ends up being pessimistic. She isn't very bright, nor is she the politest. She tends to shy away from others as if she distrusts them. She only socializes with other demons. She preferes to be alone. She hates being disturbed when in a task. She loves to fight, but won't take such a necessary action unless she is in danger or her pride is disturbed. Or, you make fun of her mother or father. She loves spiders, She has a pet tarantula, and loves to play with it.
Abilities: She has the ability to transform into a spider. Due to her Demon spider abilities. She can regenerate, and has the agility of a spider. She ran run fast, climb walls, and jump high. She can summon her sword, and can create webs that are strong enough to slice pure stainless steal. She can do soul deals, where any living being makes a deal where: In exchange for their soul, Hotaru will become their butler/maid/body guard until ethier A, Hotaru dies, or B, The master dies. She also has superior strength.
Weakness: She is weak to flames. Her skin is very weak to flames, making her easily burnable, and her eyes don't do well with bright lights. She's also weak to the cold the does the exact same effect that fire does. She is also weak to long distance fighting Her sword can't reach very far, and her webs don't stretch too too far. She is also weak to heat. Tempuraters over 30 degrees can melt her webs, giving her disadvantages. She's also weak to ice. When ice hits her, it does the same effect as heat, but also makes her webs very very brittle, making them able to break with something harder to break then steel.
requested class: Sword_weilders
AppleSaurus669 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 12, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Character Name: Marcia Rai
Age: 25
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Appearance: Marcia is addicted to hair dye, her original hair color was a dark brown but once she hit thirteen she started dying it a rainbow of colors. Currently her hair color is a deep purple with burgundy highlights and a black under layer that pokes out just underneath the reddish color. Her hair is short and choppy, it has the appearance of being cut off with a machete rather than traditional shears.

Her skin is a healthy sun kissed color, she is neither tan nor pale but a healthy in-between. Freckles cover her face, arms and legs as well as spanning down the length of her back. She has a slim athletic build, her breasts a 34C cup.

Usually she wears either a t-shirt or a tank top paired with jeans or shorts. She dresses casually but does have some 'nicer' attire in her wardrobe if a sittuation demands such extravagancies. But as what can be seen she doesn't like dressing up all that often. These are accompanied by either a comfortable running sneaker, a boot, or a pair of flip flops. Again this usually is determined by the weather and her activities list. Marcia hates wearing unsuitable clothing.

History: Marcia was born and raised in South Florida to a Mexican-American family. She was the third child out of five to a broken home. Her father was beginning his addiction and her mother was suffering from a psychotic breakdown. Because of this she had no real parent presence in her life. Her father worked in a cigarette factory, Malbro, while her mother worked for both Camel and Newports to help bring in additional funds. Because of this her home was filled with cigarette cases to the walls. Despite her mother taking on the extra employment, by the time Marcia was seven years old her father was spiraling them down into heavy debt with his heavy drug habit. At the age of seven she became addicted to the prepping fad, she bought her first survival knife with her birthday money and would continue to buy and hide survival equipment in her room from black market dealers. Marcia's older brother started taking her out shooting when she was old enough to hold a gun, he instructed her with gun care and safety since the age of six and it has been something that she carried with her throughout her entire lie. Even when she was homeless she still had a gun on her person.
    Marcia started selling cigarettes when she was eight years old at her school in order to help with some of the expenses. As she got older her business expanded from just cigarettes to more hard substances. By the time she is thirteen years old she is distributing weed, alcohol, cigarettes, and occasionally cocaine in order to make ends meet. When she was fourteen her mother left the family and never came back, one of her younger siblings had been diagnosed with cancer earlier that year and her mother couldn't take the pressure of caring for five children as well as looking after herself.
    Marcia was angry at everyone and everything because of her mother's rapid departure. She started using the drugs she sold and became addicted. Some nights she would smoke around four ounces of weed, do around 5 lines, and ingest  twenty pills on top of drinking. She started dating when she was fifteen years old and was pregnant by the time she was sixteen with twins. She lost both babies within two months of getting pregnant because of her heavy drug use, her father kicked her out once it was discovered that she had been pregnant.
    Marcia lived with her drug dealer for a time, because of her 'like-ability' she never had to pay for the drugs she was using. She continued to date and sleep around, moving in and out of her original home every now and again. She tried to quit after she started a Shane Dawson, he took her to church, helped her, and she loved him. He changed her, but after a miscommunication they broke up after a year of dating. At the age of 18 Marcia returned to drugs with a vengeance, she doubled her use after the break up, staying up for two months straight due to the amount and type of pills she was taking a day.
    Marcia wanted to go back to Shane for months, and they would flirt around consistently, but in December of that year Shane committed suicide because of how severe he was being bullied. Marcia was destroyed by his death and often thinks it was because she hadn't been there that weekend when he needed her. She still blames herself to this day.
    Marcia hit bottom when she was nineteen years old she hit bottom hard, she had gotten pregnant again and was on the streets with what she could carry. She was forced to detox because of the falling out she had with the people around her. The baby was born three months premature and did not survive, she tried to take her own life at the hospital with a paper bag. She has always wanted to have children but has been told that it wasn't very likely that she would be able to carry a baby to term because of how much damage the drugs caused to her reproductive organs. Marcia was committed to a mental facility for six entire months and started working at a good will once she was deemed fit enough to return to society. Her mother was helping her back on to her feet when Marcia started going to college for a degree in nursing. Marcia first started working at a small clinic for her internship before graduating to an emergency room when she was twenty three. She went back to school when she was twenty four and got a degree in radiology in order to further her own career, where she currently works.

Personality: Marcia enjoys being close to other people, she loved physical contact and touching others. A hug, an arm around the shoulder, a pat on the back, if she's conversing with you she's probably going to touch you. Marcia tries to keep a lid on her emotions, but sometimes she's just a large volcano, blowing up all over the place if you poke at her enough. She is blunt when it comes to advice and how she feels about certain subjects, she doesn't believe in sugarcoating anything for anyone and she hates those who are passive aggressive. When she's passionate about something she attacks it head on, she talks about it all the time, she does something related to said passion whenever she has enough free time. She becomes addicted to new things easily, if she gets the urge to cook japanese food she wants to learn how to cook all the different dishes.Marcia has trouble trusting and connecting with other people beyond an acquaintance, she can't make herself have friends because she doesn't see people as something that's worth trusting. She is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, she has a weakness for such things and is often confronted with the temptation of diving back into it. She deals with stress well in her job but in her personal life she breaks down if confronted with something challenging.

Weakness: She has a limited stamina because of her excessive drug use, she runs out of breath aster then she would like, can't run as far and isn't as strong as she once was. She also is a horrible shot with a rifle, and can't seem to grasp martial arts easily either. Swords are also a hard subject for her, as they require a lot of upper body strength that she jut doesn't seem to have, her elasticity in her muscles also has suffered over the years.
Weapons and Abilities: Marcia is an excellent shot with a pistol and shot gun. She can use a machete and practices often with those weapons in order to keep her skills up. She's alright with a crossbow, but not as strong as she is with a pistol. She is fast on her feet from her personal training and has pretty good stamina for a recovering drug addict. She often runs on the weekends in order to hopefully build back up her full capacity before she had started vigorously using. She loves to dance and practices yoga in-between her work schedule.

Requested Class: Multiple Weapon Users
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Character Name: Hurculees "Hurk" Rockefeller

Age: 46. Born: 1970

Species: Normal Human

Gender: Male

Appearance: Hurk is a skinny, average height white male. He often wears a collared grey polo under a white lab-coat with brown corduroy pants and blue Wal-mart brand tennis shoes. He has black, wirey hair that shoots out, unkempt in all directions. He is clean-shaven, and usually and wears black horn-rimmed glasses.

History: The particulars of the wanted fugitive's past show a high proficiency in the construction of despicable weapons of mass destruction. After being expelled from MIT for nearly causing a nuclear meltdown with a plutonium core, he briefly disappeared from all civilization. After five years of wandering the world without a trace, records suddenly show employment by splinter cells of DARPA, especially in fields of military and weapons development. After years of dedicated work for these highly classified technology development agencies, the suspected criminal at large is thought to have taken many proprietary and dangerous devices with him upon his current disappearance. Crimes the criminal is most wanted for are: Arson, Theft of Government Property, Breach of Security, Treason, Evading Authorities.

Personality: Though considered extremely dangerous, he is known to extremely mild and neutral in nature. Believing in subtle approaches to conversation, he is best described as an observer of events unfolding about him. He often talks to himself, and is slightly chaotic in action, but he avoids hurting other individuals (even though he often puts them at risk).

Weakness: Outside of his general lack of physical strength, he is an alcoholic.

Weapons/Abilities: The primary object of his theft is a transdimensional portal-wave generator which cannot harm organic matter, but simply transports nearby selected living beings to different places within infinite reality. He has no weapons and is physically incapable of protecting himself outside of fleeing. He is known to improvise weapons when forced to fight.


Requested Class in Chatroom: Non_Fighter
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Name: Strider
Age: appears 16
Species: Wolf, sometimes werewolf (aka half-blood)
gender: Female
Appearance: wolf- light brown with nearly white underbelly, darker brown spot started from middle of back and ending at the black tip of bushy tail. tail is often getting her mistaken for a large brown fox. blue rimmed oval glasses over nose, a key around her neck.   Human- chocolate brown hair reaching shoulders, often in a braid or ponytail, tanned skin, often wearing short modest clothing or a green tunic. both forms have bright green gold eyes
History:.............she doesn't talk about it much so..... (brief) as a small child she woke up in a field with no memories of who she was or how she got there. she was found by a anthropomorphic rabbit who would later become her foster father and first teacher.
In the ten years afterwards she discovered certain abilities that made her training that much more difficult, since in her father's village those with powers have to learn how to do things with and without them so as to better control them. over time as her powers grew she would paly games with herself to experiment with her abilities, limits and control until it was nearly second nature. One such ability she worked extra hard with was her ability to change between human and wolf forms until she could manage an appearance between the two in order to blend in with her new family. not long after she had mastered her ability to change, she accidently discovered a new ability, to move to other worlds completely, several of them having humans in them.
Over time she discovered that no matter how long she spent in another world her own world wouldn't move any more forward than a few minutes to a few days and her age would have slowed down so much it was like she had never left. She thinks this is perhaps so she can have some form of a normal life at home.

Personality: mostly cheerful and optimistic. Strider loves a good game and laughing, however she sometimes gets a little carried away when she teases people. She's also very stubborn and strong willed in her opinions. one such characteristic of hers is her value of joy and life. in the case of joy she cant stand to see another person cry or suffering, she wont stand by and watch when she knows she can do something about it. As for life, she firmly believes that death has a heavy price on the world and therefore is not something to take lightly, as such she will refuse to resort killing. (only once has she ever really done so, and it weighs heavily on her mind even now)

Weakness: Mostly her own limits. Other weaknesses are mostly emotional ones, (see personality)

Weapons: Growing up, Strider learned a number of different weapons, her favorites and best to use in her mind are, katana, archery, bo-staff, shield, whip and twin daggers. she also learned firearms in her travels to other worlds and is an excellent sniper. this is useful as her powers can be exhausting after prolonged use. however she doesn't like being over burdened with an armory as she also I adapt in hands on combat and likes using her light agility. a spell on her key and a little shadow allows her to carry a black bladed Wahhabi (samurai short sword). she will otherwise use her own fangs and claws or a well aimed kick.

Abilities: *aura sight- the first of her powers and the most useful. basically allows her to literally 'see' living energy and it's current mood (if any)or condition. if it's alive it's clear as day, otherwise she 'sees' ghostly shapes and blurs (walls and electricity) *Change- yeah that's kind of obvious. *Shadow bending- while it's not the best of abilities it does have quite a variety of uses, such as becoming solid enough for weapons and shields, reinforcing her claws and fangs, entrapping enemies (limited), walking on air at night, and 'seeing' behind walls. *Shadow of heart- this is when she uses shadows on a living person. While appearing to impale the person, they don't leave any physical damage but the effects can be unpredictable. If she's angry enough and strikes the heart, the victim will have a nightmare of everyone they've ever wronged. if she strikes the head they will hallucinate about their worst fears. If not enraged both cases will depend on the victims feelings, such as guilt, depression or anxiety.*Assimilate- yea not the best name but this is very strict, through reasons unknown Strider can lock all of her non physical abilities away in order to gain a power or ability from someone else, Condition: she has to know what that power basically is first and she has to touch that person in order to do it.  *World jump- traveling to different worlds, provided she has the reserve she needs to do it.

Other: Assimilation can NOT be used for other physical abilities such as poisonous teeth, super speed/strength and other such skill sets. however abilities with sight, hearing and smell are the ONLY acceptations to this rule. Possibly because they don't need a mutation on her part. Also world jumping cant be used twice in row, this is because it requires to much focus and a special kind of gathered energy. any attempts to force a jump without sufficient energy will result in death of user and possible disintegration and/or unstable fusion of both current world and intended destination. (she has meet someone who saw this before and from the story it wasn't pretty.)

Requested Chatroom: Beasts
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Character Name:  Tsukino Arashii
Age: 21
Species: Angel/Human hybrid
Gender: Female
Appearance: Tsukino’s Hair is black, with green highlights short and spiked. Her skin color is brown and her eyes are green. She has more of a tomboyish look to her as she wears no makeup and she is more athletically built. Her casual wear like any college age student. However her Squad wear, she wears a Lime green Collared Shirt with her Shagamu sign. underneath she wears a black tee-shirt, and wears black pants... she wears black boots. However she has several out fits to disguise herself when she is around her (storyline enemies), and other situations
.:AT:. For Onepiecefan15 [Edited] by crackersnham

History:  Tsukino was born in Japan, But not too much is known about her family, though its said that Both parents were nice, the Mother was overprotective at times and would make Tsukino stay inside to do things instead of playing or finding friends. At her birth, Tsukino was considered dead. As she was not breathing for Five minutes, the Parents gave the doctor the ok that Tsukino was a goner. But when she was held, Tsukino was ready to face the world. 

She was born with two metal plates on her back. ((This was due to a wanted change in Angel Protocol, Ichi added a "Double-Edged Substance” to Tsukino's soul)). Her younger years, she’s pointed out, have not been eventful as much as how many occurrences with her surroundings went. Except some things that had dealt with her Metal stripes on her back. But for several years, more like 13 years, Tsukino never really found out what they were actually used for.

She was quite adventurous from the start, but didnt know what to do with her fighting spirit. Till she was Found by the "Nana Shagamu" (7 squad) with other (Storyline) chars at age 14. Through this she found that Her Metal Plates on her back were actually the spots where Metal Wings were harbored. With this she has gained more confidence despite there being Enemies at all sides. She has been training and keeping up with her Normal life since then, but it has been a struggle… She was learning to control her angelic abilities at the same time trying to keep up with her grades.

Personality: Tsukino’s personally can change in certain situations. At school and casual areas she is quite calm and collective, however when in battle, she will be pumped and will be firm in her actions. She doesn't say much, but she will talk when the needs to. When she is nervous, Tsukino will often be quiet. She will ask a lot of questions if she is REALLY confused, but will mostly pass on asking as she knows most people dont like questions. Shes is the most caring of her Team as she will care for others more than herself. In her angelic form, when enraged, her blade will glow i deep red, but will not add any damage or any new boost. When happy or in a better mood, her blade in standby mode will have green and white surrounding it. But nothing shows if she is NOT in angelic form.

Weakness: Normal Human attacks will hurt her most in her Human form. However in angelic form these attacks are slightly hampered by the form. Demon powers do wound her, as this is the highest form of pain she can take. She can last around 15 min around pure dark energy, after that much without help, will result in her Angelic counterpart being inactive. she also does not like far ranged attacks as she is better with hand to hand combat. 

Weapons: Her wings are comprised of metal feathers.... Which can be used as daggers. Also she Wields a Sword in the standby mode of a necklace.. The swords name is "Kuro Sakura" (Black Sakura) it acts like a typical sword, but with some elemental properties.. Some lightning, and some fire tactics as well. Does not control Earth. It does have more than one form for each property. this section TBD

Abilities: With learning from her training in the Angelic realm in her human form is is much more agile than most. Angelic form she has Flight and Strong man-to-man combatant. She ranks high on stealth and well rounded… her strength isnt her strong point. In her Angel form she gains speed apart from her human self, as well as heightened sense of vision.

Sword styles and list of attacks: ( always updating)
Sun Dial: Tsukino's blade radiates green as her symbol (a black and green sakura) a large beam of Sun's energy Emits
SRR: " Revert-Reborn" this is basicly a Reversal attack, Where as Tsukino's blade becomes a ring that holds the force/attack in the center, and brings it back, may it be a simple punch, or an Energy attack of any type or size.

Requested class: Sword_Wielders
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Character Name: Jazmine Wolfe

Age: Real: 2,500/ Looks: 21

Species: Direwolf

Gender: Female

Appearance: Jazmine stands a good 5'5" tall, short one would say. However, with her lack of height, she makes up for it in her looks, with her white fur, her black markings, and her beautiful blue eyes. Her markings go as told, two stripes on each ear, a mark on her muzzle. Down her gloriously long white neck, she has two markings on her collar bones, both black in coloring. Each arm holds a marking, of such banding down her arms, one a band around her upper arm on her left, and the other, a marking down her other right arm, starting up on her upper arm, and ending on near her wrist. Down her body, over her curves of her hips, she's got two stripes, from hip to thigh, on her right and left thigh she has a stripe, down her legs she's got two markings, of which I have no way to describe other than tribal marks. On her back side, she has a tattoo of her favorite person and artist, along with a heart above her tail. Black hair, that always falls into her eyes, or falls across her muzzle that keeps her eyesight cut off! A black tail, that stands out from the rest of her, and her blue eyes, which naturally look like she's happy. 

Links to her appearance: Original artist is Voshiket
Listed below, artist is shapeshifterprincess on FA



This is the story of a wolf, first we learn how she came to be. Her mother Ferra was in a breeding den of Dire wolves, when one day she was minding her own business and a male happened upon her. She was in heat and he wasn't about to give up this fight he's never encountered. So they fought, and in the end, he won out. Ferra ended up with 7 pups, 5 of them where males, and 2 were females, one of the females passed away, her coloring of a black wolf with glowing blue markings, which faded shortly after she died. Which left 1 White female, and 5 oddly colored males who where taken from their mother and put into another den, they where to be breeders. Strong wolves were only allowed, weakness was frowned upon. Ferra tried to keep Jazmine away from the men for as long as she could, but one fate filled day kept her from her child ever since.


Jazmine Lee Wolfe (Jazzy for short) was born to a den of 300+ wolves, mostly females. Her mother tried to hide her away from the harsh world of the den, but as Jazmine grew older, she ventured more, and the further she ventured, the more danger she would be in. Well one day the males came looking for pups that women had seemed to either hide, or discard of on their own accord. One big male named Dimitri took Jazmine and started to raise her as a breeding bitch, she fought and when she went into heat, she fought harder, she has had many sets of puppies, she does not know of where they are, or if they survived, they where taken from her as soon as they were born. Jazmine ran from these people, she ran as far as she could and started to build her own life. One day she met a male named Keith, she was enamored with this 7' tall gentle giant, they spent every waking minute with each other, they loved each other completely, then he was ripped out of her world. That day was their anniversary and the day of the meeting to keep the vampires at bay, they were on their way home when vampires ambushed their vehicle, they wanted Keith and her eldest at the time, the little girl's name was Victoria. They shot Jazmine in the head and the two days she was out, they took the little girl and placed her back in the vampires den. They then tortured her soul-mate, they made her so violently angry when she found out what happened. They had killed her life and she sought out revenge on them. She hunted down every one of those blood suckers and staked them in the sun, she brought the close of the war with the councils.

She has no recollection of having her daughter Victoria. She will one day come into contact with this unfamiliar female and regain her memories. Her daughter was there.. it was her daughter all along.. the one giving her the missions to go on, to hunt down werewolves, it was all Victoria, her one and only daughter (At the time that she would actually call her own daughter)

This is many years later, possibly hundreds, she had just returned from Russia and was sitting in her home, she is a wealthy wolf, just doesn't like to flaunt it. She had a tour to serve in the army, and that she was going to do, she fought long and hard, saw many die, saw her best friend die. She almost died herself, the only thing that saved her was her dog tags, she does not wear them except to prove her point. Her tags have a dent in them from where the bullet hit. She fought in any way she could, in any war she could, just in hopes she could have peace. She has had her fancy share of things along the way but not even 100 years ago she found out what she really was. One night she was walking down the road and to a bar, she heard a noise down an alley and went to seek it out when she was jumped, over powered and pinned, this shadowed male continued to rape her, but she pulled out all stops to it when she shifted to were form, she tore this male limb from limb. She did not feel sorry because of what he was doing to her. She went about her merry way hoping no one would speculate it was her. She now present day lives in a glorious mansion but prefers her run down little apartment just down the road from the place she works. She works as a pole dancer and a waitress at a nice little restaurant. She lives a happy life now, hoping the races will stay were they are and will not start another battle, as is the faeries are almost gone, as well as the Elves and the Dwarves.

Jazmine has seen many things in her day, she knows where the unicorns reside and where the dragons reside, she knows where the elves live and where the Dwarves live.She wears bells on her ears, she can tell you each of her bells and where they all came from. The bright blue and dark red bell come from dragon scales. The bronze bell comes from the Dwarves, it has a hammer carved into it, deep baritone sound. There is a silver bell with Elvin script carved into it, the sound is crisp and clean. There is a bell that looks like a unicorn horn, that is exactly what it is, a unicorn horn, it shines many colors and is amazing. She uses magic, she can basically do anything you wish her to do, she is also submissive enough to do what you want her to. She also spent a lot of time around hippies, so she is relaxed and set back in her nature due to this. She is usually eating cookies or helping someone out!
Personality: Around family, she's kind, sweet, and just over all relaxed, the same goes around friends. When around strangers or people whom seem like jerks, she can be a little tense and come off snobbish. However for being so old she some times forget she's in a modern day society, and that people aren't just gonna throw you off a bridge!

Weakness: Shots to the head, heart, and severe lacerations to cause her to bleed out. She also has a weakness against some kinds of magic, as she practices in it, she is not always immune to it. 

Weapons/Abilities: Dire wolves don't go down easy, however since she also tends to be a werewolf hunter, she uses a 50 cal sniper rifle, and a 1911 hand gun. Her abilities are to use magic, to shift into a were form, a feral form, a dire form, a human form, and of course her anthro form.

Other: Really, there are no others.

Requested Class in Chatroom: She's a Beast, in nature. Being a Dire Wolf. 
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Character Name: Sky

Age: 17-18

Gender: Female

Species: Wolf hybrid

Appearance: Sky has long black hair with a blue streak in it, And wolf ears and a wolf tail. She wears a white hoodie with skinny jeans, and some tennis shoes.In her right wolf ear, she has a gold earing.

History: When she was born, Sky was raised by parents of her species, Wolf hybrids. She wasn't very social as a kid because she always felt like she was bullied due to her wolf ears. When she was 7, her parents had to move away therefore, she had to live with relatives until she was 16. On her 16th birthday, Her relatives afforded an apartment for her to stay in. Other than her parents, she has never met anyone of her species And doesn't know how to feel if she met one.

Personality: Sky is very quiet and always shy around strangers. She is very happy when people around her are happy. When she is sad, Sky blocks the world away from herself until she recovers. She is afraid of basically anything she doesn't know about. Sky loves to see other animals around her being happy, and she ahtes when people talk gossip about her.

Weakness: Sky is weak to fire and magic.

Weapons/abilities: Her sharp, Canine teeth, and her claws but she only wights when she has to

Requested class/Chatroom: Non_Fighters
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Character Name: 
Species: Vampire
Gender: Female
Her weight is average. She’s pale (obviously). She has long platinum blonde hair. Her eyes are a shimmery grey. Her outfit would be leather short shorts with  fishnet leggings underneath a belly shirt with no straps, a long lacey see through jacket almost cape-like and it is long sleeved, black combat boots, her make-up would be dark black on the eyelids, black cherry red colored lips, long thick black eyelashes, and average sized arched dark brown eyebrows. Her Monroe was also pierced and the piercing is a diamond stud. She had long pointed black colored fingered nails.
She had been in and out of foster homes since she was 6 because her parents were both into drugs. She hadn’t heard from the since and was fine with that. She never really made friends throughout the years just kept to herself ..exploring the world when she could. She had always been into the gothic culture listening and dressing in dark and seductive clothing. When she turned 17 she ran away from her foster home and crossed paths with a man much older than her who turned out to be 30 when she was 19, but what she didn't know until after a year of them being in a relationship is that he had been 30 for over 5 decades. She ran away for a few months until he had found her convincing her that he just wanted to be with her and not hurt her. She agreed to do just that on one condition.. That she could be a vampire. He happily agreed. They began to train a little while and on what would have been her 20th birthday some hunters had found her sire/lover while he was feeding in the city (Forgot to mention they lived in NYC). 
 Her traits hadn’t changed even before she was turned they just enhanced. She had always been eccentric, seductive, a thrill seeker, a lover, a fighter, feisty, flirtatious type of girl but knows her boundaries. She can be emotional from time to time and when she is upset she keeps to herself or gets very infuriated She looked at you with the most innocent yet sexy eyes and you could just read into her like an open book.
Weakness: Seductive Male Vampires... (She is easily hypnotized even as a vampire) And she can not touch any kind of gold without it burning her skin.
Weapons/Abilities: Silver Throwing Stars.... Levitation.. Impeccable Speed.... Fangs. 
She had been on a search for 9 months after he was killed, to find a safe haven with others among the vampire race in search for training and survival skills.
Requested Class in Chatroom: Beasts (She's a vampire so I suppose you could classify that as beast.)
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Reference Sheet:…
Full Name: Akemi Twilight
Nicknames / Handles: Lone Wolf
                                    Aki (Ah-kE)
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Species: Human/Elf
Physical Appearance: Akemi is tall, standing around 5' 10". She is strongly built but slender, so she isn't all too muscular looking. She has brunet hair with light brown highlights that cascades to the bottom of her shoulder blades. Her eyes are an incredibly light blue, the color could be compared to that of ice. She is usually considered beautiful in most peoples eyes. She rarely smiles fully, but often smirks, revealing two sharp canines. She is usually pale, in stark contrast to her hair. 
Her assassin uniform, the clothing she wears the most, is mostly white, with a blue cape that starts at her hip and just brushes the ground. Her shoulder guards are a light blue with a gold trim. Akemi has white glove like things that go down to her knuckles, wrap around in between her thumb and pointer finger, and go up to her elbow. Her hood is white with a blue trim, and buttons in the front with gold buttons on either side. This hood falls just over her eyes. Her boots are pirate-like, brown leather with it folding over the top. It has laces zig-zagging across the front. 
   Akemi was born in the winter, into the harsh world of the Leagues of Assassins. This world consisted of animals, elves, shapeshifters, and animals of every kind. The League that she lived in really wasn't even a league, it was really a small guild ran by her parents, and elf and a human. Due to her half blooded-ness, some elves would consider her a disgrace. Akemi always embraced traditions from both sides, the humans and the elves. Her parents were kind, and they always thought of betterment of their Guild, which was small, but mighty despite it's numbers. But a Guild isn't without it's enemies, and this is where the major part of her history comes into play. 
   Not all of her beginning years (0-7) were easy. There were multiple times where her father would go to peace talks with his enemies and return drained, even bearing wounds or scars. When she would run up and try to talk to her father, she brought a smile to his face, but behind his smile was the pains from the day. 
   By the time she was 14, she had become a skilled fighter. Her fortes were in close combat, using mainly knives and swords. She had aspirations to inherit the leadership of her father's guild, but those aspirations were cut short. 
   Her Re Account of the Fight Scene
"There was... stomping in the early morning." 
"I heard yelling, then my father bursting into my room. He told me to get up, get dressed, and grab only what I needed, so I slipped on my assassin uniform and made sure to grab my weapons. The only other thing I grabbed was a small blue stone that my mother gave me when I was a small child, and a small bag of food. I had no idea what was going to... I didn't..." 
"I ran outside, with my knives un-concealed. I saw my mother in her armor that she rarely wore, and my father attempting to talk to a strange man in a cloak. My father was never nervous, but I could see him with his hand on his sword and his finger at the ready to un-conceal his own knives. Suddenly I saw my father back up, and look at me. I saw the man's comrades rush to make a barrier around the man with a cloak, and I saw my brethren rush to my father and mother's aid. I rushed to my mother, who was behind my father at this point. I asked my mother what was going on, and she just shook her head. Her eyes were cold, like stone or ice. For about 30 seconds, all that could be heard was the birds singing and the wind blowing across the ground. My father backed up and pulled my hood up over my head, squeezed my hand and yelled out some things I can't quite remember. All hell broke loose. I could see my friends rushing into battle and getting wounds. I could see some of the older boys mounting steeds, and some of the women and young boys rushing to the rest of the steeds and riding away with my mother leading them away. But I couldn't move. I didn't know what to do." 
"Then, I remember seeing the man attempt to attack my father, and I went ballistic. I rushed from behind him, with my father trying to tell me to stop. I managed to stab his shoulder before getting thrown off. As the man went to make a deadly blow to my chest as I was getting up, my father skillfully grabbed his attention and punched him. After that battle, my guild wasn't the same. To this day, I seek out this man who destroyed my family. I travel alone, well alone except for the exception that is my wolf." 
After her travels, she met a white wolf with deep golden eyes, and she is now her only partner, the only being that she trusts. 
To the People She Loves/Cares About: Caring, protective, sensitive, loving, "fight for you until I die", clever, cunning, intelligent
To Strangers: Kind of Anti - Social, clever, cunning, cold, almost scary, intelligent
To Enemies: Cold, venomous, not afraid to fight you, clever, cunning, keeps to herself, calculating
Etc: If you can get into her mental confines and bring out the memories of the fight that ruined her guild, she will pretty much be incapacitated. She can usually block others out and just focus on fighting, but once you get to her, you will either get her incredibly angry or she will double over and not know what to do, trying to escape those horrid memories. She also can't stand it if you abuse her wolf, and if you do she'll do anything to protect her. 
Weakness: Like any human, she can bleed out, and any major injuries could potentially kill her. Even though she can heal quite quickly, forcing this ability causes sharp headaches. If she uses it for other people for long enough, she can even loose consciousness. Her sharp canines are kind of sensitive, so even though she can use them as potential weapons she chooses not to. 
Weapons: Though she can utilize many weapons quite skillfully, her main weapons are her concealed knives and her sword. Her knives are located at her wrists, hidden under leather. It has a sliding mechanism that allows the knives to quickly slide out if she flicks her wrists in the right way or if she trips the latch with her fingers. The knives slide out on top of her hands, so when she punches it's more than just a punch. Her secondary weapon that she uses is her sword. It's an incredibly sharp long-sword that she uses when the fighting gets serious. It's a dark shade of blue, with intricate silver markings spiraling down the sword's blade. 
Other: She is not interested in any sexual activities, though she would be considered straight if she were dating. If someone attempts to flirt with her, she will usually take it as unusual kindness and think nothing of it. If they try to make a move on her, she won't have any of it and will usually walk away. Akemi has no interest in a relationship (in general). She could be called a "night owl", as she feels secure in the blanket of the night sky. Quite honestly, the only people she sincerely trusts so far are her parents and her wolf. She calls her wolf, Wolf, for lack of a better name. 
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Character Name: Lugeira

Age: 17

Species: Elf/Human mix  with magical abilities
Gender: Female

Appearance: Lugeira is 5'5 with brown-red pony tails. She wears a blue strapless top, brown leggings that are a bit tattered. She wears wraps/bandages around here elbows to her knuckles and uses those wraps to put up her hair. She has light blue eyes.

History: Lugeira grew up in a small high elf town called Stridesdale. Her mother was raped by a man who could shift metal at his will. She became pregnant a few months later. Lugeira was
always fascinated with sword combat and would always spar with her friends in her back yard. Her mother is a high elf and she mainly works in the garden and breeds horses. Lugeira left

her humble home at 13 to attend a school for mages and weapon users. Her time there was long and worth it, she has fully practiced her powers and is very skilled... or so she thought. While on

her way back to Stridesdale, Her horse was startled and threw her off. Five Shadomoor  soldiers surrounded them. Using blade summoning magic, she attempted to defeat them, only to find

herself getting captured by them and brought her to castle Shadomoor only to find her mother, who had been abused and sick. She became friends with another prisoner named Raven. They

escaped using their magic, Lugeira rushed her mother to the Temple in the high elf kingdom. She hides scars on her arms with her wraps.
 Lugeira has currently works as a sword-for-hire in the high class area of the high elf kingdom. She is better at her dual swords then her summoning, despite the school. She has slain her fair

amount of thieves, thugs, and killers. She considers herself a folk hero though she knows there is always a greater evil crawling around in the dark corners of the world. She tries to teach

children the art of the sword in her free time.

Personality: She tries to be brave and have strong courage around nearly everyone. She gives her all to enemies that have her the people she loves, using her sword summoning magic. She is quite stubborn, hard headed and isn't open to strangers.  Her major flaws are she hates loosing in battle and looking weak, she isn't fully trained in her magic, so she can fail at her spells a lot.
 she often jumps to conclusions and prefers to fight before reasoning.

Weaknesses: When she is defeated or when she loses. When others are stronger then her. Dark energy and when people taunt her about her flaws.

Other: She can use her magic though prefers her dual blades.

Wanted Rank: Sword Wielder
13-of-death Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Character Name: Mikuru Yoiko
Age: 16, looks 18-19
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Appearance: Mikuru stands only a couple inches taller than 5 feet, not appearing to be very short in height until standing next to taller objects. She has long, platinum blonde hair that's style falls just below her fingertips, style varied on a daily basis but usually just curled with decorative bobby pins throughout her side swept bangs. Her skin is pale and looks like fine porcelain with rose tinted cheeks. Her eyes are a deep brown, accented by long dark eyelashes. Her lips are naturally a darker pink tone, which she uses a shiny gloss on because she thinks it's cute. Mikuru often wears light, colorful clothing but her style differs dramatically based on her mood. She often wears tall, knee high socks, skirts, and a nearly excessive amount of accessories. She will occasionally be seen with small bruises, usually on her legs due to clumsy behavior, but besides that, she appears to be a tidy. She's thin, but holds a nice figure that accentuates her shortness.
History: Mikuru was born on August 15th, being the 5th youngest in her family she from an early age felt defenseless. She grew up always wanting to protect her loved ones but seemed to always cause more problems for them. She lost everyone she'd loved one by one at her own hand. She began to learn to contain her emotions and stay to herself as much as possible to refrain from causing any problems. As time went on, even as people would hurt her, she would contain her emotions, trial after trial she faced without appearing phased. Her whole life she's had pent up anger, pain, sadness, and rage bottled up, ready to burst at any moment. She fears one day she'll succumb to the darkness dwelling inside of her. She still continues to wear a mask, hiding her true emotions to the world.
Personality: Mikuru's extremely shy, especially towards people she doesn't know or has adapted feelings towards. She's very sweet to those around her, and even if angered or hurt, she contains it with a smile on her face. She's overall charming to most people but isn't very sociable. She's afraid to start conversations or embarrass herself on accident. She fears to let out her true emotions and express feelings because she's known her emotions to only cause problems for her and those around her. She opens up to a select few people, usually only when an incident has occurred to put her in a state of upset. On most occasions when something happens, she either laughs her way through it or holds a stoic, emotionless face.
Weakness: Anything that weakens humans
Weapons/Abilities: None
Other: Loves things she finds to be cute
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Character Name: Jasmine (Jazzy) Vuple
Age: Actual Age: 116/ Looks: 16

Species: 1/2 Kitsune
Gender: Female
Appearance: Jasmine is a tall girl, standing at 5' 11'. She has extremely long red hair that shows undertones of orange and yellow when it catches the light; her knee-length hair often resembles a burning fire. She has a one inch across section of pure, snow white hair that flows through her fire red locks; she often tries to cover this section of her hair to no avail. Jasmine often wears her hear up in a high pony that she secures with a white ribbon, letting her side swept bangs flow down to frame her face. Jasmine's facial features are delicate; she has high set cheekbones and thin eyebrows that frame her gorgeous emerald green eyes; her small lips and sharper jawline, along with her almond shaped eyes, give her a 'fox-like'  appearance. Jasmine has a slender body with slightly curvaceous hips and chest. Her figure is very proportional; her curves are not so large that she looks cartoonish, but she isn't willowy or fragile either. Jasmine always walks with her shoulders back and her head high; she has a very proud stature and radiates an aura of confidence. When Jasmine is an a severe emotional state, her four red tail and fox ears are revealed; if she is angered or fighting, her tails will have rings of fire surrounding them.

Fox form: When Jasmine is in her fox form, she is a large fox with blazing red fur. She has four out of the nine tails she can obtain. She has a white stripe going from her nose to the end of her middle tail, signifying that she isn't a complete Fire Kitsune. Jasmine can always be seen wearing a fire topaz around her neck; this is her star-stone, and she will guard it with her life.

History: Jasmine's mother was a 400 year old Kitsune that moved to a small rural village to escape persecution in her home town. There, she met and fell in love with one of the villagers. Not knowing that Jasmine's mother, called Katana, was a kitsune, the villager agreed to marry her. When Jasmine was born, her father began to ask questions, for his daughter was  born as a red fox. When Katana revealed her true form to him, a white kitsune with all nine tails, he vowed to love her anyway, and protect her from harm. Jasmine grew up as a normal child; being only half kitsune, it was much easier for her to switch between her fox and human forms. When Jasmine turned seven, she was revealed as a Fire Kitsune when she accidently set her father's shirt on fire while they were playing a game. Katana, a Celestial Kitsune, helped Jasmine reign in her fire powers, and learn to control them. Jasmine lived for several more years without incident. However, when Jasmine was ten years old, she let her true form show. One day, when she was walking home from the market, a group of boys cornered her and began to taunt her for her red hair and green eyes. They called her 'witch' and 'devil girl' as they through  stones and dirt at her. As her rage grew, she lost control of her powers, including the concealment of her tail and ears. After seeing her extra appendages, the boys fled, screaming of the demon that was in their town. That night, the villagers stormed Jasmine's house, killing her father as the fought to protect them. Katana, fearing for her safety as well as her daughters, gave Jasmine her silver headpiece; in the center of Katana's head piece was her pearly-white star stone. She instructed Jasmine to run and to not look back or stop until she got to another village. Jasmine obeyed, fleeing from the house in her fox form. When she arrived at the next village, she collapsed next to a Swordsmith's shop, to tired to even switch to her human form.

When Jasmine awoke the next morning, she was curled up on a bed, her mother's head piece resting on the end table beside her. A tall man with greying hair and soft, kind blue eyes entered the room. Realizing that she was still in her fox form, and could not switch back for fear of discovery, she raised her fur and bared her teeth at the man. The man only chuckled, and announced that he knew that she was a Fire Kitsune, and that it was safe to reveal her powers too him. When she showed her distrust of the man, he took the form of a stark white kitsune with nine tails and blue bands around his nose, ears, feet and tails. He introduced himself as a Time Kitsune named Ling, and told Jasmine that he was close friends with Katana. Ling offered to let Jasmine stay with him, and in return, Jasmine would become his student. She would learn how to better harness her powers, as well as learn how to defend herself and others. Ling explained that a young kitsune must harness their powers early, or face trouble and destruction later in life.

As Jasmine grew older, she learned how to control her fox form, and better hide her ears and tails. Ling taught Jasmine how to fight with weapons, as well as with her hands. His teachings centered around love and family, and that he would only teach her such violent things if she agreed to use them to protect the ones she cared about most. When Jasmine turned one hundred years old, she received her fourth tail. Ling explained to her, that because she was half human she may never achieve the complete nine tails and full power that came with them. Soon after her one hundredth birthday, Ling sent her off into the world. He encouraged her to find her own life and to determine her own path. Jasmine decided to go in search of her mother, for she had never heard what happened to Katana after she fled. Jasmine still searches for Katana to this day, carrying the silver head piece in her bag, hoping it will lead to her mother.

Personality: Jasmine appears closed off and emotionless to most people who first meet her; she puts up a tough exterior to hide her true powers. When someone breaks through her outer wall, they find that she is feisty and hot tempered, but also can have a very good handle on her emotions. Jasmine is often like a raging forest fire; she is strong and determined, and will plow through any obstacle in her way. But Jasmine's head strong and stubborn ways often get her into trouble, as she tends to act before she thinks. Jasmine is confident in everything she does; she isn't afraid to fight or get a little dirty. Despite her often foolish appearance, Jasmine is often very wise and intelligent, though she tends to follow her heart verses hear head. Jasmine has a horrible fear of dogs; she often freezes in place when she comes near one. Any contact with the animal will shut her down entirely. Jasmine is very closed off to knew people, but if she cares about you, she will fight like a true warrior to protect you.

Weakness: Jasmine has a weakness to any and all water; she can't use her fire powers around it. Her star stone is also her greatest weakness; if anyone were to get a hold of it, she would be forced to obey their every command. She will protect this at the cost of her life; it is very difficult to steal this from her, and she will never get close enough to let you try.

Weapons/Abilities: Jasmine has control of any fire; she is also skilled in fighting with her tessen fans (Japanese war fans) and long swords. She tends to keep her tessen on her at all times.

Other: Jasmine enjoys singing, and is often told she has a beautiful voice; she will often sing in different clubs and events to earn money. She got the nickname "Jazzy" after finishing a performance at a local jazz club when a customer suggested that she change her name to "JAZZmine" because "jazz singing was imprinted in her name."

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Character Name: Kahea Schmidt
Age: Real Age: 32 / Looks Like: 18
Species: Human/Magic Human
Gender: Female
Appearance: Kahea is a tall teenager, standing at 6 feet and 5 inches. She has been seen as 'beautiful' in some people's eyes because of her white skin. Her pure white hair is always down to cover her small ears and frame her face. Her soft, perfect skin is pure white like fresh snow. She has an hour glass body shape and is fragile in her arms and legs. Kahea stays inside in her room because of her eyes. Her eyes are orchid purple but if you look closely, there are black circles around her pupil. Those eyes are more special to her because they have given her the ability to heal people and fix broken things just by touching them. Her family say it's a gift, others say she is not human

History: Kahea was born in an average family, that was always respectful to others and always caring. She didn't really have a normal life, because of her healing powers, she was bullied for most of her life because she too shy and she would always be alone. When she was at the age of eight, she went to home schooling. Her mother thought that this would be the best way to stop the bulling, but it never stopped. She would always be alone after she was done with home schooling. Her brother was one of her bullies, he would hit her, he would slap her, he even tried to take her eyes out when she was sleeping. Kahea couldn't take this anymore, she was tired of being hurt by her brother and others from school and in public, but she couldn't do anything. The bulling would never stop.

When she turned ten, she started to have dreams of falling off great heights, being killed, or being alone with no one to turn to. One day, after years and years of the dreams, they became a reality. When she was 20, she had to run away from her home because she was being hunted down by the government once they were notified about her healing powers, they hunted her down because they wanted her to heal all the soldiers that are injured in war, she had to support her weight when she fell off four feet walls, no one would help her hide from the hunters, she had no one to turn to anymore.

After a few years running from the hunters from state to state, city to city, asking to stay with some families for a few nights, finding fruits from the wild plants, finding abandoned places to rest, she gave up and she turned herself in at the age of 20. She thought that they were going to kill her, no, it was the opposite. They trained her to be the medic, the warrior, and the cook. Kahea started to think that they were trying to find her so they can take her in and care for her. They also trained her to survive alone when she is lost, to use different weapons so she can become the strongest warrior, and stand for herself so they can make her think that they were helping her. When she turned 29, she was given the chance to be free from the training and free from being there. She took the chance, she ran and ran as fast as she could. She knew that they were using her for a weapon against enemies because they were being too nice to her. They would've been rough on her and force her to do everything for them, but they didn't do that. The government gave her a chance to be free because one of the officers that were keeping an eye on her was starting to really care for her, so he went through a lot a trouble to let her have at least a little feeling of being free for years.

She was legally old enough to be on her own so she decided to get a job and pay rent for an apartment. Her life started to get better when she turned 30. But she knows that they would be after her again later on. 

Personality: Kahea likes to think that she is shy to others but actually she isn't. She is very quiet and shows what she feels. She says what she thinks. She feels like an outcast when she is around others. She loves to draw what she feels or thinks when she is alone. She speaks to herself at the wrong times and rarely the right times. Kahea doesn't do well with socializing with others. When she gets angry, she is like an unstoppable fighting warrior. Most people would want to not mess with her because she will fight with everything that she got. When Kahea remembers her past, just remembering one memory can set her to be angry, sad, and lonely all at once. Once she feels all of those feelings, she is emotionless for a whole week.

Weakness: Being in water is one of Kahea's weakness. Water stops her from healing people and she doesn't like the feeling of it. 

Weapons: Kahea uses anything that is around her for a weapon when she needs it and when she is fighting.

Other: Kahea listens to music that resembles to her life and feelings. She listens to certain songs when she is in the mood.

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Character Name: Alexander "Vandel" Reese


Species: Human/Cyborg




Standing a firm 5'8 with tanned skin, intense brown eyes, and dark jet black hair, Alexander despite his name is of Latin descent and through years of gangster and military activities is a fit young adult. He has many scars in him from his lifetime of fighting and from the constant surgeries he's endured. The most prominent of all is the scar on his chest where his heart is. He's usually seen in casual clothes, which for him consists of a plain white sleeveless shirt, and khaki cargo pants with black steel-toed boots.

However the most abstract features of him is on his back and in his eyes. Right between the shoulder blades is a protruding rectangle the size of a small thin book that is buried beneath his skin, and his eyes despite being dark brown actually glow a bright blue when in the dark.



Alexander grew up in The Warrens of Southern California, which had finally succumb to the ocean's pull and became submerged indefinitely. Instead of moving out of the area like many have done long ago, the people who were stubborn stood by the sunken cities and eked out a life of the ruins of the major metropolises, using the towering sky scrapers that jut out from the sea as homes and venues to live a life.

The only means of living here are either fishing or underwater demolition and salvage, both of which are hard brutal works with more danger and death than high reward.

While his father was working with a team of seasoned underwater demolitions experts, there was an incident of a premature detonation that caught he and his team off guard. Alex's father, Javier, along with one of the divers, were pinned by the resulting falling rubble and were trapped underwater. In order to be freed, Javier and his coworker had to have their legs amputated.

Inez, Javier's wife, and Alex's mother, was horrified to learn of her husband's fate. Because they lived in a poverty stricken area, and the best medical prosthetics were out of their pay coverage, Javier had to retire from the honest and hard life of an underwater demolition diver. He didn't know who to blame, and with the loss of his legs and job at the same time, became a depressed drunk. Over the years, a young Alexander would come to resent his father as he became angry, irritable, and downright abusive to him and his mother.

This would lead him to joining a high profile gang in the area at the age of 13. They acted more like a second family to Alexander. Alexander had lied to his parents that he joined up with a local salvage team to help them sort the junk they dredged up from the depths, when instead he was off committing robberies and shake downs.

The initiation into the I-15s, named after the Interstate 15 that once cut through Southern California, was a brutal one. First you had to receive a beat down from the whole gang for fifteen minutes without crying for mercy. This was done to toughen up their initiates. The second thing that initiates had to learn was Parkour. Because of the height differences and the way the rooftops and structures jutted out of the sea and flooded areas, Parkour became a reliable and fast mode of travel with minimal injuries if performed right.

After several successful robberies and shake downs, the I-15s finally had enough money to break into the serious markets. Ones they thought they were ready for. Drug and Gun Running. There was a demand for drugs and weapons all over The Warrens, and because of the nature of the sunken ruins of cities, police agencies had a hard time finding junkie dens and meeting points for runners. However this decision proved fatal.

When Alexander was 15, the I-15s, attempting a run into the Mexican Peninsula area beyond San Diego, had a rival gang that was bigger and better equipped running interference on them. The rival gang killed many I-15s in their attack!

Alexander took a leap off of a high building to land on a lower rooftop in an attempt to run, but messed up his landing and broke his leg.

Immobilized from the pain, he was easy pickings when the police showed up to stop the violence between the I-15s and the rival gang. He was captured, arrested, and sentenced to prison until he was 21. When he got out, he was worse and more bitter than ever.

Inez and Javier were horrified to learn that their son was a member of this notorious local gang, and that he was caught and arrested for pushing drugs! Because of a fear that he would return to a life of crime after he was released, Inez contacted her brother, Fleet Admiral Gomez.

Alexander's uncle was high up in the Admiralty of Earth's space-faring Navy and got him in despite his criminal records and lack of high school diploma by pulling some strings.

From there he was enlisted into the ECDF - Navy Branch and due to his rough life of running, fighting, and gang operations exceeded expectations in boot camp. His Officers presented him an opportunity to join the H.E.I (Human Evolution Initiative), and he agreed despite his Uncle's protests!

There he was outfitted with experimental and stable nanotechnology and cybernetic enhancements.

Such as:

- Artificial synapse connections in his brain and a module to transfer the signals and chemicals from the brain to the nervous system to cut reaction time quicker than your average human. On par with superhuman.

- Seamless optic sensors that look like his original eyes, allowing him telescopic views, infared vision, night vision, thermal vision, and ultraviolet light sensory.

- A nano-carbon mesh around his muscular-skeletal system for greater impact endurance, organ protection, and all-around defense and offense.

I.E. getting punched by him feels like getting walloped by a sack of metal bricks! Punching him feels like hitting a block of solid metal.

- The plate in his back is the control and driver for a suite of boosts, ranging from adrenal, to healing, and immunity. Allowing him to recover quickly, filter out toxins, bacteria, diseases, and more.

The Human Evolution Initiative gives young soldiers state-of-the-art cybernetic implants, nanotechnology, and biometrics to become more than the average soldier, and those who survive the grueling pain and trauma of the surgical operations and training will find themselves a place in Event Horizon, the Special Forces of the Initiative. Ready to deploy and end wars.

Alexander succeeded his training and has been deployed countless times with a high mission success rate. His codename is "Vandel". Vandel currently serves on a frontier human colony protected by the ECDF.



Before he joined (more like forced) the service, Vandel was your typical rebellious teenager, not caring for the opinions of others or even his parents. Thinking he knew it all and could take on the world with his crew. But life had a fun way of turning when he ended up in the slammer. Those years made him bitter and hostile as opposed to enthusiastic and just a trouble maker.

However now that he's served for nearly six years of his life, the high discipline and selfless sacrificial attitudes of the Earth Coalition has softened his hardened exterior and built up a more compassionate man with a sense of professionalism and exact purpose.

He's smart, well-trained, now well-mannered, and more outgoing and outreaching. Shows a genuine care for his fellow man, and will step in to help if there's anything he can do. A far contrast to how he used to be.



The Human Evolution Initiative's technology is state-of-the-art, and that means for the most part untested and experimental rather than proven. With that there's going to be bugs in the system and moments where the drivers and programming get errors after long periods of use. Causing a system restart.

That means in layman's terms: The more Alexander is pushed into a prolonged fight and is forced to use his enhancers, the more his inorganic systems will be likely to overload and shut down. Rendering him an immobile target and easy to kill.

The hardened plate in his back is a weak point. That is the NanoBot Processor and Driver that enables the BioticBoost, which lets the nanobots flowing through Vandel's body to deliver extra nutrients, oxygen, adrenaline, and more into his bloodstream. Allowing him inhuman recovery and endurance. They also filter out toxins, lactic acids, and more to also increase combat efficiency. Destroy this plate, and you just made your fight with Vandel a hell of a lot easier, and a hell of a lot shorter!

An Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP), if he's not using his shields, can also get the job done in an instant. That said, a plain surge of electricity can also fry his systems and cook him from the inside out.

Water Proofing was ensured as Event Horizon Operatives are expected to swim, so water won't do jack against him. Unless you drop in a plugged in toaster while he's in the water.

Other than that he's still human and can succumb to human weaknesses. Only downside is, he's going to be harder to put down as he can survive things that normal humans could never hope to.

Also unknown to all agents of Event Horizon and the Human Evolution Initiative, they have an undetonated bomb put inside them. Waiting to go off by a signal from Command if they ever turn rogue. If you manage to damage or hit it crucially, Alexander and whatever surroundings he's the epicenter of, will explode into a fireball!



H.E.I State-Of-The-Art Biotics/Cybernetics/NanoTechnology Implants:

- Allows him to go beyond what normal humans can do. Going into the realm of nigh-superhuman.

Event Horizon Operative Equipment Suite:

- Chameleon ExoSkeleton Suit. A suit that generates a light bending o-zone layer around it, granting the wearer total invisibility. The suit also silences the wearer through shock absorption, so no foot steps can be heard when sneaking. The suit also comes with hands-free communications that link up with the nanotechnology inside the operative. Allowing Field Operatives and Mission Control undetected and uninterrupted communications between each other. A specialized scrambler hides the frequencies of the channels so enemies can't hijack and listen in.

- Grey Industries Kinetic Shield Module. A kinetic barrier that surrounds the user in a short lasting force field. It stops bullets, grenades, and other projectiles but can't stand up to energy weapons such as plasma or laser. The barrier becomes unstable as it absorbs continous impacts, causing it to short out and restart after a few moments.

- Grey Industries Heat Knife. A mix of tungsten and carbonized steel shaped into a knife and sharpened to perfection. This utility knife can be used for a variety of things, but what makes it special is what's inside the handle. A small heat generator that can be turned on to make the knife red hot, allowing it to cut through certain materials like butter. Takes a while for cool down however. Great for interrogation and torture uses!

- Event Horizon .50 Custom Express. A Special Forces favorite handgun that takes a powerful .50 caliber cartridge, and can hold 15 rounds per magazine. It's the standard issue sidearm. Easy to use, hard to jam, and accurate enough to shoot the eye of a needle! The EH Custom Express is nicknamed the "Paper Puncher" by most operatives. Non-Standard Ammo has been designed for the gun, such as Non-Lethal Concussive, Armor Piercing, or the very controversial "Explosive". The term "Express" refers to the pistol's unique "three-round burst" semi-auto setting. Which only operatives can withstand without risk of breaking one's wrist given the heavy caliber of the gun. The "Custom" is more or less that the pistol was made to withstand the heavy use of the ammunition and missions it goes into with incredible reliability.

- Event Horizon Training is brutal, but Vandel has survived and learned a range of hand-to-hand and CQC (Close Quarters Combat) styles for up close and personal encounters. This doesn't mean he's a slouch at long range distances either. His role as an operator is that of a sniper. This means he is a well-rounded warrior.



Vandel is an avid alcoholic and enjoys vodka mixed drinks.


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Character Name: Lucina
Age: 19

Species: magical Human
Gender: Female
She is 5’ 4”. She is relatively light weighing at 125 pounds. She sees herself as normal but stive to eat healthy. Also she tends to be on the slim side mostly because of skipped meals and being so stressed all the time.She has slightly tan skin from spending almost all day outside.Her eyes are deep brown but have the tendency to change colors when she does certain spells and also depends on how mad she gets. As of today in her history she had jet black hair and it is usually worn hanging over her shoulders. She has never cut it since she met Ronnan. Her diet contains fish and greens. She is always drinking Mint tea and makes the most excellent lemon tea…according to Croc. Lucina tends to wear a black t-shirt with dark jeans. She also wears her father’s black leather jacket. Oddly enough she even still carries her mother’s satchel keeping journals and books and potions inside.
Lucina was born somewhere in Russia to a loving mother and father. However somewhere in her 5th year her mother and father began to fight. Soon the petty squabbles morphed into full fledged fist fights often leaving the other seriously injured afterwards. Lucina grew up with her sister Erin and the two were each other’s protectors in times like these. Erin was always a bit rambunctious and it seemed Lucina would always have to take the fall for her. Just before Lucina’s 6th birthday, her father suddenly disappeared after a particularly brutal fight. Her mother insisted that he was just away on business. She did not however find out until later that he had committed suicide about a mile outside of town. To account for the loss of her husband, Lucina’s mother began to drink and beat her children without reason. Many nights she came home with strangers and often forgot to feed the children. Lucina learned quickly how to make food for hr and her sister and she excelled in the art of tea brewing.

Erin did almost no work in the house as a result of her gaining favor by her mother by teasing Lucina. Lucina looked so much like her father. With Erin as her mother’s favorite she was spoiled. Erin never liked teasing Lucina but she did it as to not be beaten or at least to avoid the clod hand of her mother. Finally at the age of 12, Lucina had had enough. She packed five outfits her father’s coat and a blank diary into a satchel her mother never used and trudged out into the snow. She never looked back.

At first it was hard living alone on the streets. She quickly learned that in order to survive you have to learn a trade, and that’s exactly what she did. She became a master pick pocket, stealing anything from money to atches to guns and other weapons. One summer evening she was about to stiff her target when she noticed something was off about him. He was a tall and slender man who always wore a black pinstripe suit and carried a black cane with a silver serpent on top. The air seemed to vibrate where ever he went and he was devilishly clever. Lucina saw him once produce a flame from his finger but as she neared closer he was just holding a lighter.

For the next couple of weeks she kept a close eye on him, watching his habits and his tendencies. She decided that it was the right time to make her move so she followed him into a smith’s shop and waited near the exit. The man bought a series of pendant and a new handle for his cane then began to make his way towards the door. Lucina moved into his way just subtly enough to make it appear as if she was accidentally bumping into him. Her hand dove into his pocket and quickly grasped something which she stuck in her pocket unnoticed. The man walked right out, too busy to look at her.

Back in an old abandoned factory building she pulled out the object. It was a silver medallion with golden serpents encircling it. But the strangest thing about it was its warmth. It was if the thing was…alive. Suddenly it began to move the snakes came to life slithering up her hands and forming a bracelet on her wrist. Lucina, alarmed tried desperately to get it off but it was no use. Then it began to glow white and it started to pulse sending warm waves of drowsiness through her body, and when she could no longer fight it she collapsed in a heap on the cold stone floor. The last thing she saw were a pair of black leather shoes and the sliver tip of a black cane.

When she came to, she was in a huge white chamber. The walls were lined with thousands of books and from the ceiling hung a magnificent chandelier. If she wasn’t so terrified she would have thought this place was amazing. Suddenly the door clicked and the man accompanied by a young boy approached her. The boy was no older than she and had sparkling white hair with bright green eyes. While in the two’s company she learned that his name was Robin and the older man’s name was Ronnan. Ronnan had been keeping an eye on Lucina ever since her first appearance on the streets. He told her that he believed she was special and that she could excel in his school of magic. Ronnan made a pretty good offer. He would provide food, clothing, shelter, and he would teach her how to use magic. And after a few minutes of consideration she agreed.

Lucina stayed with Ronnan learning magic, healing, potion making and all sorts of difficult spells until the age of 15. Ronnan, as it turned out had many enemies and h would often send his students out on “errands.” Lucina’s first “errand,” came and it was a man by the name of Lothian. She was told that he had stolen, cheated, and swindled him for an old deal he made with Ronnan and Ronnan ordered Lucina to take care of him. However in that process she had come to kill her first person. She could not sleep for days on end and she began t have nightmares. However just as Ronnan had said the memories faded and her nightmares ceased; in fact, she even found herself enjoying watching her victims suffer before they died.

However this enjoyment soon came to a screeching halt after she was ordered to kill an innocent man walking home Christmas day. Ronnan had said he was simply irritated with him and asked Lucina to prove her loyalty. Lucina looked at the man and saw an early image of her own father. She couldn’t bring herself to do it. She refused. Ronnan was floored and his anger began to rise replacing his charm with cruelty and furiousness. He had never had a student say no to him. He beat her; tortured her but still she would not kill the man. Then finally her took control of her and forced her to kill him. Lucina was never the same after that. Before, she was ok with killing because Ronnan had given good reason. This man was innocent; he was carrying brightly papered gifts that now lay soaked in his own blood. Lucina at that point did the only thing she knew how to do. She ran, She ran as far and as fast as her legs could carry her. For the next 4 years she lived in isolation in the mountains of Tibet. She carved out a cave and lived there in fear. She remembered on her 18th birthday going down into the village and just catching a glimpse of a man who looked like Ronnan. She had night terrors for the next few weeks afterwards.

Lucina, now 19, was doing some of her daily runs down to the market place when she stumbled upon a stranger who was fumbling around with his gun. She was intrigued by him. He obviously was not from the area and he carried a series of strange equipment in his bag. Lucina was cautious as to not be seen but she followed him. He came to lakes and hills and valleys madly looking on his instruments. Lucina thought that it would be a good idea to try and see what she could get out of him, money wise. So as he neared her tree, she snatched his bag and began rummaging through it. He of course was furious and began shooting at her. Even though she dropped his bag he still perused her. He did however shoot her in the calf and when she looked down at it she didn’t see a bullet but a sleeper dart. Almost immediately, she became disoriented and fumbled to get her bearings, and when she finally did reach the village she was given just enough time to hide in a garbage can passing out soon after.

A few hours later she woke up starring into the barrel of what he called his cleaner. Lucina couldn’t let herself be caught again, for all she knew he could have just been another student sent by Ronnan to hunt her down. She ran again but this time he let her go thinking that she was no longer a threat.

As it turns out this Man’s name was Miro “Croc.” He was a scout looking for a particular yellow mineral used to power ships in a place called Pipeline halfway across the Galaxy. However apart for that Lucina couldn’t find out much else about him or the creature that followed him around. This Creature was huge standing at least 7 feet tall with a thick hide and beady black eyes. However it seems fate just wouldn’t leave these two be, Croc ended up becoming possessed and began killing people senselessly. Lucina did her best to stay out of it but as soon as he turned on her she was forced to take him head on. She fought him with fire and ice and eventually was able to subdue him. Croc was surprised that she had helped him after being shot by him, but none the less he was grateful. Lucina did something next that even shocked herself. While giving him something to help him keep this from happening again she touched his skin sending images of his life shooting in front of her field of view. She stumbled back from the experience. She had seen him, his crew, war, blood…however even through all of it…she saw something else. He was much like her: on the run, being hunted. She decided that it would be best to stick around or at least to keep an eye on him until he decided to return to Pipeline.

Croc at first finds it odd that she would stick around but It was nice having someone to talk to besides jotumn who by the way has NO sense of humor. It wasn’t until a few months later when Lucina’s past began to catch up with her. Ronnan had sent scouts to all parts of the globe looking for he but he knew that Robin would never fail to find her. Robin was Lucina’s best friend but the two had grown apart ever since her first kill. Robin came inot the village asking around. Croc didn’t know what to think of him and paid no attention to him. Lucina meanwhile was away in the mountains looking to salvage some of her journals. However as Croc returned to his ship he was followed. Robin managed to sneak aboard and listen in their conversations. Robin quickly caught on that Lucina’s loyalties had changed. Thought racing he tried to come up with a plan. He couldn’t just kill her…so he came up with the next best thing. If he killed Croc instead of Lucina maybe she could come back with him and become loyal to Ronnan again. It was a stupid idea but he had to do something.

Robin crawled through the vents and came to Croc’s quarters. From his book of spells he set fire to a small corner of the room. Quickly he moved to find the other creature. Jotumn was no dummy; he knew exactly what was going on and kept a close eye on Robin. Jotumn burst into the room putting out the fire and trying to protect Croc. Robin pulled out his sword and began bashing away at Jotumn. Robin had the advantage and was about to decapitate Croc when he was suddenly talked from behind. Jotumn had slammed himself upon him. Robin chuckled as he teleported them into Ronnan’s mansion. Jotumn was then put into a cell and knocked out soon after arriving.

Afterwards Robin teleported back to Croc’s ship and began his second attempt. Croc however was up and ready for him. He shot at him using the ship’s Vulcan gun. Missing several times Croc became enraged. Croc finally managed to land a shot and rushed outside to interrogate the stranger. Robins bottom half had been disintegrated and he was struggling to speak. Croc found out his harebrained scheme and found out about Ronnan and soon was busy setting a course to meet this…Ronnan character.

Lucina, while in her cave, sensed something was wrong and teleported to where Jotumn was. She saw him and was horrified not realizing she was inside Ronnan’s Mansion. She could not free him but she began to try and break to bubble field surrounding him. Soon Ronnan entered the room chuckling darkle. His can clicked and Lucina froze. She spun around hitting him with ice spells and fire spells but he simply blocked them as he moved towards her. He caught her by the neck and took control of her. She tried desperately to resist him but it was too late, she was thrust back into her own head and forced to watch as Ronnan prepared for Croc’s arrival.

When Croc arrives he is greeted by a magical guardian named Vironia. She mostly takes the form of a small girl but can quickly become a black scaled dragon. Croc is helpless against her and is quickly defeated and taken into the house. Lucina watched as Ronnan toyed with Croc torturing him and forcing him to hurt himself. In the other cell Jotumn was coming to and the bubble was beginning to crack as he moved his weight around. Vironia however, was in the room and waited patiently for an inevitable fight.

Ronnan then turned his attention to Lucina and grinned evilly. She took control of her and used her to try and attack Croc. Lucina resisted the best she could but she unsheathed her katana turning on him. She was just missing him by a few millimeters. Croc managed to tie Lucina down and going to attack Ronnan head on. The two tumbled and rolled out the door and into the snow. Croc managed to pin Ronnan to a tree and pull his bushwacka knife on him. He dug deeper into his throat until Ronnan released his control on Lucina. Jotumn by this time is busy battling Vironia who is at the moment a Gollum like Jotumn.

Croc finished the blow and cuts off his head. Lucina runs outside and sees. She is overjoyed and relieved. She kisses Croc as a result. Croc takes it with a smile and then a shrug and the three of them walk back to the ship. That however was not the end of our dear Ronnan, he comes back using a series of golden medallions given to his students to drain their life force and transfer it to him in case he ever did die. He came back in the same way twice until he was finally defeated by a death roll from Croc. Lucina was now free and she collapsed to the ground from exhaustion. Croc rushed to her side checking her vital signs. She was very weak and he brought her back into the ship. Ronnan had shot her while aiming for Croc. She was in very bad shape. Her skin was burned to the bone and she was covered in blood. Tears hung I his eyes as he watched Lucina dying. Lucina put something into his pocket when Croc had picked her up. Slowly she began to glow gold and disintegrate in his arms. Lucina died as the last gold speck floated and settled to the floor.

Croc growled and spun on Jotumn who was trying to comfort him. Croc slammed his fists into the wall and stormed to his quarters. He was suddenly very weak and quickly passed out on his bed. However unknown to him the object Lucina had slipped into his pocket began to glow white. Lucina now stood perfect once more in the middle of his room. Croc opened his eyes and looked u at her. Her soft features smiles down at him and touched his face. Croc couldn’t believe what he was seeing…a ghost? He thought. Lucina smiles and told him of the medallion in his back pocket. He took it out and stared at her. Lucina then leaned in and kissed him. Croc then knew that this was no dream.
Personality: L
ucina has a very soft personality which can turn fierce is she is threatened. She has a very soothing voice and often sings to Croc to get him to sleep. Croc is so stressed sometimes that he will stay up for days on end. Sometimes she will sneak sleep potion in his cup when he just refuses to calm down. Her charm is one her best qualities. She is seldom angry but can have drastic mood swings if she hasn’t slept in a while or is she has just experienced something traumatic.
Weakness: Weapons/Abilities:
Lucina has the magical ability to move mountains if she wanted to, however that would require tremendous energy. She is skilled in different potion making and is very skilled in using a katana, whips and a staff to do her work. She is excellent at escaping and a master thief but she has a tendency to get caught a lot. Lucina is also brutally honest with people but is hesitant with people she does not know. She is also a skilled healer and can perform surgery if need be…yeah Croc gets into a lot of tight spots.


 Lucina is human and as a human, she often makes mistakes. When she uses too much magic she gets drained of her life force. Using magic only weakens you it doesn’t kill you. However you can be killed while trying to recover. It cam takes a few minutes to a couple hours sometimes a few days depending on the spell. For example once she tried to give Croc a pair of magical tattoos that come to life and form into weapon called Suniets. When she was finished the two of them were knocked out for 3 days and still very weak when they woke up.

Other:Inventory :


Three to four Black bound journals

A potion brewing kit

Several vials and flasks

Two or three sleeper darts (for emergencies)

A survival kit (a gift from Croc): Contains fire starter, hiking boots, a pistol, money, climbing rope, turnakit, collapsible hang glider, and a water bottle with a purifier and filter, also a pocket knife, and a bushwacka.



 1 Pistol

2 Katanas



Necklace of her mini staff (only for emergencies)

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Character Name: Lucina
Age: 19
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Lucina a fairly average person, she stands at five feet and four inches. She has jet black long hair which changes colors depending on the situation she is in. She has olive skin but mostly because she spends most of her days outside. She as of right now has a shaved head and the bottom half of her face is gone forcing her to wear a mask all the time. She wears a black long sleve shirt, jeans, and a black leather jacket.
Lucina was born somewhere in Russia but she ran away from her broken home at age 12. She lived on the streets for 5 years until she was picked up by a man named Ronnan for picking his pocket. While with him she was taught magic but Ronnan had other plans for her. He ordered her to kill an nnocent man who was carring presents home on Christmas. However when Lucina refused, Ronnan took control of her and made her kill him.


Lucina then ran away and lived for a year in the mountains in hiding. One day while she was thieving for money and food she came across a man named Croc. Long story short. The two ended up falling in love but were eventually separated when a portal exploded trapping her inside it. Lucina for the past 8 months has been living as a slave to a man named Locutus, half sneak half lizard, who loves to torture her.


As a result of this constant torment. Lucina cannot tell whether she is awake or if it is all a dream and can no longer use her big magic. However she can use healing and mind control spells but cannot keep them up for long periods of time.

Personality: Lucina distrusta almost everyone she meets and does not like to talk often. She spends a lot of time thinking to herself and can occationally blow up at someone without noticing. However she is very compassionate and loyal to those she cares about. Emotionally she is a somber person however she does show her light when she is in a safe enviormant.

Weakness: She can be wounded like anyone else. However the most effective weapon used to defeat her is a tranquilizer gun. PLEASE NOTE: Do not take her mask off or try to take ANY of her things, This includes going through her satchel…she will kill you in the most gruesome way possible if you do.
She was taught how to use a katana, bushwaka, and a pistol however she is mostly passive and likes to sit and watch rather than get involved.

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Character Name: Doran "Ronin" Hughes
Age: 35
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Appearance: Doran is neither terribly handsome nor horribly ugly - although as a fugitive, he doesn't mind, as it helps him blend in with crowds. is a Caucasian male of average build, about 6'2". He has long, messy black hair, brown eyes, and stubble. He usually wears a brown jacket, a white undershirt, and blue jeans.

History: Doran Hughes was born March 12, 1980 in Albany, NY, to a poor family. He was orphaned at 6 months old as the result of a drive-by shooting that claimed both his parents' lives. From that point on, he was raised at St. Felix's Orphanage until he was eighteen. He struggled through high school, only barely passing his final exams.

After leaving St. Felix's upon getting his high school diploma, Doran could only get by doing menial dead-end jobs, working at restaurants for minimum wage, but still found himself struggling to pay rent. At 18 years old, armed only with a knife, he attempted to rob a liquor store, but was shot by the owner in the leg and arrested by responding officers. He was sentenced to 8 years in prison at Sing Sing Correctional Facility.

When Doran was finally released, at 26 years old, he was still desperate for work. That desperation lead him to sign up with Fuerza Ltd., a Private Military Contractor. Fuerza often did the dirty work that the government didn't want to soil its hands with, both at home and abroad.

Doran served with Fuerza for three years, proving to be one of the most skilled mercenaries the company had to offer. In 2009, however, the Department of Justice began to investigate Fuerza's shady activities, and soon shut the company down, and began hunting down its former mercenaries, Doran included.

For the past six years, Doran has been on the run from the law, traveling from city to city, doing odd jobs for various clients...

Personality: Doran is generally irritable, cold, and cynical, a temperament caused by the nature of his work as a mercenary. He also has a poor opinion of the government, largely due to the fact that they employed him to do horrific things that, in hindsight, leave a very bad taste in his mouth. He generally does not make friends easily, if it all, as he's constantly on the move. Any previous friends he had from Fuerza are all dead or imprisoned.

Weaknesses: Although he's skilled with firearms, he is not as good at close quarters combat.

Weapons / Abilities: Steyr AUG Assault Rifle, Skorpion SMG, Baretta M92 w/ silencer

Other: Doran drives and resides in a 80s Dodge Van.
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Character Name: Parker Kennedy
Age: 15 years
Species: Werewolf/wolf shapeshifter, depending on your personal terminology 
Gender: They identify as genderfluid, however, biologically female. They do not want anyone to know this.

Appearance: They have short, ridiculously unruly/curly black hair and pale green eyes. They hate how the color of the iris makes their pupil stand out. They have thick-framed black glasses that they have to wear all the time, and pale skin. Their general clothing style is dark sweatshirts with zippers and shorts, A.K.A, clothes that are easy to remove in a pinch to avoid ripping them up during a transformation. As for shoes, they wear steel-toe workboots, because the traction is much better than a pair of sneakers, sandals, etcetera. They're all about comfortable clothing, but they don't buy expensive stuff because it might get torn apart if they have to transform quickly. They do, however, wear multiple arm/wrist cuffs, and keep their hands wrapped in fighting-style bandages due to multiple hand injuries in the past.
Their wolf self looks a lot like an oversized Husky dog, standing at about four feet tall on all fours. The pale green eyes are still present, and the wolf is very scrawny.

History: They were born to a bustling family, with three brothers and a sister, as well as a mother and father. Their house was always lively and loud. At the age of five, two of her brothers moved out together and it was just them, and Nilryth (or Nil), their brother, who was 11 at the time. They were rather upset about this, as it seemed to throw everything off balance, and the house was much quieter before. So they resorted to general mischief to liven up the place a bit, and eventually became the 'problem child' at school, and at home. They started to get bad grades due to lack of motivation, and their parents grew farther and farther away from them until they barely interacted anymore. At the age of thirteen, they discovered that they were not female on the inside. They identified using the term 'genderfluid' and it made them much happier, although most kids at school thought they were just weird, and didn't respect their identity, so they dropped out a year later, and joined another school close by. This resulted in them being forced to move closer to the school, leaving their parents and going to live with their aunt, whose basically the stereotypical grandmother type. This has made them a little bit more happier, but the house is even quieter so they still get up to their average mischief, much to their aunts dismay.

Personality: They tend to be the quiet kid sitting in the corner, but really, on the inside, they're just planning some dynamic prank that'll probably end up getting them in trouble at some point or another. Around their friends, they open up a little bit and crack jokes, fool around, etcetera. If faced with a person they don't like, they'll usually come up with some sarcastic banter and keep it up until the other person either starts yelling or just walks away. They love sour candy, and practically live with a handful of Warheads in their sweatshirt pocket. 
They hate the topic of parents, and will definitely close up the conversation quick if it drifts to where their parents are at. They will willingly listen to anyone talk about anything but parents. They're a good listener, and never interrupt anyone whose speaking, which can often result in them just sitting their for an hour while the other person rambles about something or other.
Weakness: I hate to say it, but the cliche silver-weakness definitely applies here. It'll leave welts on their skin where it touches, and it's very painful to them. Mercury will do the same thing. To non-species-specific weaknesses, they're terrified of fire and water, considering they can't swim at all and fire is just... Fire hurts.
Weapons/Abilities: They're not big on weapons, but carry a less-than-legal pocket knife with them most of the time. Their abilities, obviously, is the ability to shift into a wolf at will.
Other: They suffer from mild asthma due to over exertion and carry an inhaler with them at all times.
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Character Name: Abberline 
Age: 31 years old
Species: Werewolf. Specifically he is a member of the Fallen. A race of werewolf that back in history began consuming the flesh of fellow werewolves. The cannibalism led to a genetic change that resulted in increased size of wolf, pain during transition, double set of canines and a reputation of evil intentions among the supernatural community. 
Gender: Male
Appearance: Abberline is a 31 year old male who has long black hair with a streak of grey that runs along the right side of his face. His skin is darkly tanned like someone that has spend too much time out in the sun. His eyes are golden and appear to have balls of fire in them. He is thin with thickly coiled muscles and many, many scars that decorate his chest the largest of which runs from under the left side of his chin across his neck to his right collarbone. His style is ragged punk and given the opportunity he would dress in chained jeans and black all day everyday. As it is he manages on clothing that he can find for cheap in thrift stores. He is approximately 6 feet tall. His face is angular with his cheek bones appearing particularly sharply. His lips are full and he keeps no facial hair. His favorite feature of his own hands which are rugged and have clearly seen hard work in the past and still do.

Werewolf Description: When in werewolf form Abberline appears as a large timber wolf. He is not a biped! His fur is curly and long, black with a streak of white running over his right eye. His tale is crooked as though it got snapped at in a fight. He measures about 4 feet at the shoulder and from snout to tip of tail he is almost 7.5 feet long. His claws are black and the pads of his paws are pink. His eyes remain golden but get a very wild look in them when he is in this state and become almost catlike. His ears are large and are constantly twitching in this form as they pick up every little sound in the environment. His jaw is strong enough to snap an adult male's thigh bone. 

History: Abberline was born on a country estate in France. His father is the one that passed down the Fallen heritage while his mother is a standard werewolf who settled into a life as a housewife when Abberline was born. His birthday is the 7th of June and he lived a very ordinary life up to the age of 8 when he turned inexplicably for the first time. He grew up riding horses regularly and always had at least two dogs. On his 8th birthday he turned for the first time as is typical of Fallen. He believed that he was dying as the bones in his body felt as though they were splitting in half. He ran into his home from the field screaming and clutching his head as he was overtaken by the turn. For the following two days his parents were forced to lock him in his bedroom for fear that he would hurt or potentially kill his younger brother Mac. After the turn he became incredibly skittish and terrified of not only himself but his family. He withdrew from his normal activities and did everything in his power to not turn again. His parents informed him at this time that anger and fear were the two most common reasons that a Fallen turned and made it clear that the turning would always be painful but that it was controllable. It was at this time that his father took him out into the country to a small cabin and began teaching him to control his wolf. 

Over the next three years Abberline learned to control his wolf until one evening his family was sitting in the living room when there was a knock on their door. Abberline went to open the door and found no one there. He made a lap around the house and still found no trace of anyone. Over the course of the night weird things continued to occur, windows being opened, doors slamming, lights coming on and off etc. At dawn the thing that was tormenting them came to light. A vampire. Abberline had never dealt with one and his wolf was immediately set off. The vampire managed to kill Abberline's father and burn down the family home. Abberline's mother and his brother made it out and ran into the nearby woods. Abberline sustained the injury to his throat and was left for dead by his mom when he became trapped in the kitchen when the vampire lit their home on fire. Abberline barely escaped with his life. He crawled into the stables where he was found three days later by another werewolf that had smelled smoke and blood. This werewolf was 5 years his elder and took Abberline under his wing.

Abberline learned along the way how to survive and became very close to his companion. They traveled together until Abberline was 24 at which point they were being hunted by humans and decided to split up in order to survive. They have not seen each other since and Abberline is unaware if his friend is still alive or no. He settled into a large city in the past 6 years in order to have a better chance of blending in and living a semi-normal life. He has not turned since moving to the city for fear of bringing attention to himself. However, he has developed a silver nitrate addiction mostly due to being on his own and not knowing what to do with himself. 
Personality: As a general rule Abberline is a fairly easy going individual with a snarky yet endearing personality. He is incredibly loyal to those that earn his trust and incredibly protective. He can be a bit standoffish but is usually willing to give someone a chance until they prove that they don't deserve one. He can have a temper when faced with something that he fears or when someone that he knows and loves is in danger. At times like these the wolf is particularly close to the surface and at risk of breaking free of the mental chains that Abberline has put upon it. If the wolf is to break free he is a very dangerous hunter and opponent in a fight. The wolf is fast, vicious and merciless. It can be just as likely to turn on a friend as it is to turn on a foe if the situation gets too out of hand. The wolf is incredibly senstive to stimulus and reacts very aggressively in overstimulating circumstances. Once he shifts back Abberline is often not only exhausted and in pain but guilt-ridden. He HATES hurting others. 
Weakness: As with most werewolves Silver is the biggest physical weakness for Abberline however, any physical attack/wound that would be fatal to a human is likely to put him out of commission for an extended length of time. Similarly Abberline suffers from a genetic issue in which he often gets extreme headaches that leave him dizzy, weak, vomiting, and if they reach a point, seizing.
Weapons/Abilities: Biggest weapon is his wolf. Abilities are to shift and to fight with tooth and nail. 
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Werewolf Description: When in werewolf form Abberline appears as a large timber wolf. He is not a biped! His fur is curly and long, black with a streak of white running over his right eye. His tale is crooked as though it got snapped at in a fight. He measures about 4 feet at the shoulder and from snout to tip of tail he is almost 7.5 feet long. His claws are black and the pads of his paws are pink. His eyes remain golden but get a very wild look in them when he is in this state and become almost catlike. His ears are large and are constantly twitching in this form as they pick up every little sound in the environment. His jaw is strong enough to snap an adult male's thigh bone. 
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Character Name: Danny Wilson

Age: 18 (at beginning of rps, may increase depending on if an rp spans over several years)

Species: Neko

Gender: Male

Appearance: Danny is a 5' 6" male who lots of people have deemed as cute. The thing most of the people found cute about him were his ears. His timidity is another drawing factor, in the way he scampers and hides like a frightened kitten. He has gray eyes and a strangely shaped birthmark over his right eye. He has medium length red hair he keeps spiked up. His cat ears have white fur and the inner fur is purple, while his tail is deep blue in color with the tip being a light pink. He's a very slim person who doesn't have a lot of muscle.

History: Danny does not remember his past, Danny's parents had not intended to have a child this early. So when he was born, they gave him his teddy bear (which he's kept ever since), and left him on the porch of an orphanage. What his parents did not know however, is that the orphanage they had left Danny at was in fact home to a mad scientist working on human/animal genetic experimentation. After his 5th birthday, the man decided that Danny had grown enough to be usable and have a chance to survive the experimenting.
The experiments were extremely painful but the scientist succeeded in crossing Danny's DNA with that of a household cat. This however, left Danny very weak and bed-ridden for months until his strength recovered. Being only 5 when the experiments were performed, Danny has grown up believing he has always been a neko. So when he was finally able to move about, the scientist set about his testing. At the same time he helped Danny adjust to his new body and abilities. The scientist also knew he had to teach Danny so he could function properly in society. Unknown to the scientist, he was also trained Danny to control his cat-like abilities and reflexes. This training enabled him to end the man's life when he learned what the scientist had done about 5 years of training and learning to adapt to his skills. He waited until at night when the scientist was asleep and snuck through the halls easily able to see with his cat-like eyes. His gentle weight placement allowed him to stalk over to the head of the bed and slit his throat with a claw swiftly. Danny was terrified of the man waking up before he killed him but after he'd done it he was mentally scarred and hid out in the orphanage for awhile. It left him with an sense to kill without the slightest hesitation if someone corners him or tries to hurt him or someone he loves. His life since then has been relatively easy on his mental state.
After he escaped from the orphanage he ran to the nearest city and explained to the police of his experience, and the police surprisingly had been after that man for over 30 years. The police captain thanked Danny and set about finding him a new home, and family. Being dropped straight into society where nekos have never lived was rough at the start. He started out without hiding his ears or tail, but quickly began hiding them. What made him begin hiding them began when he started high school, when bullies wouldn't stop yanking on his tail and ears. He got in trouble a few times at school for reflexively slashing his claws across a kids face when his tail got pulled. After he had been adopted by his new family, he began public school and graduated high school at 18. Even at 18 years old, Danny still carries his teddy bear, the only link he has to his parents and past.

Personality: When he's around friends, Danny is a very social and likable person who gets along with most anyone. If he meets someone new or speaks with a stranger, he's much more shy and timid, meaning he won't be as outgoing. If he is around someone who he is interested in he has a tendency to be very flustered, although he true show of love and trust is if he entrusts his beloved childhood teddy bear to someone. He doesn't get mad very easily but continual bullying will push him over and he attacks and shreds like a cat with his claws. Kind friendly people who treat him lovingly make him happy, at which point he likes to curl up and purr against the person. What makes him sad is the same as his fears and emotional weakness which is being lonely and abandoned. Another weakness is that he is easily distracted. He loves friendly people, any meat food, yarn, laser pointers, and being petted. He hate loud noises, dogs, cruel people, cat food (might seem ironic), and being alone. When he killed the mad scientist who had made him the freak he is left him mentally scarred. When he gets angered or cornered and he doesn't feel comfortable he has no hesitation to kill.

Weakness: He isn't very strong and could easily be overpowered. Scratching behind his ears will stop him in his tracks and pulling his tail enrages him. His stomach is another sensitive spot that could be struck to stop him.

Weapons/Abilities: Same principle abilities as a cat. (Sharp claws, lands on feet, night-vision, heightened hearing, and stealth)

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