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April 23, 2011


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Welcome to RPDream. Please read the following rules so that you can become a member and start rping. Until you are a member yourself, please refrain from talking to the members. And members, please only help the Dreamers if there are no mods or if they are all idle. The Sidekicks, Heroes, and Demi-Gods are here to help Dreamers and Members alike, please feel free to ask them any questions you may have. :)


1) Post one detailed, non-fanbased character as a comment to this rules journal, then ask a mod (Sidekick, Hero, or Demi-God) to look over it. ( Here are examples of what we are looking for - 
Male Character and Female Character.  The mod will either approve your character or tell you what to fix to make it acceptable. Once your character is accepted, you will be promoted to a Member class.  Once you are a member, feel free to rp with as many characters as you want, original and fanbased. You may rp in RPDream if you'd like, or you can take your rps to a less crowded, private chat. The non-member (Dreamer) idle limit is 1 hour, so please check in while writing your profile to avoid getting kicked.

2) To Avoid Spam - Limit the use of icons, emotes, capslock, and stretching. Bold is to be used ONLY in rp requests. Icons are not allowed in away messages or RP requests. No large thumbs, small emoticon thumbs only. RP requests are to be no larger than 250 words. If you have a large request, please sub your text.

3) No advertising your art, chats, or websites. 

4) No Bots! The only bots allowed in RPD are Ego-Berri, IAmABot, and other mod-authorized temporary bots.

5) NO DRAMA. Please use RPDOOCOfficial if you need to address any drama with a member or mod, to petition a ban, or to put in a formal complaint to a mod. Feel free to use the /ignore command to avoid drama, however members are NOT allowed to use that command on mods and vise versa.

6) Do not rush the mods. If you find a mod is busy, simply tab another mod to help you.

7) Keep it PG-13. Sexually explicit roleplaying is NOT permitted in ANY chatroom on deviantArt, private or otherwise. You will be IMMEDIATELY banned for breaking this rule. Because of the sexual connotations, the following words are not allowed in rp requests: Dominant-dom, submissive-sub, seme, uke, smuke, seke, top, or bottom. Please use MxM, FxF, MxF, ect to specify gender pairings rather than using the words Yaoi, Yuri, or Hentai.

8) No Multiple Accounts. If you would like to switch accounts, please log into both accounts and alert a mod. They will demote the old name and promote the new one. If you are unable to log onto your old account, please find a member to vouch for you, or you will have to submit another character profile.

* All rules are subject to change. If you are kicked for rule breaking 3 times in a 24 hour period, you will be banned.

:bulletgreen:Character Profiles:bulletgreen:

You MUST use this format. Please fill-in all fields with as much detail as possible or it will not be approved. Avoid overly cliched or perfect characters. ( aka Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus) Use full sentences instead of listing off traits. Use correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation please.

Examples of what we are looking for:  
Male Character and Female Character

Character Name:
Age: ( Actual and physical age if needed. Please do not go overboard on actual age.)
Species: ( If uncommon or made by you, please explain. )
Appearance: ( Must be written in full sentences, not listed. You may link a picture at the end, but you MUST write an appearance as well.)
History: ( From birth to current age. Please avoid cliched childhoods, unexplained powers, characters that are the only ones left of their race, slaughtering numerous/stronger enemies at a young age or with no training, ect. Also, even if they don't remember their past, they DO have one.)
Personality: ( How they act socially around different types of people, what makes them mad/sad/happy and how they react to those emotions, their likes/dislikes. )
Weakness: ( Must be a specific Physical or Elemental weakness. Emotional weaknesses and fears do not count. 'Normal human weaknesses' will only be accepted if the character is human with no powers, weapons, abilities, or special training. Your weaknesses MUST balance out your powers/weapons.)
Weapons/Abilities: ( Please don't over do it. )
Requested Class in Chatroom: Choose one of the following: Sword_Wielders, Spell_Casters, Battle_Mages, Long_Weapon_Users, Axe_Wielders, Archers, Gunners, Lashers, Short_Weapon_Users, Shape_Shifters, Fist_Fighters, Ranged_Weapon_Users, Multi_Weapon_Users, Mind_Users, Beasts, Non_Fighters )

:bulletblue:Useful Links and Information:bulletblue:

Sheeply's Roleplaying Guide for Beginners
Elvan-Lady's RP Information Guide
dA Notice: How to Discourage Predators
TheRainbowLlama's Tabbing Tutorial
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mslckitty Featured By Owner 22 hours ago  Student Traditional Artist
Character Name: Mystic 

Age: Unknown (looks to be in early 20s)

Race: Human and Alien hybrid

Gender: Female  

Appearance: She has lilac colored hair in the shape of a crescent moon and lilac colored eyes with pale skin. Her ears are somewhat long and pointed. Her height is about 5'6, she is petite, but plump in the right places. Her weight is like that of a feather. She kind of levitates so her full weight is never really measurable. Her clothes is a magenta color with her mid section exposed. Her boots match and go up to her thighs. She is pretty, but careful because she's well aware.…

History: She doesn't know much about where she came from, but she roams space and Earth freely. She can't remember much of a childhood, but that her life started as a young adult. Scattered memories would suggest that she was an experiment of a human and alien combination. However, she'd rather not dwell on it and just embrace her unique lifestyle. She wouldn't have it any other way.

Personality: Mystic, or otherwise known as Miss Mystic, is a playful and mysterious person. She finds humans to be entertaining and other aliens usually annoying. She views people as her play things and aliens as a nuisance who want to ruin her fun. She can be rather self-centered, putting her enjoyment before the needs and wants of others. She doesn't mean to come off as cruel. This is just how she's been living life for years which has been working out great so far. She is independent and hates feeling vulnerable or weak. If she feels that way she tends to run away or be in denial about it. She puts on a strong front because she feels petty emotions are a waste of time and energy. She is genuinely a strong-spirit though. Human feelings just wig her out sometimes.

Weakness: Handsome men and pretty woman (She is not a slut; just strongly appreciative of beauty), not wanting to admit her weaknesses, easily annoyed when others interrupt her fun, kind human beings, anyone with the ability to surpass her agility or attack her without the need for physical contact

Weapon: She actually has the ability to teleport a physical object into her possession. She can only summon objects that she's seen before. She can also levitate, float and fly. Her agility and luck is one of her biggest strengths. 

Requested Class: Can she stay in Dreamers? Or perhaps some Experiment, Alien or Hybrid class?

UndercoverCop Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member
Age: 23
Species: Human
Gender: Female

Appearance: Thick. The best word to describe Arciara-Valour, is thick. Her biceps, her legs, her hips and her hands. She was built strong, to endure winters and battles, and lives up to the description of any true Barbarian or Berserker. She inherited her fathers dark brown hair and his brown eyes, but her mother's speed and mental proficiency. Her hair is streaked by the sun, lightened with blonde and red here and there, and she keeps her bangs cut short enough they don't get in her eyes. She would often dress quite plain until she found her animal spirit, and now she often travels with a wolf's pelt on her back, the skull halved so it can easily fit over her own head.

History: There was a time when stories of Hawke's reign filled Arciara's heart with peace and purpose, back when her mother held her close by the fire and her brothers hands wove braids in her hair. If there was one thing Arciara had kept with her since childhood, it was the sense that the world was not lost no matter the curse bestowed upon it. It had been proven time and again by many Champions and Warriors alike that rally enough companions and set out with a passion: change would be made. She spent her toddler years listening to her father's teachings: learning of the land's history, monsters, spirits, mages and dark magic. She learned to track before she knew how to speak, she learned to defend herself before she learned how to walk. Her father drilled into her mind survival and obedience before she ever had a mind of her own to say differently; her two brothers made quick work of their lessons, always a step ahead because of their age difference. She worked hard to keep up, was as good with a blade as she was with her words by the time she was nine, knew the fore and aft of a shield by ten, and could name any strategy her father lay before her by eleven.

She knew death of a loved one, by twelve.

Her father was much like a viking, strong, giant, muscular, always wielding a two-handed battle-axe and a grand helmet he'd told her was stolen from a king of old. She'd never questioned her father, had always followed him with blind faith and loyalty because that was the right thing to do. Family was family, always, and it would never change- it wasn't supposed to change. No one was supposed to be able to take life without permission. He'd told her that. He'd taught her that and yet- her revenge had taken more than one life in return. She hardly remembered that day, watching as her father defended their small camp with all he had, his aged bones failing him as they brought him to a knee, as they poked and prodded his armor in places she knew would never hold. She had hardly the time to dress herself, instead turning to instinct as he'd told her to do, allowing the rage to consume her until she was invincible. The fight had been shorter than she'd expected. She had run at them in fury, eyes blazing, teeth bared- her sword had cleaved through the first, caught him by surprise, her shield tipping under the next's chin as she parried a blow from her side. There was no grace to her killing; she was a whirlwind of brute strength, and as fast as they'd come, they left. Her father, there was no chance for him, not even as the rest of her family gathered round and rested their foreheads to his body. He had kept them safe from the terrors of the forest up until then, and
Arciara vowed to purge as much corruption as she could in the cruel world that tore babes from their nests and hearts from their chests.

On her fifteenth birthday her mother died. Her brothers told her it was from a broken heart; she knew it was disease, something her mother had told her in confidence when she had been a child.
Arciara no longer considered herself a youth, even at fifteen she had lived so long and hard she was sure she knew everything. The three siblings traveled far and wide until they came upon the newest King's army, enrolling themselves as full-fledged knights because their father had forged them all armor to prove it. They had been tested for their talents, had been beaten within an inch of their lives as training, had attended classes of magic and fighting technique every morning at sunrise. They had been fed, sheltered, watered, given spirits and blankets and free roam of the castle.

Something kept
Arciara from feeling complete, however.

Her eighteenth summer she met a young rogue on the outskirts of the forest- caught her, more like it, for trespassing where she should not be. Pinned with a sword tip against her throat and a fiery brunette at her front, the blonde rogue had surrendered. On their way back to the castle, which was a decent walk despite it looming in the distance, the two had talked. Roman was the girls name; her life had been filled with chaos, fear, and evil.
Arciara had felt her heart go out to her, had a change of heart the closer they returned- her position allowed her to give the elf-woman a choice: it was either the dungeons, or she could become a slave for the soldier, long as need be. Arciara had housed the girl, listened to her stories as the days went by, was as kind to her as possible: although human, Arciara had never despised the elves like some did. She thought they had much to teach and vice versa. The brunette had fallen in love by the Winter, and Roman took to sleeping at her mistresses' side, curled beneath the blanket as they shared warmth and comfort. Come Spring, however, Arciara was being called to duty for a few months. Her and her brothers were to travel the lands and report back after their rounds; they had provisions, horses, a weaponsmith and an armorsmith. Roman had begged to come with her despite Arciara hoping to keep her safe at the castle, and finally the brunette had relented. Spring soon turned to Summer, and there was not one soldier who did not long for home. Bones ached. Minds ached. Wounds ached. They had met retaliation in a few towns, had encountered mages where they shouldn't have been. They were lucky to have Templars with them, even if the threat had been acknowledged too late and many soldiers had fallen to magic. Roman and Arciara were nearly inseparable, and Arciara's soft heart lay vulnerable in elven hands.

It was Fall when they returned home. The King was happy with their report; peace had been kept and casualties had been minimal. It was only a few weeks later however, that
Arciara's higher ups heard of her nearing promotion to Commander. She had led the troops through tough times and kept up morale, many knights had commended her to the King, and she'd been a personal favorite of his after defeating her own brothers and five others in the gladiator ring. There was a night where she had been called out, confronted by two of the Lords. Distracted. She'd been told the King wanted to see her, had realized only too late she was given false information. She had rushed back to her private estate, the entire manor alert to the demonic sound of hounds baying. Never before had she felt the wind beneath her feet but it was there with her, propelling her. She'd arrived in time to see Roman being torn at by six palace dogs, her face hardly recognizable, her arms bloody and her throat raw from screaming.

Arciara had killed all of the dogs, a red aura surrounding her as her hands blazed the same crimson against her blade. She'd fallen to her knees, scooped up the elf in her arms and run the entire way to the infirmary, begging the nurses and doctors to put her love back together. There was hope there as they lay her down and began working away, Arciara holding the one good hand that Roman still had as she cried into the smaller girls thigh and cursed herself for leaving the other unattended.

It was many months before Roman was fit for duty.
Arciara favorite memory of Roman was seeing the girl climb down from the rooftop and greet her, half of her face missing but smiling all the same, arms wide as she grasped for a hug and her laugh tinkled in the brunette's ear. Arciara had tried to find room for vengeance, had told the King what had happened, had rallied other Lords who had once supported her in an uprising against the two who had done her so much harm. Roman had lost an eye, a breast, an ear and the feeling in her left hand- the rest had been more or less repaired, but Arciara knew Roman was maimed for life. She was still beautiful in Arciara's eyes, but more and more drunk men at the tavern threw things at her, called her names, beat her if Arciara turned her back for but a minute. Arciara had promised Roman to protect her with her life. When those same two lords began trying to turn the entire manor against her, Arciara took Roman and left.  It was while the two were traveling that they were attacked by a group of armed rogues in their sleep. Arciara had gotten away with a broken arm and a few deep gashes- Roman, however, lay breathing shallow, her ribs cracked and her chest slashed. Arciara had been unable to do anything but sing her love into dreams through her tears, holding her close long into the next morning.

Despite her efforts, Roman had been destined to die;
Arciara suddenly hated Destiny.

Years passed and the loss of the two most important people she'd ever known lay heavily on her shoulders. She'd left her brothers, left her position in the war- left everything she'd ever known for a life of a wandering vagabond bent on revenge. Life never became easier, not even after she returned and was granted her rank of old on the condition her promotion would not come quickly. She killed the two lords, locking them in an empty stable before she lit it on fire and watched it burn to the ground. Even after they were deemed missing she never told anyone what she'd done; there are some secrets of
Arciara's life as a Commander she will never speak of. It was on her second reinstatement that she met her animal guide, a wolf with a pelt that looked like swirling galaxies when the moon hit it and eyes that always blazed with a silver-blue fire. He told her of her power and purpose, and she never questioned his judgement because she learned her father had had such a guide when they had lived in the mountains, and she had always followed him with blind loyalty. She left the army for the final time and vowed to heal herself properly, mentally and emotionally, so that she would be of use to the world she loved without being part of the corrupt Kingdom politics.

Personality:  Arciara-Valour possesses an unmistakable competitiveness and a "me-first" attitude; her fighter persona became apparent in youth, when it was still hard to control and direct. Later in life she learned to channel some of her excess energy into productive avenues--training, learning, fighting for the greater good. Nevertheless she is capable of meeting up with more than her share of conflict, and can sometimes rub people the wrong way.
She is very motivated to get things done, to take action rather than simply talk about something, and to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Those who know her quite well might describe her as hot-headed and temperamental at times; she can be easily frustrated and given to impulsive actions. Essentially, she has faced conflict and is not particularly afraid of it. Because her parents may have done as much as they could to "tame" what they felt to be excess energy or aggression, she knows all about conflict and blockages. When she is faced with a challenge or a roadblock, she doesn't run away from it or hide under the covers feeling sorry for herself: she meets challenges head-on.
She is good-hearted, possessing strong morals and much faith in life and in people; she prefers to find the good in situations. She has no patience with those who break the rules, as she believes in order, equality, and the law. She usually makes good on her promises, and the sincerity she exudes can be trusted. Looking on the bright side is her forte--people can turn to her for a pleasing dose of faith and optimism. She is quick to chuckle and can't resist any appeal to her sense of humor.
She has much sexual vitality and passion. It is easy and natural for her to find a passion and pursue it, and to focus on a goal. She is not much scared of anything. She enjoys and embraces growth, especially of the psychological kind. She loves a good mystery, and is adept at solving them. She readily assigns meaning to what others might consider "ordinary" events. She looks for symbols, and reads between the lines in most any situation. She is strong and her body is usually able to heal quickly. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty, and she is usually quick to help others--not only with mundane tasks, but also on a spiritual or psychological level. Her insight is sharp and sometimes awe-inspiring. She is perceptive and not easily rattled or surprised in life. She is not a do-gooder nor is she a law-breaker. That being said, she's not afraid of the "dark side" of human nature and will bend the rules from time to time if she feels the need to do so. She finds particular pleasure in growth and life's lessons. She is not fond of superficiality and is generally the first to spot pretense of any kind. She is passionate and can be intense. She has a hunger to experience more than just an "ordinary" life and can be quite ambitious. She can be a perfectionist, demanding much from herself and reasonable amounts of effort and honesty from others. She speaks with authority and others listen, having strong persuasive powers which should be used carefully. She tends to feel that everything we do and experience has a purpose. She has a great, investigative, and penetrating mind and is excellent at developing strategies, as well as communicating them with others.
She has an irresolute nature, with sudden changes of humor. This instability shows itself not only in professional life but also in love life and friendships. A great battler. She has so much power, that one thinks nothing can defeat her. Her mission in society, in the world means everything to her.
She likes truth and justice. In love, her sentiments are sincere and deep, she never plays false. She is, of course, faithful in love and friendship.

Weakness: She distrusts anything to do with magic and is prone to regular damage. She bleeds the same as any other human and is effected by all sorts of elements and attacks.
Weapons/Abilities: She carries two swords, heavy for a normal human but just right for herself, and specializes in dual weapon fighting. She can also talk to wolves and some dogs, but has one specific guide in general that occasionally joins her in battle. She cannot feel pain when she goes into a rage, and when enraged her endurance heightens, although her strength and speed remain the same.
Other: She has two bands tattooed around her right bicep to signify her revenge kills.

Requested Class in Chatroom: Sword_Wielders
WackyFur Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Avaria-Kinbane Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member
Character Name: Avaria Kinbane

Age: With the appearance of a 'normal' 18 year old, her physical age is in fact 137.

Species: Wood Elf

Gender: Female

Appearance: Avaria stands at 5'9 and with an athletic body shape. With striking blue eyes, waist long hazel hair, and pale skin she looks as flawless as any other elf. In her hair she wears a silver circlet which comes to a point in the center of her forehead, which is the resting place for a large, polished piece of Amethyst. On her torso, a large, brown cotton tunic is draped over her form, brought tightly around her waist by a small under-bust corset, made with finest elven silk and with molded willow as the bones. A belt sloping from her waist to her hip holds two dagger sheathes and a clip for which a quiver is held. Her attire is lastly brought together by a skintight pair of brown cotton leggings and a knee high pair of light leather boots- bought at a human market.

History: As the years fly past her, she remembers her past less and less- she remembers her brothers and herself play fighting amongst long, draping willow branches, the kind eyes of her mother and the hard lines upon her father's forehead. She remembers many happy days back with her family- her people. She also remembers the day she left for war with 2 out of her 5 brothers, the fear biting into her like a rabid wolf, sinking its teeth into the very depths of her heart. Oh how timid. So long ago- Now she travels alone, town to town, not daring to go home to bare the news to her family that her two siblings were torn apart by beast kin. She gets by with her companion, an Irish Cob which she bartered from an old and withered Hume farmer several years before.

Personality: She is generally quiet until she is comfortable with the atmosphere and her surroundings. Happiness does not come often- therefore she bears no laughter lines. She is very often deadpan, yet she cannot bear sadness nor guilt. She is very volatile whilst in these moods and tries to distance herself from interaction with other people- lest she do something foolish. When she is happy, she seems to feel as if the whole world shines down on her and like life is still only a fleeting moment, not the eternal loneliness she surrounds herself in. She is empathetic, compassionate and is often sympathetic to human emotions and how they affect others- so she is always caring for someone in need.

Weakness: She has a weakness to fire, a fear which leaves her immobilized due to events concerning the war and her siblings. She isn't immune to normal forms of attack- she is weak when it comes to defending magic but has the ability to run circles around people with slow, heavy melee weapons and can keep ground with normal fighting styles- although when hit she is hurt as anyone would be. 

Weapons/Abilities: She has a recurve bow, two daggers and a small targe on her forearm- allowing her to defend from some attacks. she has minor healing- which she inherited from her mother, which allows her to heal minor wounds quicker than they usual would with natural healing abilities. (E.g. A cut would take a few hours to heal rather than a few days.)
Requested Class in Chatroom: Multi-weapon please!

(Thank you very much for taking the time to read this!)
TheBarfly001 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Writer

Name:  Barfly. This is the only name that she’s ever gone by, and she likes to get blotto.

Race: Naga

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Appearance: Barfly is a naga, half human, half snake. She has very long black hair and her scales are black except for a white diamond pattern. She usually wears a tank top on the human part of her body. Barfly is about 50 feet in length and possesses above average strength for a naga of her size. Proudly flaunting and sporting a rather large bust, the diamond necklace she wears makes it stand out even more. Her weight is roughly around 3000 pounds.

History: Barfly was born to unknown parents on Earth and put up for adoption almost immediately. For a year, she spent time with a couple who adopted her. That ended with their murder by gang members and soon she was sent back to the orphanage. Alienated by the other children, she sought ways to escape from the harsh environment. Barfly finally did so when was 10, slithering into a boxcar of a freight train. She then laid low for months on end until the police finally gave up and called it quits.


Transitioning into her teens was indeed challenging. At 14, she was almost forced into a sweatshop had it not been for one girl who was also of her age and species. The girl introduced herself as Alice, and soon the two soon developed a strong bond that would soon develop into love a year later. Barfly and Alice realized their attraction to each other and figured that they were lesbians. One day, Barfly was slithering back to her apartment. As she opened the door, she saw Alice’s lifeless body lying on the floor. That’s when Barfly saw the needle in Alice’s hand, proving she overdosed on heroin.

Barfly soon went into a fit of depression and it developed into causing her to attempt suicide. Failing, she went on a journey to search for meaning. The journey took her to the far corners of the earth. During the journey, she met many interesting people who gave her extremely valuable advice on how to run her life as she knew it. Restoring her faith in society, she finally improved her self-esteem. To keep Alice’s memory alive, she got a tattoo that bears her resemblance. She then found work as a seamstress in a factory, earning really good money but then spending most of it on alcohol.

Personality: Barfly moved on really well from Alice’s death. This led her to be a very outgoing person. She feels very happy when people compliment her on her attractiveness. Most of the time she is happy. Very few things can make her angry. These include slurs about her sexual orientation, men looking at her chest, and snooty remarks on her behavior. If there was only one thing that would make her truly happy, it would be another female to spend the rest of her life with. Other than that, she also has a smart mouth and really good fighting skills when it comes to insults being hurled at her.

Weakness: Barfly has very few weaknesses. One of them is her alcohol drinking. Three times she nearly poisoned herself to the point of death. One of those times, she was rushed to the hospital with a 0.5 BAL due to drinking an entire keg of Irish mead. She remained in the hospital for 7 weeks in a coma. Though it was an accident, she was still put in rehab and stripped of all her privileges. This made it a legal weakness for her as well. Being a minor was very difficult. She could not have her privileges back until she completed her probation when she turned 20. However, she still drinks, but not that much as to avoid suspicion. The only other weakness that can kill her is being shot in the head. This means she will die instantaneously.

Weapons: Barfly has only two weapons: her tail and crossbow. This gives a great advantage when fighting in bars, so she wields it skillfully. She has used her tail numerous times to disable any attackers. However it is her skill at the crossbow that makes her a very outstanding marks woman. She also does use her magical powers, but it requires lots of concentration. Therefore, she rarely uses it in combat.

Abilities: Her immense strength allows her to crush a concrete pillar with her body by coiling around it. It also enables her to win in any fights she gets into at the local pubs.She is also very talented in magic. One of her tricks is swallowing bottles of liquids and spitting back out again empty with the caps back on. Barfly possesses a very sharp mind despite being blotto from time to time.

Class Requested: Multi_Weapon_User

Hidden by Owner
MyCoyoteSight Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  New member
Name:Echo Coy

Age: 21 

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Personality: He is smart and creative but he is really weird because of the actions he does. For example, he will help feral animals survive no matter what diseases he fetches from it.

He has blue eyes, brown hair, short hair, and he is slim. Also, he is 5'7" feet tall.

History: Echo was born in 1993. He was left at birth and was never adopted. He grew up in Texas and lived in an orphanage. In school, he was bullied because of his name and had no friends. His childhood was miserable. When he was a 18, he got a Internship for NASA in and moved to New Mexico. When he was 20, he went to Iraq to fight against terrorists with U.S marines.
His squad was called Foxtrot-Charlie-89. He became friends with his squad mates and they did everything together. During a battle his squad got wiped out from a grenade and he survived but was left for dead. He explored the land of Iraq until he was captured by a demon. The demon took him to another world and left him there with no clue where he was? Echo explored the world similar to Earth.

Weapons/Abilities: F2000, P226, and a combat knife. He has good aim with ranged weapons and is great at hacking into computers

Weakness: Almost any weapon can injure Echo...

Other: None

Class: Gunner
cyberwolfgirl1819 Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Student General Artist
Character Name: Moonswift Erigale

Age: 22 years old

Species: beast (werewolf)

Gender: female

Appearance: She has white fur and has no markings. She wears a black muscle shirt and worn blue jeans, with a pear of black skater shoes. She has no peircings or tattoos. She has blue eyes and short black hair.

History: She was born in a pack from the north. She was raised in a normal life of learning to hunt and protecting the pack. As she grew up the more dangers came from humans. They though of them as humanoid abominations. One day she went hunting, she had just turned the age of sixteen, when she had gotten her kill and was heading back to the pack, she saw smoke. When she arrived it was all carnige; everyone had died. She was terrified and ran south, to find another pack, and to hide from the humans. She still has not found a pack and tries to look positively towards the future.

Personality: She is friendly and tries to befriend everyone. She is very energetic and a child at heart. The only thing that makes her mad is being rude or mean to her. She gets sad when someone doesnt want to be her friend. What makes her happy is spending time with friends. If someone is upset, she tries to comfort them, she really is a crowd pleasure.

Weakness: Her weakness' are she has allergic to silver (classic i know).

Weapons/Abilities: no weapons and she had learnt to fight in the pack that she was born in.

MaxandFang4evr Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She has waist length blond hair, freckles, ice blue eyes, and is 5 feet and 7 inches. She weighs 108 pounds. Her skin is white but fairly tan, her features are harsh but pretty, and her eyebrows are thin and light brown.

She has lived with her mother all her life, and her mother has kept her inside as much as possible, due to the strange things Ralia sees when she goes outside. Ralia went shopping by herself for a few things at age 16, and was attacked by harpies. She made for what appeared to be open ground that was away from normal people so she could continue hitting the creatures with a sharp stick. Bloodied and bruised, she stepped past a tree to find the creatures no longer chasing her and a camp full of other people just like her. After an unfortunate incident which involved a boy, a fight, and sprinklers, she was claimed by Poseidon.

She is kind, stubborn, brave, and will do anything to protect innocents or the ones she loves/cares for. Other people's company and having something important to do makes her happy. Being able to do nothing or being cooped up makes her angry (as this had happened her whole life, she now has slight anger issues)

Weakness-kicks to the gut-for some reason, her gut is the link to her power

Weapons/abilities-has Percy Jackson's powers, plus one more-she can control small amounts of water (i call them water snakes) and have it temporarily heal just about any wound for about an hour, depending on the size of the wound. If it is small, she can heal it completely.

Class- Long_Weapon_User
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