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April 23, 2011


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Welcome to RPDream! Please read the following rules and get a character sheet approved before rping. Until you are a member please speak only to the mods: Sidekicks, Heroes, and Demi-Gods, they will answer any questions you may have. For RPDream members, please refrain from distracting Dreamers from their profile writing and only assist them if all the mods are idle/gone.


1) Post one detailed, non-fanbased character as a comment to this rules journal, then ask a mod to look over it. ( Here are examples of the detail we are looking for - 
Male Character and Female Character. )  The mod will either approve your character or guide you in making it acceptable. Once your character is approved, you will be promoted to a Member class and be free to rp with as many characters as you want, both original and fanbased. You may rp in RPDream if you'd like, or you can take your rps to a less crowded, private chat. The non-member (Dreamer) idle limit is 1 hour, so please check in with a mod while writing your profile to avoid getting kicked.

2) To Avoid Spam - Limit the use of icons, emotes, capslock, and stretching. Bold is to be used ONLY in rp requests. Icons are not allowed in away messages or RP requests. No large thumbs, small emoticon thumbs only. RP requests are to be no larger than 250 words. If you have a large request, please sub your text.

3) No advertising your art, chats, or websites. 

4) The only bots allowed in RPDream are IAmABot and xLittleMisfitx.

5) NO DRAMA. Please use #RPDOOCOfficial for heated arguments, to petition a ban, or to put in a formal complaint to a mod. Feel free to use /ignore to avoid drama with other members, but keep in mind that you cannot /ignore mods.

6) RESPECT THE MODS. What they say goes. If you refuse to comply with their requests they will silence, kick, and/or ban you depending on the severity of your actions. Also, do not rush the mods. If you tab one and they do not respond, please tab another mod to see if they are available to help you.

7) Keep it PG-13. Sexually explicit roleplaying is NOT permitted in ANY chatroom on deviantArt, private or otherwise and is punishable by IMMEDIATE banning. Because of the sexual connotations, the following words are not allowed: Dominant-dom, submissive-sub, seme, uke, smuke, seke, top, or bottom. Please use MxM, FxF, MxF, ect to specify gender pairings rather than using the words Yaoi, Yuri, or Hentai.

8) No Multiple Accounts. If you would like to switch accounts, please log into both accounts and alert a mod. They will demote the old name and promote the new one. If you are unable to log onto your old account, please find a member to vouch for you, or you will have to submit another character profile.

* All rules are subject to change. If you are kicked for rule breaking 3 times in a 24 hour period, you will be banned.

:bulletgreen:Character Profiles:bulletgreen:

You MUST use this format. Please fill-in all fields with as much detail as possible or it will not be approved. Avoid overly cliched or perfect characters. ( aka Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus) Use full sentences instead of listing off traits. Use correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation please.

Examples of what we are looking for:  
Male Character and Female Character

Character Name:
Age: ( Actual and physical age if needed. Please do not go overboard on actual age.)
Species: ( If uncommon or made by you, please explain. )
Appearance: ( Must be written in full sentences, not listed. You may link a picture at the end, but you MUST write an appearance as well.)
History: ( From birth to current age. Please avoid cliched childhoods, unexplained powers, characters that are the only ones left of their race, slaughtering numerous/stronger enemies at a young age or with no training, ect. Also, even if they don't remember their past, they DO have one.)
Personality: ( How they act socially around different types of people, what makes them mad/sad/happy and how they react to those emotions, their likes/dislikes. )
Weakness: ( Must be a specific Physical or Elemental weakness. Emotional weaknesses and fears do not count. 'Normal human weaknesses' will only be accepted if the character is human with no powers, weapons, abilities, or special training. Your weaknesses MUST balance out your powers/weapons.)
Weapons/Abilities: ( Please don't over do it. )
Requested Class in Chatroom: Choose one of the following: Sword_Wielders, Spell_Casters, Battle_Mages, Long_Weapon_Users, Axe_Wielders, Archers, Gunners, Lashers, Short_Weapon_Users, Shape_Shifters, Fist_Fighters, Ranged_Weapon_Users, Multi_Weapon_Users, Mind_Users, Beasts, Non_Fighters )

:bulletblue:Useful Links and Information:bulletblue:

Sheeply's Roleplaying Guide for Beginners
Elvan-Lady's RP Information Guide
dA Notice: How to Discourage Predators
TheRainbowLlama's Tabbing Tutorial
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MilitaryLove Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  New member Student Photographer
Character name: capri
Gender: Female
Appearance:stands at five foot five. her hair is Blond as Day and Her eyes as Green as the earth. She wears a long withe dress. When her wings are the color of the rainbow, when revealed they span out to about fifteen foot long from tip to tip. When her wings are hidden tribal tattoos cover both her chest and back, the tattoos match the color of her wings.
History:Before the fall,  the father of all Angels, decided that angels should posses the ability to make children of their own. So  Lucifer sent out wind and fair to look for his wife and finally found Amelia at age 21 and had a child with her. the child was a little girl named Capri.

Capri was born in Colorado Alamosa 
at 7:47pm and the father of all father gave her a
choice, stay in grace or fall with their father. She chosen  to stay knowing that She would be watched  every second of the day. Everyone expected  her to follow in her fathers footsteps. but no one saw this coming!

Personality: Is somewhat shy but want's to help others go to heaven
Weaknesses: is being too honest, open to her feelings too much,
weapons/Abilities: Has no weapons but can hear every ones mind

MilitaryLove Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  New member Student Photographer
I need Help doing this!!
SilentMike96 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member
Character name: Abigor
Age: As old as war itself
Species: Fallen Angel
Gender: I would like to visualize Abigor as a "he", but spirits are non-gender
Appearance: tall, muscular, heavily armored
History: After he and Lucifer fell from Heaven, he had a constant bloodlust, but was very intelligent. When man first started to have violent conflicts, he saw his chance. He gave war-changing tactics to leaders of men in exchange for their souls. Abigor then rose through the ranks of the damned, becoming Lucifer's best commander. He was then given sixty legions of demons and fallen souls to rule.
Personality: Don't ask him the secrets of defeating Call of Duty.
Weaknesses: He is offensively powerless without his sword. The hard part about keeping those two apart is that he can summon it back to himself, no matter the physical location.
Weapons/Abilities: Besides his soul-reaping sword, has an arsenal of spells at his disposal. Like shields and brimstone bolts. He can also levitate and jump high.
Requested class in chatroom: Sword_wielder, Spell_caster
I request an invite to a RP.
Kanekitheghoul Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago  Student Photographer
Character Name: Tsumetai Kaze
age: 19
species:born in human and become by his father test to Cryo human
gender: male
appreance: light skin and he has white like nano Samurai warrior armor he is 178 height and weight 56 and has white spicy hair and almost 2 metters samurai sword. has scar in across in his left eye and white full head mask shiny blue eyes.

history: born to be Ice Ninja by test of his clan name Hidari teru. his father was right that Tsumetai could be Hidari Teru/s  clan  next leader. when he was 9 he mastered his skill to rank C in later training he was at 15 years old in Rank B.

Clan was sended those fearsome assasins to enemys line to take out criminals and murders.Tsumetai didnt know yet where he have that power. he was frozen to dead those Targets. he is more past is unknow

at then in age 19 he was mastered to Rank A and ready to take step be stronger ninja in his clan.

personal: very nice and promise to protect elders and womans and childrens with his brave men/s   he likes also read books and doing peoples tasks for good. in combat he dont afraid of Death and destroid those who have doing harm to justice.

weakness: hes cant stand longer in hot weather and he is very vulendre to Fire attacks his magic is more weak in hot weather


almost 2 metter long samurais sword in hes back. he figts very good with it

ablites:Ice Karma

uses Ice as weapon

can use Ice on water very deadly

Cryo trap: frozen ground to heavy ice and opponent cant move his/her legs

Can: attack with ice as make from his ice some against opponent

Can: block himself with Ice

can: dripple the opponent as making many Ice clones from himself

can: do many things with Ice

chat room?:  (please somebody invite me in some  RP chat room :)
DetailedShadows Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member
Character Name: Issac Winston Bishop Nolan Langley
Age: Actual age: Unknown. Appearance: 25
Species: Fallen angel
Appearance: Issac stands at six foot five. His hair is black as night and his eyes as golden as the summer sun. He wears modern clothes, usually plain t-shirts and jeans. When his wings are revealed they span out to about fifteen foot long from tip to tip, the color itself is black as bitch with feathers red as blood mixed in. When his wings are hidden tribal tattoos cover both his chest and back, the tattoos match the color of his wings.


Before the fall: Long ago had the father of the angels, the father of all beings, decided that angels should posses the ability to make children of their own. However even then angels having children was rare. However there was one angel in specific who had two sons, the only angel to ever bare more than one child, Lucifer. Sofiel and he had two bouncing baby boys, Remiel and Rhamiel.

After Lucifer fell their grandfather gave them a choice, stay in grace or fall with their father. They chose to stay knowing that they would be watched at every turn. Everyone expected them to follow in their fathers footsteps. It's funny how the apple never really does fall far from the tree.

Remiel was the first to fall. His crime you ask? Falling in love with a human girl. Well not that exactly but that was the ultimate cause. When the girl was killed by her husband due to her adulterous acts, Remiel followed the husbands actions by killing him. And so the first of Lucifer's sons fell.

Rhamiel, now being the last of his bloodline in heaven, tried his hardest to prove his aunts and uncles wrong. He did everything he could to live up to the angel persona. Until he watched war for the first time. He saw thousand of woman and children being raped and murdered. He couldn't sit back and watch idly, so he didn't. Soon he woke up with no knowledge of his past and blood covering most of his body. And so the last of Lucifers two sons fell from grace.

After the fall:Issac woke up in the middle of no where in a village in what is now known as Louisiana. A woman named Sanja Langleya helped him to learn the ways of the world and how to control his newly-found powers. She was a fallen angel as well, a follower of Lucifer himself before the fall. She knew of his past but would never reveal it to him until, "
íc béon on mín déaþbedd." In today's tongue it means When I am on my deathbed. She would just say. "You did some bad things Rhamiel that is why you never again will be able to kill." Rhamiel the only thing he knew of his past. His angelic name. His past wrapped up into seven letters. It infuriated him more than anything else in the world of man.

The fallen angel spent nearly fifty years with Sanja learning control. Even then he still had trouble controlling his telepathy, any time he went into the local market hundreds of thoughts would bombard him at once, it took him hundreds of years to get full control over that specific ability.

I will not bore you with the many trials he has faced through-out his years on earth. Simply because they are so many. He fought for his country the best he could with his inability to kill, became a doctor, a lawyer, worked on wall street, handed out food during the depression, fought vampires and werewolves, trifled with demons. The list goes on but unfortunatly so does time and with it the memories fade of the amazing things Issac Winston Bishop Nolan Langley has done. The sacrifices he has made for human kind.

However always in the back of his mind is the question, "What did I do?". Still he lives on and fights to get back to his rightful place in heaven. To make up for his past sins. To see his father and his brothers and sisters once again. To return home.

Issac has always been a withdrawn person, he rarely makes friends due to the fact he knows eventually he will watch them die as he has so many times before. Deep down he is a kind person, although he fights hard to hide this. When he gets angry you can expect to hear about it on the news. As he does not have control over his powers when he is upset. Issac is always in a state of self-turmoil between his anger issues and his need to help others.
Weakness: His anger issues cloud his sense of right and wrong at times as well as his control over his powers. Since Issac fell he is no longer able to kill, when he tried a searing pain envelopes his body leaving him utterly useless. Using his powers to great lengths leave him drained and basically human. The weaker he is the more human he becomes. While in this human like state he is able to be mortally wounded.
Weapons/Abilities: Weapons:

A fairly small, narrow, barbed blade made of glass is held by a grip wrapped in low-cost, light brown wolf leather.

A fine, sharp point makes this weapon ideal to pierce your enemies and turn them into a sieve.

The blade has a large, twisted cross-guard, creating the ideal weight balance to allow for smooth and accurate swings with this blade. The cross-guard has a basic coil on each side, which is common on many weapons.

A massive pommel is decorated with common gems, commonness for a commonly made weapon.

The blade itself is engraved. Several words of power have been artistically etched into the blade, with the exception of the small scratches from battle, which are perhaps the best marks for a weapon.

This weapon is a new release, but commissioned for many around the world and praised for its reliability in almost any situation.

The overall length of the weapon is 690mm, with a 511mm barrel and the weapon weighs around 5.3kg.

It uses 5.45x39mm rounds, but most other calibers are available.

The weapon has an upper and lower receiver to make potential repairs easier and low cost. The pistol grip is made out of metal, but can also be made out of ivory and plastic depending on your purpose.

The stock is made out of laminated wood, but most other stock materials are widely available. The standard stock is a straight grip stock, but the plastic stock is used more often.

The standard issue magazine is a saddle-drum which carries 30 rounds, but other sizes are available. It has a push button mechanism to release the magazine.

The selective fire modes are safe mode, semi-auto and 3-round burst.

This weapon was designed for the separatists with the purpose of fighting new threats. It was designed by a British man named E. Fawkes.

Many other variants of this weapon are available, but the plans for a less powerful civilian version have been delayed.

The weapon is called the 14H-O4, but it usally goes by its nickname 'The Judge'.

Abilities: Telepathy, telekinesis, energy blasts, flying, and the ability to exorcize demons from hosts by touch. Also has higher then normal senses.

Requested Class in Chatroom: Multi_Weapon_User
DetailedShadows Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member
Full Name: Issac Winston Bishop Nolan Langley

Pronunciation: AY z ih k /WIN-STUN /bish-UP /n OH l uh n /l AE ng l ee

Nickname/Alias: Fake names: Henry L. James, Milton L. Hansey, and RObert L. Frances. Nicknames: Churchill, Zac, Bish, Washington, Mr. President.

Meaning: Issac( He Laughs) Winston(Joy Stone) Bishop(Overseer) Nolan(Noble/Famous) Langley(Woodland or clearing)

Origin: Issac newton, Winston Churchill, Lucas Bishop, Nolan Ryan, Langley, Virginia, Usa.

Titles: Lieutenant Colonel Issac Winston Bishop Nolan Langley, Army General Milton Hansey, Sir Robert L. Frances

ID Number:006294736364931

Gender: Male

Gender Role: Masculine

Orientation: Bisexual

Real Age: Unknown

Age Appearance: 25

Birthday: 07/17/?


Astrological Sign:Cancer

Zodiac Sign: Unknown

Species: Fallen Angel

Blood Type: AB+

Preferred Hand: ambidextrous

Eye Color: Gold

Hair Color Black

Hairstyle: Shoulder length, usually in Braid.

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 210

Facial Hair: Slight scruff

Shoe Size: 11

Birthmarks/scars:Slash across chest.

Distinguishing Features: When wings are hidden, corresponding tattoos appear on back shoulders and torso

Memory: Issac remembers barely anything about his time before falling to earth.

Senses: Heightened.

Handicaps/weaknesses: Strong anger issues,is not physically able to kill if he tries a crippling pain lights up over his body.

Style: Modern clothes.

Mood: Usually indifferent.

Attitude: Is a cold person to most at first but is kind once he gets to know a person.

Expressiveness: Hides his emotions rather well.

When Happy: Hums.

When Angry: Screams, flies off, destroys things.

Note: These are generalizations. Different situations will create different reactions.

Equipment: A fairly small, narrow, barbed blade made of glass is held by a grip wrapped in low-cost, light brown wolf leather.

A fine, sharp point makes this weapon ideal to pierce your enemies and turn them into a sieve.

The blade has a large, twisted cross-guard, creating the ideal weight balance to allow for smooth and accurate swings with this blade. The cross-guard has a basic coil on each side, which is common on many weapons.

A massive pommel is decorated with common gems, commonness for a commonly made weapon.

The blade itself is engraved. Several words of power have been artistically etched into the blade, with the exception of the small scratches from battle, which are perhaps the best marks for a weapon.

This weapon is a new release, but commissioned for many around the world and praised for its reliability in almost any situation.

The overall length of the weapon is 690mm, with a 511mm barrel and the weapon weighs around 5.3kg.

It uses 5.45x39mm rounds, but most other calibers are available.

The weapon has an upper and lower receiver to make potential repairs easier and low cost. The pistol grip is made out of metal, but can also be made out of ivory and plastic depending on your purpose.

The stock is made out of laminated wood, but most other stock materials are widely available. The standard stock is a straight grip stock, but the plastic stock is used more often.

The standard issue magazine is a saddle-drum which carries 30 rounds, but other sizes are available. It has a push button mechanism to release the magazine.

The selective fire modes are safe mode, semi-auto and 3-round burst.

This weapon was designed for the separatists with the purpose of fighting new threats. It was designed by a British man named E. Fawkes.

Many other variants of this weapon are available, but the plans for a less powerful civilian version have been delayed.

The weapon is called the 14H-O4, but it usually goes by its nickname 'The Judge'.

History: Issac woke up in the middle of no where in a village in what is now known as Louisiana. A woman named Sanja Langleya helped him to learn the ways of the world and how to control his newly-found powers. She was a fallen angel as well, a follower of Lucifer himself before the fall. She knew of his past but would never reveal it to him until, "
íc béon on mín déaþbedd." In today's tongue it means When I am on my deathbed. She would just say. "You did some bad things Rhamiel that is why you never again will be able to kill." Rhamiel the only thing he knew of his past. His angelic name. His past wrapped up into seven letters. It infuriated him more than anything else in the world of man.

I will not bore you with the many trials he has faced through-out his years on earth. Simply because they are so many. He fought for his country the best he could with his inability to kill, became a doctor, a lawyer, worked on wall street, handed out food during the depression, fought vampires and werewolves, trifled with demons. The list goes on but unfortunatly so does time and with it the memories fade of the amazing things Issac Winston Bishop Nolan Langley has done. The sacrifices he has made for human kind.

However always in the back of his mind is the question, "What did I do?". Still he lives on and fights to get back to his rightful place in heaven. To make up for his past sins. To see his father and his brothers and sisters once again. To return home.

Main Goal: Find out why he fell

Minor Goals/Ambitions: Make up for what he’s done.

Desires: To return to heaven.

Secrets: Duh. That he is an angel.

Worries: That he may never find out the truth about his past.

Best Dream:  To fall in love.

Worst Nightmare: Die alone.
iamapotatodealwithit Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Character Name: Elizabeth "Lizzy"

Age: 12

Race: Psychically gifted human

Gender: Female

Appearance: Lizzy is of short stature, but is constantly growing. At the moment she is only about four feet tall. Her long platinum blonde hair hangs loose, her bangs too long and almost covering her bright blue eyes. Her skin is very pale and without a single mark or freckle. She is very skinny, and quite weak. She appears almost normal, but a bit too pale.

History: Lizzy was born into a normal family. She had a mum and a dad, and her mum was 5 months pregnant with a little girl. She was homeschooled after being bullied for her appearance at the local elementary school. When she was about seven years of age, she started noticing she could move things without touching them. Her parents soon caught notice when she slid the salt across the table during what was supposed to be a normal dinner.
Her parents were embarrassed and didn't want to be seen with an 'outcast'. They decided to make a quick buck by selling her to the government. When she found out, Lizzy refused to consider herself a part of her family anymore. The government trained her, and tried to find a way to control her powers. They taught her how to kill using her powers. They had, however, made a dreadful mistake. They were about to conduct a test on her to figure out where her powers came from in her brain. Lizzy made a scientist kill himself, and she was locked away in a cage. She could open it, but wanted to wait for the perfect chance.

Personality: Lizzy hardly trusts anyone, and is very stubborn. She is very sensitive, and will lash out at people for the littlest things.

Weakness: She can't fight that well, being as young as she is. If anybody attacks her, and she isn't quick enough to change their minds, she's done for.

Weapons/Abilities: She is trained to use her powers better, and can control people and objects with her mind, making them do whatever she wants. She can move objects, including herself, giving her the ability to levitate.

Requested Class: Mind_Users

iamapotatodealwithit Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Character Name: Elizabeth
Age: 7
Species: Psychic
Gender: Female
Appearance: Lizzy has extremely pale skin, long platinum blonde hair with bangs that she normally wears in pigtails, and bright blue eyes. She wears a plain white dress and no shoes, and is often seen as 'cute' by people.
History: Lizzy was born to a normal family, but she started acting strange when she was just a toddler, and was abandoned in the streets. She grew up surviving off of whatever she could steal for herself, and what kind people would offer her. Nobody was kind enough to adopt her, though, because they were scared of her. She still lives on the streets.
Personality: Lizzy is very sensitive and doesn't trust people easily. She gets upset by little things and will lash out at people.
Weakness: Her only weakness is silver. If she touches silver, she will burn.
Weapons/Abilities: She can mess with minds and make people do what she wants, make them hear what she is thinking, and read their minds. She can also move objects with her mind, including herself. This means she can levitate.
Other: She is afraid of rabbits, mirrors, dolls, and the dark.
Requested Class in Chatroom: Mind_Users
VaighlidorxFyblum Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015  New member
Name: Pyridoxal 6
Age: 4
Species: Space Warship
Gender: None

Appearance: The warship is made up of solid metallic blue gold with a single small purple window made of thick glass on the front. It has 1 big wing on both sides, 1 smaller wing on both back sides, 1 big fin on the top center, and 1 smaller fin on the top back. It also has 1 big gun on the front, 2 missile launchers under both big wings, 1 double headed gun on the bottom, 2 small guns on the top near the window, and 2 big thrusters on the back. The ship is 30 feet long, 18 feet wide, and 15 feet tall.

History: The warship was made in a factory on a planet called Vlorriss in an entirely different galaxy. It was launched into deep space 4 years ago without a pilot. 4 years have passed. It has long since been exploring other galaxies and going to many different planets. (Details on who or what made the ship are purely and plainly unknown)

personality: Pyridoxal 6 is a living being with a soul and spirit. The ship is mostly happy and in a good condition, but it can become unhappy when threatened with damage or death. It doesn't like to get dirty or damaged at all. It can speak beyond a human level of intelligence if needed, but when interacting with people it just speaks at their level. It goes by a simple rule: Hate things it thinks are bad and like things it thinks are good. It has a mind beyond that of an adult human. The ship likes to interact with many different creatures.

Weakness: The ship can be destroyed by any highly explosive weapon such as a missile or bomb. 1 shot of raw energy will shut the ship down, while 2 direct hits from an explosive missile or small bomb will destroy it. Small bullets have very little effect on the ships solid gold skin.

Weapons/Abilities: The front gun and engine of the ship both use free energy, the energy can change type depending on the location of the ship. The gun uses it as a weapon and can even charge it to make it more powerful, while the engine uses it to power the whole ship as well as the 2 big thrusters on the back. This free energy can never run out unless the ship is in a location where there is no such thing as energy. Pyridoxal 6 has a stock of: 4 heat seeking missiles, 16 small bombs, and 4000 armor piercing bullets.
DopamineDreams Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015  New member Hobbyist Writer
Character Name: Betty George
Age: 83
Species: Vampire
Gender: Female

Appearance: Betty has medium length blonde hair that is usually pulled up into a variety of 50's era styles. Her outfits match her hair in the pin-up/rockabilly fashion. She wears thick, black, cats-eye styled glasses which used to help her see but are now just an accessory. Her eyes are light blue and framed by eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow. Her skin is pale, blue veins showing underneath if she hasn't fed for the night. She has a curvy frame on a 5'7 body. She looks to be in her early to mid twenties.

History: Betty was born in 1932 in Oklahoma. She had what was altogether an unremarkable childhood. She was a bit shy as a child and had a tendency to cling to her mother's skirts and hide behind her if she didn't know you very well. She was raised to be polite and obedient. As she grew older, like many young women, she began to rebel and was almost immediately sent to charm school. Betty still held her rebellious nature but kept it in check to get through schooling, eventually her parents saw fit to bring her back home. In high school she dressed well at home and changed before first period, she arrived extra early to make sure she could fix her hair and makeup. She went as outside of the box as she could in those years. She was loud and not afraid to laugh. She led boys on without actually losing her virtue, but she got 'that' reputation nonetheless. After graduation she had to make a living being that she was unmarried and didn't want to be tied down to a man. She worked as a seamstress by day and a waitress by night in order to keep up with her bills and rent for her room. When she was twenty three everything changed.

Betty was walking home one night after her shift at the Sonic Drive Thru ( Which was known as Top Hat back then. ) It was rather late, and the sun had already gone down. One moment she was walking, the next she was pulled into an alley. She doesn't remember much from that night but from what she was told by her sire Charles that she put up quite a fight, and that fight is what sparked him to spare her life and turn her into a vampire. At first she was scared by the change, to be honest she was traumatized at first. Refusing to hunt or to even drink from victims that Charles brought to her. Soon she realized that being something other than human would release her from the societal bonds of being a proper housewife and mother, things she'd never really wanted. So she embraced the life of a vampire, stalking the night with her maker, travelling the country and eventually the world, watching as things changed so dramatically throughout the decades while she stayed virtually the same.

Charles died when she was 52, leaving her alone in the world with very few friends. Charles didn't like to stay in one spot too long, lest someone realized they didn't age as they should. Without him by her side Betty decided to settle down a bit. She moved to California, delighting in the late night Hollywood scene where it was not unusual for women to seemingly not age. Though Charles left her with a small fortune after his passing Betty decided to get back into the work force and opened up a night club. The club transformed throughout the years into what it is now, a rockabilly, 50's inspired club that allows her to relieve her youth. While she won't admit it, her line of thinking has changed. She never wanted to be a wife, and never held that type of relationship with her Sire, but now she was looking to settle down with someone, create her own progeny. Betty is keeping an eye out, hoping an old soul will wander into her club that would be perfect as her new cohort.

Personality: Betty is an outgoing woman with a thirst for adventure. She is always up for traveling at a moment's notice or hitting up a brand new club. She enjoys going out to events be it rock concerts or art gallery openings. She has many friends, mostly vampires, with a few humans and otherworldly creatures mixed in. She longs for romantic companionship but has mostly kept her entanglements casual. Despite this longing she is very much a feminist, having participated in her fair share of bra burnings back in the day she continues to stand up for women, with many of the proceeds of her club going to various women's charities. She is quick to laugh and hard to anger. Overall she is a sweet, caring woman who occasionally has a blood-thirsty side if she catches anyone being too misogynistic in her club.

 Sunlight, holy objects, stake to the heart, and beheading.
Weapons/Abilities: Superhuman speed and strength, advanced healing abilities, lengthened fangs and nails, night and heat vision, advanced hearing and smell.
Requested Class in Chatroom: Non-Fighters

DarkArtist7768 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Character Name:  Ember G. Herl
Age: Is 18...
Species: A magical matter being.
Logically a human but with magical blood, seems simple? Well this species can bend the four main elements. Water, Earth, Air, And Fire.
Gender: Female
Appearance: Ember is tall for her age. She has midnight black hair with flaming red orange highlights stranding through her hair as well as at the tips. She is a skinny figure, her eyes are a soothing reddish mixture.
History: Being born in the open land let Ember connect with nature more. But her parents were more on the bad side, they were good people.
     When she was born, she was mostly given more of the gift of fire yet water and air was yet hard for her to control. Her house began to burn down, maybe a curse. Not really, just her powers kicking up on accident.
She was sent to a boarding school around 11 years old. She was taught magic, the ways she learnt was easy. Soon she met a friend of her's, they met along well. They always met at the same time everyday to train each other or just hang out. Ember was taught to fight with her feet and hands, and she was great at it. Yet ancient magic still relied in her blood. Once they met and her friend was crying. She wondered why but her friend gave her a locket, it was a heart shape. She stored various pictures of them together having fun ever since she joined the school. Well then her friend disappeared a few days after, leaving Ember cold and heartless ever since. She left the school at the age of 15, getting...good good grades. A's...B's...Simple.  As soon as she left the doors of that school. She knew that she was on a quest now. The quest on her friend. She went back home to visit her parents, after all. She told them them a few things about what she thought might have happened, they argued for a while until her father decided to come with her. She traveled around the world, well she didn't get to get around it completely but she tried her best to search in the surrounding areas. She never actually managed to find her friend, for three whole years. Of course when she was 17 she met this man, they fell in love until they had to separate. The reason is maybe love issues. But as soon as she turned 18 she knew she had to get on the move again. Her father met up with her after she spent a year with that guy. And now here she is. 
Ember is regularly cold and silent. She is sassy from time to time and is pretty tricky with her emotions. She likes people that can relate to her in various ways, she likes the quiet, but she loves company. She hates the sunlight, it's annoying, she hates perky figures and people who cannot stand up for themselves.
She is weak to Water,Air Magic Mostly ,Larger figures, Smaller figures.
Her weapons and abilities are Ancient Magic, Fire and Earth Elemental(s), Hand/Feet to Hand/Feet Combat, Pressure Points.
Other: I might write I story on her now.
Requested Class in Chatroom: Well she's a mixture of fist fighters and spell casters...soo...Multi_Weapon_Users?
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Character Name: Jack Fergan Vulf
Age: 31
Species: Cyborg
Gender: Male
Appearance: (Must I post a discription? because I hate doing that) Low profile night vision goggles which is like a face mask but completely metal greenish eyeholes. Marine uniform desert camo with shemagh and bare essentials vest same camo color. Standard pants same camo with holster for his Colt 1911 and combat knife. Knee pads same camo color. Standard combat boots. A light green eye color his left leg has rips in it revealing some robotic parts.…
What he remembers of his History: All Jack knows is that he submitted for testing when he was twenty one and he is now a super soldier.
His actual History: When Jack was one his family moved from Germany to America. When he was about ten lots of kids laughed at his German accent so he learned to stay quiet at school while he had no friends he just stayed away from kids when he could. When Jack was seventeen he joined the marines where he could freely talk without being laughed at. When he was around nineteen he came back home for a while and a year after that he went back to the marines. When he was twenty one he was forced to become a cyborg/Super soldier not knowing this because they changed his memory now having no feelings he was merciless. when he was around twenty six he started remembering things and they had to brain wash him again. when he was finally thirty he came back and signed up for some sort of space program one year later is where he is now.
Personality: Jack is quiet because of his history with school, He is also not very social because of that. Jack is merciless because of the transformation because they remove all of his feelings. He can be a little dark from other things.
Likes: Quiet places, Places with few people, Sniping.
Dislikes: Crowds, Loud places.
Weakness: Is extremely vonurable to a lot of electricity because his circuits might overload or fry.
Weapons/Abilities: Does not need air, Randomly travels to worlds dimensions and others against will, M14 with silencer, ACOG scope and tactical light, Colt 1911 with silencer and tactical light, Combat knife, Laser pointer.
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Character Name:  William D'grace

Age: 125 but aprears to be about 25 physically

Species: human

Gender: male

Appearance: william is a slim, boney man whit fetures that seems "streched" compared to his body. He has long, sickly thin arms and legs and a rather thin, long body. All in all his slimness and long fetures gives him a overall ghoulish look. He has pale skin and sunken eyes that apear to be black from a distance, but in fact is brown. His eyes apears even more gloomie because of the dark rings and bags under them caused by williams heavy lack of sleep. His hair is black and hangs down to his chin, framing his pale face. His face biggest plus is his pearly white smile, echaned by his almost perfect set of teeth. down his arms he has tattoed a set of runes, their meaning only know to him. 

William usually wears one of two sets of clothing, either a black hoodie whit the sleeves torn off, a pair of dark blue jeans and ending in a pair of biker boots, whit the pants held up by a chain and lock used as a belt, and a bag hanging from his left hip, a book in a chain on the rigth. Or he is wearing a victorian style upperclasmen suit, complete whit the frilly neckgown, down to the puffy pants and well shined shoes. The victorian set is either red or blue. 

History: william was born a nobleman in the late 1800's, hence why he wears that style of clothing, into a rather wellstanding familie, he never knew much of his parents as his mother died giving birth to him, and as a result of that his father gave into the bottle, wich his liver could not take. So at the age of 3 william went to live his uncle in his manor, just outside london. As william grew older he quickly realised that there was alot of rumors, dark rumors about his uncle, and in these rumors wake william had a hard time finding freinds as he were "the dark man" newphew. Eventually, at about the age of 14, william managed to find himself a small group of people he could call freinds. The ranged from the sod covered son of the pipescleaner jack, to the noblemens daugther elaine. They counted 6 people all in all. And for a few years all was well. Untill the disapearings began. People of all ages and sex began vanishing at a regular interval in the city, and it dindt take the citizens long to place the blame on william and his uncle, as his uncle was already rumored to dabbeling in the dark arts. So one dreadfull evening the angry mob came to williams uncles estate and killed the uncle, beat william to whitin a inch of his life and ultimatly set their estate on fire. Had it not been for jack and his quick wits. William had not survied. But as williams freinds quickly thereafter realised, william was forever changed. The otherwise shy and pleasent boy had turned to darkness and ill will. His freinds took their distance and william returned to the rubble of his home, not to be seen for almost a century. For what william discovered in the ruins was a secret underground complex, largly unharmed by the fire, that was dedicated to the dark arts in magic. As this was his very last connection to his familie, william became obsessed whit it. And for almost a century, he didn't leave the undergound study. But when he emerged his humanity could be taken into question. He had found a way to lengthen his life, through dark magic. And he had absorbed what knowlegde there could be derived from his uncles collection, now he craved more. And the world was sure to hold more power, more secrets for him to uncover. And in his mind. Nothing should stand in his way.

william is as he apears now, obsessed whit the dark magics and gaining more power. He is cruel and will let nothing or no-one stand in his way for his goal. But deep inside him. Past the cold and cruel extirior, there still lives a tinge of the old william. The shy pleasant boy who just wants some good freinds and to live in peace, but its buried deep under the weigth of his anger, sorrow and obsession. He is uneasy amongst other humans, and for the most part sees them as nothing more than pests or hinderings, but agein there is his deep buried side that sees humans, people as something of the most beauti that could enhance his life tenfold. He is easely angered and takes to agression of somthing dosent go his way. Typically enforcing magic to win him the battle. He can seem rational, though cold, to most people until angered or otherwise anyoed. He belives that power trumps everything, he seeks peace and to be left alone, to not fear anymore. And

his fragile body and human limitations is his main weaknesses. His magic does nothing to bolster his thougness or grants him any imunities to dammage or the like.

His biggest weakness though lies in the rune carved ruby embedded in his chest. This is the source of the spell that keeps him alive and gives him his longivety. It is also the main source of his magic, if this stone is destryoed or removed from his body, he will perish.

Weapons/Abilities: the red stone in his chest allows him to cast variuos types of defensive and ofensive spells, raning from magic shields, to fireballs. But his greatest wepon is the dark arcana, the book he carries, in that book lies the strongest spells he know, they have the big drawback though of needing reagensts and almost rutualistik  casting sequences. Besides his magic he has no other forms of protection or offensive capabilitys.

Requested Class in Chatroom:spell casters.

Character Name: Vera Ann Mathers

Age: 21

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Appearance: Vera usually likes to keep her hair short. She likes to change her hair color and style depending on her mood. She was born with chestnut brown hair, but it has not been that color for awhile. He favorite style has to be a feminine version of the faux hawk. She generally likes to wear reds and blacks for her clothing style, although it never really matches her vibrant colors that she choose for her hair. She tends to swing towards skate shoes because they are more comfortable, even though she doesn't skate. She has dark brown eyes that she is very fond of and likes to think it helps her get away with things. The whole puppy dog eye trick and all. She's a bit on the short side, measuring up to five feet and two inches, but don't let her small stature mislead you, she has a feisty nature. Although she spends a lot of time out in the sun, she never seems to be able to hold a tan.
(faux hawk:…)

History: Vera was born in the Midwest, Illinois to be exact. Her parents are really understanding of her hairstyles and outfits, however they truly believe it is just a stage. Her father was always soft on her and often let her slide on her chores to go do what other girls her age always did. Her mother would have nothing to do with it. She didn't like the fact that he showed her favoritism because she believed everyone had to help out around the house. Although her mother was like this, she was never mean or overbearing about it and Vera got along with her very well. She was sweet and overprotective of her and just wanted her to grow up with a good work ethic.

Since she was raised on a farm, she learned to defend herself physically from the rowdiness that is her two older brothers. They were never cruel to her about it, but they would team up on her to play pranks or get her with snowballs when she had gotten off of the school bus in high school. Even though they did things like this, she knew that it was just their way of showing her their love and they began to grow closer as they got older. She believed it was because they were just maturing more so she thought she could just trust them with her secrets from mom and dad.

Towards people that weren't her family, she wasn't that open to them. She speaks her mind, which is probably why some people found her off putting, but that never really bothered her because all she needed were a few close friends that would stick with her through thick and thin.

Personality: Although she always speaks her mind, she does tend to draw different types of people around her and she tends to be pretty caring. She has a rule that she always sticks to, which is, "Never believe what others tell you about someone." She thinks that it isn't true, unless she experiences it for herself, which can get her into some situations. She believes in people until they screw her over and then they are pretty much dead to her. She likes just jamming at home and listening to music. She enjoys singing along to music even if she isn't the best at it. "Its not about being good, it's about being loud," she always says.  She hates carrots. 

Weakness: Normal human weaknesses

Weapons/Abilities: Normal human fighting skills

Other: (might add later)

Requested Class in Chatroom: Fist Fighters?
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Character Name: Elizabeth Boten ( Black Swan)

Age: 16

Species: Avian-Human


Appearance: Black hair, unique profile (face) almost close to one of an anime character. She has grey eyes, slender pale lips, and vampire like teeth.Slender build, very tall, but very strong. She dresses in Gothic shirts with mini skirts edged with red lace. Her arms are dressed with greek symbols she wears  black combat boots that are often covered in sharpe.

History: When she was little she was experimented on moderately inhumane by a doctor named Kunaku..A creepy, tall, black haired, older man who always wears a face, you can never know what he is thinking. The project was filed AV8 or project Aviant.He used an alienated substance Character X.  It’s origination was from a dwarf planet 500 light years from pluto. This substance allowed her to have powers over inanimate objects like fluids and other elements.

    The secret society in which kept her was called Kunai. They did many failed attempts on people but she was their first successful project, thus recognizing her as a mutant or angel. The agency had a long line of ancient warriors, Shinobis. The elite group of male ninjas. With constant attacks she was found by a younger ninja at age 15. He took her in his home and  She felt somewhat of a father-like connection to him, out of fear he taught her values, and how to fight knowing the rode ahead of her was going to be rough. She was completely homeschool.

When the now older Shinobi was on a mission Kunaku killed him. Not knowing what happened she remained at home waiting for him for a month then set out to go find him. Soon one of his comrades found her and explained what happened. Her heart was broken forever that day, she went dark, went goth. Her goal now was to get her revenge, but that too came with it’s challenges not knowing where Kunaku was. so she sneaks on cargo ships, and other means of transportation illegally world round, with the hatred, frustration, and darkness within her. Except  now she is being recognized by the FBI as wanted fugitive.

Personality: Quiet and bottled, leaving her mentally unstable. She is sensitive to flashbacks, and very irritated by being touched in any way.   

Weakness: Socializing, Complying with others, electricity, and really anything that might hurt a regular person. She is really weak when it comes to showing compassion, she is cold.  She suffers from PTSD and Insomnia.

Weapons/Abilities: (Flight/Wings along with sourcery of inanimate objects can use Kunais)


Requested Class in Chatroom:Spell Casters
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Character Name: Elizabeth Boten

Age: 16

Species: Avian-Human


Appearance: Black hair, unique profile (face) almost close to one of an anime character. She is pretty strong and fit with the extra characteristics of her black and red edged wings.

History: Raised in captivity in Japan. Her parents are unknown, as she was a result of an experiment.but she always stuck to better judgement and moral values. She spent her young age training for an escape. She is not very social but when she gets to know someone she with talk excessively. A younger man took her out captivity and trained her to fight. When she was 14 he died, turns out he was part of a secret agency and they were not very sociable nor compliant. Since then she has been running from what seems like a never ending battle.

She is still figuring out who she is and where she belongs. She has been world round on her own little missions. She also hopes to find out what project AV8 was about and what the goal of it was.  Currently the CIA and FBI, along with other agencies wish to find her. She has been drafted by spy agencies but denied all. No current spouse or relationship. No permanent home.

Personality: Quiet and sometimes a little violent.

Weakness: Socializing, Complying with others, electricity, and really anything that might hurt a regular person.

Weapons/Abilities: (Flight/Wings along with sourcery of inanimate objects)


Requested Class in Chatroom:Spell Casters
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how about this guy? he is my main OC
Character Name: Blaze
Age: 16
Species: Humanoid Nightfury
Appearance: He has the head,wings, tail, and claws of a nightfury. He wears basic viking clothes, with adjustments for his extra limbs
History: He was born to 2 unnamed nightfurys and raised by a human lady, his dragon parents were murdered when he was only 6 months old.
Personality: Extremely shy when he first meets somebody new. But otherwise is very happy or eager to show off his powers in a friendly duel
Weakness: Lightning is extremely effective against him
Weapons/ Abilities: He has 4" retractable claws, plasma powers, speed, agility, and strength
Other: any missing information should be able to be located in the following 2 links……
babybunny80 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Character Name:  Taylor Valentine
Age: 18
Species: Human/Music Goddess
Gender: Female
Appearance: A girl with light pale skin, with long braided pinkish blonde hair. Her eyes are a light pink, she wears a white sweater with black jeans and a pair of black army boots.
History: Was born in Alaska, America and was raised there till the age of 16, she then moved to New York City, America. She was raised in an orphanage, and her parents are unknown. She works currently as a dancer and part time violinist.
Personality: She is usually very bright happy girl, but when she experiences or is around sadness or anger she will start to close people out from her.
Weakness: Normal Human Weaknesses 
Weapons/Abilities: None, except for being able to play any instrument without learning.
Requested Class in Chatroom: Non-Fighter
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Character Name: Deathlark Flame

Age: Actual age 16; Physical age 18

Species: Werewolf

Gender: Male

Appearance: he is 6 foot tall. with neck long shaggy brown hair. he has bright blue eyes that change shades. wears combat boots, raggedy t-shirt, and camo cargo shorts.

History: Parents are unknown. he was abandoned at a young age. He grew up on his own with no friends. Now works a part time job and lives alone with his pitt..

Personality: he is cunning, loves to run, hard working, doesn't get along with jocks, and know-it-alls. likes reading, drawing, sleeping. dislikes being left out, being confused, and being made look weak.

Weakness: fire is his weakness along with having had a broken hip making it hard to run for long periods of time.

Weapons/Abilities: combat trained, fist, feet, and tail.


Requested Class in Chatroom: Fist_Fighters
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Character Name: Selene Moonstar
Age: Actual Age: Unknown; Appearance Age: 20
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Selene Moonstar not only carries youth that interprets her to be twenty, but is typically distinguished as plain to the common eye.  Her face is oval: not square, but surely not oval, with her lips a little plump, and just so much pink in relation to her skin that would easily be mistakened for an average "white": the healthy pale.  Her eyes carry a rather sharp look, almost a bit diamond-like, but the glow of blue eyes brings a little comfort in the event that should she glare at anyone.
Her shape would easily be seen as hourglass, but the black robe she wears (with golden edges at the sleeves, collar, and bottom) would have hidden most of her figure, if it were not for the light-brown leather belt that rests around her waist.  From a distance, it would be understandable to be mistakened for a pear-shaped body, but nonetheless, her body is of an hourglass, despite being only five feet tall, making her short, but averagely short.
The brown hair that rests on her skull is natural, covering her forehead and cut evenly so her eyes would be seen.  Other than the shorter edges of her hair that can be commonly found in front of her ears, the rest of her hair (when not tied) does all the way down to her waist, almost in alignment with her belt.  When her hair is tied up, it would reach almost half of that length, approximately somewhere past her shoulders when in a high pony-tail.  Her hair is layered, giving her a strangely sophisticated look.
Her robe is made from the average material of her time in which robes and other garments were made: cotton and linen, and this applies to her light brown pants, which are the same color as her belt.  Her black boots (that reach to her knees) are made of leather, and can be a double-edged sword.  While they are great for traveling, wearing such high boots could mess with her cordination in combat.  The only other distinguished feature about her is the gemtones that she wears on her belt as a buckle and the amulet around her neck: a blue gem with a golden frame.

Selene Moonstar, during her childhood, did not have anything of particular mention.  Other than the fact she was being raised in the path of sorcery, there was nothing else abnormal about her life: relatively normal family, decently rich to afford the lessons, and doing well enough to be an exceptional magician.  The only issue she could not work through was the use of magic through gloves: apparently her spells would either not work or cast itself on the glove itself, which usually lead to problems.  Unlike some of the other mages, she never learned to surpass past the glove. 
After "graduation", Selene Moonstar attempted to go on her own, taking her sword (a weapon that was passed down to her in her family line) with her.  It was during this trip that a guild of thieves crossed her path.  After the discovery of her magical power, the guild agree to spare her in return for her services.  During the next few years, she serves the guild of thieves, and in the rare cases that she was seen in public, her black robe (which was commonly associated with necromancers) placed a mistakened identity.  Nonetheless, she obtains great skill in illusion spells and becomes exceptional in the art of shadow.
During an invasion of their base, a cave (which added to the rumors of necromancers, since necromancers were believed to practice their arts in caves), Selene Moonstar makes an escape and has been trying to start over her passion of sorcery ever since.

All in all, Selene Moonstar's prime dream is to be a stronger mage, having a passion for it ever since she was a child asside from trying to solve the mystery of the runes that are on her family sword.  After being opened to the path of shadow, she has come to dislike her thieving skill from time to time, but would only use it if she deemed it necessary, and would rarely come to appreciate it.  However, above all other talents, she depends upon her magic, and can be considered OCD from time to time with her magic. 
Other than magic, she has a personal passion for plants and flowers, which is compatible with her path of magic on the account of alchemy.  The only things that she doesn't like other than common things such as her occasional guilt of her years of thieving and a distaste for insects (which can be a problem with her alchemy skill) is the fear that maybe her past years of unwanted crime would come back to haunt her.
Her years of thieving have made her a little hard-headed, leaving room to be stubborn, quick action, and serious paranoia about some of the smallest things, as any thief would.  However, given in the manner of how she was grown up, she does not mind the taste of high society, given that she lived around that atmosphere when she was a child. 
Perhaps one of the biggest issues that she has is a "blind loyalty".  If comfortable around someone, she would be tempted to follow someone around without much thought into why except the general gut feeling that the person might be agreeable, still holding onto some believe that there is some good in every person.  However, if the person proves to be disagreeable in some manner on an excess level, Selene Moonstar will put a firm foot down against that person, making it hard to earn her trust about that person ever again. 

Selene Moonstar never really worked well with her arms.  While her cordination was agreeable, it was never really strong to pick up her family's sword for combat, which is in need for constant aid of magic.  However, while using her sword in combat with the help of magic, she cannot use much of any other kind of magic.
She also cannot use the same lethal spell in both hands at the same time, which was already bad enough since her hands were not very agreeable in normal strength anyway.  Doing so would accumulate too much power that she cannot control, leaving a wound depending upon the spell.  For example, if she were to cast fire with both hands, she would likely burn her hands.  If she were to use an ice spell with both hands, she could strongly have frostbite soon after.  This same principle also applies to lightning spells: both hands could run the risk of an electric shock.
If she could cast past gloves, then it would not be a problem, but because her spells are occasionally not balanced and controlled, there leaves problems when wearing gloves: either the spell is too weak to pass through or too strong to the point where the gloves would be ruined.  Perhaps if she had gloves that were enchanted to help her aid in spells, there wouldn't be a problem: sadly, she does not have gloves such as these.

She was trained in magicka, allowing her to use the following spells with a majority ease: bound weapons (preferably bladed weapons), elemental attacks (fireball, ice storm, lighting bolt, etc.), healing magic (self/others, but one at a time), illusion magic (invisibility, etc.)

Since her sword is an item passed down from the family, it was customary to train the next person to obtain it in the way of the sword.  Because it was a sword fit for a mage, it was designed to work well with magic; however, Selene Moonstar does not know that yet, for she cannot read the runes on the sword's blade.  Frankly, none of her parents can either!  The runes are too ancient and the language of the runes have been lost to the family for a very long time!

Requested Class(es) in Chatroom: Spell_Casters OR Battle_Mages
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Name: Synak king of the Grimataun.

Age: He's immortal. But I guess his age would be 834.

Species: Grimataun. The Grimataun are a race of hell cursed human beings that have turned into terrifying man-eating monsters. They are kinda similar to zombies but the skin around their mouths heal up quit often, so in order to open their mouths they must first use their jaw power to stretch and rip the skin revealing a disturbing built-in "smile"! And their faces are not quit zombie-like. I guess a picture would be helpful...

so here it is. A Grimataun. (I'm planing to draw Synak after this picture) So as you can see, their eye sockets are hollow with a small glowing red pupil. And pretty much their whole skeletal system shows through the little skin they have, they can't talk either. They either make high-pitched screams, growl, make loud grunts or moan and groan, and none of them have any genitals. They all pretty much look like this, though some might have disfigured eyes or bones might be sticking out of others, this is just your average Grimataun. xD

Gender: Male

Appearance: Synak looks very similar to the picture above but he's 3 times taller than the average Grimataun which is around 6' 7''. At least 2 times stronger than the average Grimataun, which can lift a maximum of 167 lbs., wears a torn robe around his waist, wears a belt with his face imprinted on it, and wears a small torn bandanna around his head. He also has a bit more muscle on him than the picture above.

History: About 560 years after the creation of the earth, hell was formed by its lord and leader, Moroth, who forged within the fires of hell a power stone called, The Apocalus, that he would use to turn earth into a "second hell". Eventually, a chunk of it broke off of it (thats a story for another day) and landed deep in the earth where it lay for half a century until a man named Lenendor found it and touched it. The evil power got into both his mind and body and turned him into what he is now. For 8 century’s he's been corrupting weak minds and turning them into The Grimataun.

Personality: He's ruthless, hateful, unreasonable and he'll do anything to destroy a village of humans. His biggest hates are humans and defeat. He likes human flesh, destruction, chaos, and torture. Other than that he has no emotions due to the hellish power running through him.

Weakness: The Purifying Blade (a blade that is made of holy light and repels all evil) and just light in general. If he enters into the light he will burn from the inside out and suffer massive pain.

Powers/Abilitys: Superhuman strength, mind corruption (depending on how weak that mind is), and an ear-piercing screech that could make any unprotected ear drum shatter.

Other: He's the only Grimataun that can speak normal language and he can also make facial expressions unlike the lower Grimataun.

Requested Class: Beasts
theArt14bro Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Age: He's ageless. But I guess his age would be 834.

Appearance: Synak looks very similar to the picture above but he's 3 times taller than the average Grimataun which is around 6' 7''. At least 2 times stronger than the average Grimataun which can lift a maximum of 167 lbs. He wears a torn robe around his waist and a belt with his face imprinted on it along with a small torn bandanna around his head. He also has a bit more muscle on him than the picture above.

History: About 560 years after the creation of the earth, hell was formed by its lord and leader, Moroth, who forged within the fires of hell a power stone, called The Apocalus, that he would use to turn earth into a "second hell". Eventually, a chunk of it broke off of it (thats a story for another day) and landed deep in the earth (and without the full power stone Moroth couldn't destroy earth. So that was held off for many, many, many, maaaaaaaaaaaany millennia) where it lay for half a century until a man named Lenendor found it and, intrigued by its amazing beauty, touched it. Going back into Lenendor's childhood, he was born in the village of Knastolak (Na-Stole-Ack). Knastolak was a very peaceful village that belonged to the race of The Benbrums, a race of "oversized humans" or simply giants (they weren't too big though, just a few feet higher than the average human). The Benbrums were oblivious to the evils around them not knowing of this so called "Moroth" that the world around them was talking about and the Apocalus, and hell, and all that "hog-washed fantasies" as they called it. But Lenendor was quit different, he liked adventure and suspense and heart-racing action. And he was fascinated with all that stuff they were talking about. When he was 25 he decided to go out on his own in search of adventure. Eventually he got lost and wandered in the wilderness for a couple months until he came to another village, days away from his village, and stayed at the local inn for eight years. He couldn't get along with anyone at the village, they would make fun of him and call him names because of his size and facial looks. For eight years he had to put up with this until he finally left on his 34th birthday. Deeply hurt and pretty much scarred for life he went down into a cave until he came across the small chunk of the Apocalus. So like I said, intrigued by its beauty he touched it. The evil power got into both his mind and body and turned him into what he is now. His first acts of murder began with the people who picked on him and made fun of him. Then after killing half of that village and corrupting the rest, he went to his home town and killed or rather ate all of his kin, his friends, their relatives, his parents, and even the children didn't make it out alive! And he burned the town to the ground. For 8 century’s he's been doing this time and time again, going from village to village corrupting weak minds and turning them into The Grimataun and using those Grimataun to eat humans and defeat villages and towns. And that was his circle of life from then on.

Personality: He's ruthless, hateful and unreasonable. He never sleeps and he kills anyone, even if its his own minion, that disobeys one order he gives (which is very few cause the Grimataun are just mindless beings). Once he has his mind set to something the only thing that could stop him is light. So he takes advantage of the night and uses the darkness to its fullest to raid villages, slaughter boat loads of humans and claim that territory for his own. Usually he won't do any killing, he'll have his Grimataun do it, but if he's in the mood he'll go on a murdering rampage! His life's goal is to basically build an army of Grimataun that would one day defeat the world.

Powers/Abilitys: Superhuman strength, mind corruption (depending on how weak that mind is), and an ear-piercing screech that could make any unprotected ear drum shatter. He can also heal minor wounds.
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Age: 17
character name: Toxic
Gender: Female
race: neko

Appearence: 5'10'' with jet black hair weighs about 180 pounds. golden eyes. Has cat ears and a tail that are also jet black. she is small looking in the abdoman area. she is very shy. normally wears a black dress that goes to mid thigh with leggings and combat boots. normally wears a necklace with a skull on it and a black and white stripped head band with a bow on it that has a very thin chain wrapping around it.

History: As a child she was abandoned at an orphanage because she was "different". she was bullied all throughout school. she loves to fight and go on adventures.

Personality: shy at first then becomes really entergetic and loving. she likes to show off her skills at fighting. she loves to flirt, but gets to shy sometimes.

weakness:would do anything for the people she loves even if that means dying.

weapon: prefers to fight with knives,katanas,and throwing stars. she can also use a bow and gun pretty well.

Requested Class:Shape_Shifters
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Character name: Asuna Kyoni

Age: Looks around 38, give or take a year.

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Appearance: 5"8 in height and 47kg in weight. She has an oval face, thin eyebrows, and long dark lashes shadowing steely blue-grey-amber eyes. She also wears a pair of onyx-framed glasses perched on her nose. Her hair grows in waves of black and brown, and is often worn in either a ponytail swept over one shoulder or in a knot at the back with a hairpin shaped like a floral-printed folding fan. Her fashion sense is stylish and modest, like business suits with a pencil skirt and flat heels, not flashy or gaudy. She behaves mature and wise, with a weakened wrist due to a fall, where she had to have a surgical screw implant added to her build. She is also a emotional masochist.   

History: Born to a Japanese mother and an English father, her upbringing was nothing special. Her mother taught her how to write, while her father read to her every night before bed. She often liked playing alone in her room, making up her own fantasies, which her mother greatly disapproved. Her father, on the other hand, was more lax about letting Asuna keep dreaming and constructing the world she lived in. Often times, she was misunderstood by her peers, which created a rift between the world she loved and the world she loved to hate. Soon, she found a quill in the library that reveals a person's weak spot by writing down their age and name, and searching through their psyches to get out answers. 

In her first years of high school, Asuna excelled in information technology and art, and read books while her classmates struggled to finish their own paper work. She was often found in the library reading books on beauty tips. She won an award for contributing to her school student newspaper, which brought forth a window of opportunity for Asuna to study. At 18, she studied in professional writing and proofreading, interpersonal communication and multimedia, before she met her future husband --a fellow student who was studying to be a painter. Their months together were happy and comfortable, then 2 years later they got married and had a son, who drowned at age 5 from a boat explosion. The death of her son caused Asuna's heart to harden, forcing her to build a wall around herself to keep others out of her personal life. She later divorced her husband after finding out he was cheating on her for another more younger female, with the help of her quill that had a special power to reveal his nasty ways. So she decided not to let any other man sway her heart, marking his soul under her heels of justice. Nowdays, she is happy in her high-rise apartment, with a bubbly secretary who is a source of amusement, and a business to call her own.  

Personality: When you first meet Asuna, she is elegant as she is wise. She handles everything with strict balance, with the combo of intellect and perceptiveness -so perceptive that she can detect minor things other people don't notice. Being the editor-in-chief of a newspaper industry, her presence can give off an air of judgment in the eyes of a stranger. In reality, she shows a very different side of herself; sincere and lets others come to her at times of distress for an active ear or an earnest word. What she dislikes most is dishonesty. Her favorite books are historical romances and social psychology. She likes everything going streamline with no bumps or creases. She enjoys going to art galleries and reciting poems. Strawberry cream cake and herbal tea is another love of hers.

Weapon: A blue-feathered quill that auto-scans a person's profile and reveals their behavior at their worst. Targets mind and heart at unison. 

Weakness: Left wrist due to body modification (inserted steel screw). 

Chat class request: Mind-Users
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Name:  Ace (last name unknown)

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance: Ace is a 5'6 tall girl with natural beige colored skin. She has long black hair that comes down to the back of her knee, and bangs that stop at her chin and cover her right eye (her hair is usually worn in a ponytail if not, down.) Her left eye is red and her right eye is gray. She wears a simple white button-up shirt and a blue and green plaid skirt, also she wears a long red scarf that comes down to her shin (she keeps the scarf around her mouth most of the time.) For her shoes she wears simple black wedges. Ace also has a dream catcher tattooed on her foot.

History: {Ages: 1-6} Ace was born in Kagoshima, Japan. Her father was a scientist and her mother was teacher. As a child she loved learning and didn't mind accompanying her mom to the university every one and a while. Although her parents were often gone her babysitter was a good friend to her. Her dad tended to stay in the lab a lot so her and her mother often ate alone at night. At school she only had one friend and his name is Taji, she didn't get along well with other people because it takes her a while to develop a friendship with people.

{Ages: 6-12} As she got older she started to put aside studies more and take up fighting. She was interested in every fighting style, so her parents put her into martial arts to keep her busy. After a year or so she decided she wanted to wield a sword so her parents got her one, and a personal trainer to teach her how to use it. She started getting these terrible nightmares at age 8-9. During this time period her dad took time off from work and often make dream catchers because he believed they trapped bad and evil dreams. (which is why she has one tattooed on her foot, it's a good memory of her father.) During her 10-11 age division her mother started staying out more and drinking after her losing her mom. She drank which led to her abusing Ace a lot. Her dad didn't like they way Ace's mother was acting and left. Ace learned to hid in her room whenever her mother was home. When she was twelve her best friend Taji had to leave, his family was moving to American and they would probably never see each-other again. Taji gave Ace his scarf which is why she wears it a lot and keeps it around her mouth so she can remember his scent.

{Ages: 12-17} Soon Ace was convinced she couldn't take her mother anymore. She left and, instead searched for her dad. That week her mother committed suicide. She gave up looking for her dad at age 14 (which she has been searching for two years). Instead she has been working on her skills and trains in dojo's she comes across, and jumping between cousins' homes to live with. Since then she has mastered martial arts and wielding a sword. She has also come across new weapons such as guns and scythes. She has mastered many weapons but continues the search for her dad.

Personality: Ace is calm, shy but usually cold. She doesn't really like meeting new people because of her past. If she feels she can or wants to get to know someone she is usually shy at first but that disappears after a while. She's very calm under pressure and situations. She doesn't panic and makes sure she takes care of business as efficiently as possible. She is very passionate about beliefs and what she thinks is right.

Weakness: Ace's weakness is her "curse mark". Although she doesn't know about it could trigger things to go wrong in her body. It's not technically a mark but a type of liquid that was injected into her at birth. The triggers are unknown but it could cause death. Her father thought it would help in the future but doesn't know it will cause her harm.

Weapons: Her sword is long. The handle is black with a red bow on it. She uses regular black pistols. Lastly she uses an infinity ring (as i call it) which is a round blade with a smooth inside for her to hold it. She mostly throws it.

Abilities: Ace has super speed and high senses (from the "curse mark"). She is able to smell, see and hear up to a mile away. Because of training at a somewhat young age she is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and wielding any type of sword. She can also use guns and mastered her infinity ring.

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Thorne... turned into the perfect killing machine by the evil C.L.A.W. organization Thorne has been thrust into the role of leader of the Chaos Corp and not by choice, but when launching a rebellion against the Devil himself and freeing the world from his tyranny and corruption he is willing to make the sacrifice. -Male Character-
OXBlackWingedAngelXO Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2015  New member Hobbyist Artist

Character: Elizabeth Chains

Species: Avian-Human (Angel)


Appearance: Thin, tall, only wears black clothes usually a plain black dress. Long black hair down to her waist. Her face it elegant and fragile like a china doll but at the same time rough and scarred.

History: Underwent a tough childhood as she was taken into a lab and turned into a science project called AVE8. The end result as a black winged angel. When she turns seventeen she finally found an escape .  Currently she is being hunted by the secret organization known an ECON labs.

Personality: Dark, Scarred, she suffers from Post traumatic stress. She can be violent at times but for the most part she is quiet. She is scared of close relationships in fear that they will turn on her.

Weakness: Iron sulfate, and anything that might trigger a flashback. Her wings are hypersensitive to water. She can be very stubborn at times which cost her alliances.

Abilities: Can fly, shoots blue fire from her hands using spells, her wings might also suffice as a weapon.

Cata: Spell_Caster

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Character Name: Lunar Nix


Nephelium. The cross between an angel and a demon through birth. Nephelium are normally human until their 18th birthday when their powers and Stille form awakens.

Gender: Male

He is tall with short black hair that frames the delicate yet sharp features on his face. His red-streaked bangs come down over one of his violet eyes that have a soft and sad glow in their depths. His skin is smooth and unscathed in an ivory color as if made of stone. He is usually found wearing a dark outfit comprising of a black hoodie, dark red tee, and faded black jeans. He has a mark beneath his left eye where he was grazed by a Kirth (Skeletal Faery).

As a child he was a normal boy. Though as he aged, he noticed the little things around him that shouldn't be there. a flicker in the darkness, a familiar face in the light; things no human child should see. This sight was not in his choice, but rather the seal on his abilities slipping after his parents (who lived with their son in secret, away from the over and underworld) were murdered in front of him.Soon, it was a fortnight before his 18th birthday and creature form both sides begin to appear, more clearly than in his childhood.

Is very apathetic to shelter him and his fragile heart. Even with a fragile heart, his true self may very well be a dark persona that slumbered until he Awoke.

Even though he is a human who had only just awoke to become a Nephelium, he still holds the physical weakness of an average human. If he is shot he can still die, if he is trapped beneath ice, he can still die. And after he Awakes into Stille he is weak to the very elements he is made of; Darkness and Light.

A single sword, thin and strong. The blade is a deep shade of red with a hilt design of dark and light rose thorns.

happens to be gay -.- (for no particular reason)

Requested Class in Chatroom:
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Character Name:

Xaviera Winter




Frersta is an elite form of cyborgs created by a scientific outpost, these machines work like humans and are engineered to the highest quality. Some even live their lives believing they are human but are unable to reproduce giving them a few fatal weakness, there is only a certain amount of them left but all are trained as elite hunters, their programming dedicated to serving humans and protecting knowledge.




Standing at about 5’9 Xaviera is voted pretty by most of the male population and it’s true, large bambi eyes, long eyelashes, curly blonde hair and a delicate heart shaped face accent most features, which are all followed by a petite frame.

She is often wearing a pair of cut off pants and a plain white tee shirt with a denim jacket over the top, she always has a purse slung over her shoulder as well as a backwards turned cap. Her jewellery is pretty simple and is not meant for catching the eye, with a small pair of ball silver earrings and small neck choker she tried not to stand out, her makeup reflects her jewellery, simple and plain. With only a touch of blush and small amounts of mascara she does little to try enhance her natural features.


Created at the mere age of three Xaviera was trained to be the fastest, the strongest, the smartest all by the governing scientist that created her, with no time for socialisation she became an introvert focusing only on becoming the best, leaving behind the scraps of humanity she had been gifted with. The need to achieve often got her into trouble, training after hours, correcting the instructors and often pushing the other kids harder then she should be brought attention to her. She was a perfect specimen something they had worked long and hard at to get, they had pulled her out of her regular training schedules in the lab and made her work with real weapons, real prey, real fear, but she never gave in.

At 10 she started to turn into what she truly was, a machine. Obeying orders and doing work was the only part of her life that mattered and that had began to worry them, they had tried to put her in more social situations but she never had any response, she was an empty shell. Her hatred for mystical creatures grew and she only ever felt comfortable around the scientist in the lab, anything that entered would not per say last long when she was around. Even though she had long passed the training she continued to fight, mastering martial arts, weapon fighting and street fighting, being sent out on missions was a past time for her, but one day she was out slaying a pack of worgens that were camping around the human city Therastril the lab was attacked by swarms of halfing. These specific halfing were bred from the dark elves and the many beasts that roamed the area, paired with knowledge and the setup of an animal they were an almost unstoppable force, tearing apart the whole lab taking what little info they could salvage and destroying the rest so no other would find them. Returning back they were lost, authority was a key point in their life but with the scientist gone that had to figure it all out, after many days they had salvaged scraps of what they could returning to human city and gifting the knowledge to those deemed worthy in their eyes. Pain had filled Xavieras empty heart, leaving she wandered the wood searching for prey and only occasionally retreating back to the city, for personal matters.


Xaviera is not the friendliest person around, her defense to strangers is sarcasms and wits which often pushes people away. People of lower intelligence and lower standards AKA slobs are the worst for her, physical and mental hygiene are needed for socializing with her. She prefers to have conversations about history and mathematical studies with smart people and easily gets along with the more intelligent, but any other person is worthless to her. She is never interesting in anyone which is frustrating for anybody that gives her romantic advances or sexual actions.  


Frersta unique likeness to humans offers them basically no difference to the lower species apart from specialized defaults created by the lab as a form of control. Her physical weaknesses is the inability to allow herself to rest, she keeps going until she faints or is forcibly taken away from the scene, which creates a massive problems in groups


She specializes in knife combat and owns a few weapons none with any immense power or magical spell bound to them, her most used item apart from blades are tiny vials of pain inducing dust that is easily thrown in eyes and can cause fatal scaring and even blinding.

Multi_Weapon_Users please
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Name: Hunter Takirsii
Age: 17
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Appearance: Hunter is a short guy, about 5'1, and has jade green eyes. He is from a southeastern Asian country, and has naturally tan skin. His hair is an extremely dark brown, which has overgrown to cover his left eye. He wears a oversized black trench coat, with a dark green shirt underneath, accompanied by a bulletproof vest/plate carrier, and cargo pants. For shoes, he wears an average pair of hiking boots. Accessories include a watch and a backpack (full of climbing gear).

History: Hunter never had a dad. He was just....gone. His mother never talked about it, but Hunter had a feeling that he either died or was killed. Hunter was always bullied, as he was always a loner, never had anyone to help him. When he was 10, he snapped, and beat the crap out of two of the guys before getting suspended. He ended up being sent to boarding school, for being so violent. Eventually, he got out of school, only to find that his mother, the only family left, had died too. So he went, took any possessions left to have, and now is just a wandering loner.

Personality: He doesn't like people in general. The only person that he will talk to is someone that needs help, or someone that can help him. He is also easily ticked off, making him very agitated. He really doesn't like hurting people, and would rather run than to fight, but can defend himself efficiently enough.

Weaknesses: Hunter is susceptible to honestly everything. Despite having his body armor, melee weapons, projectile weapons, and especially fire hurts him. A very effective way to kill him is through a long range projectile weapon, as he won't know where it's coming from. He is also allergic to strawberries.

Weapons/equipment/abilities: 7 (seven) vials of poison, 1 (one) box of smokebombs, 2 (two) shortswords, 1 (one) subcompact handgun, and 1(one) set of climbing gear. Wears a large hiking /climbing backpack, with all of his gear in it. Abilities include rock climbing, evasion techniques, the use of poisonous materials and first aid. His fighting style matches that of a street fighter, with no formal training, and his skills with a sword are limited. His best weapon usage is his poison, which he needs to get close to use. His gun usage is fair, but not always effective when farther away.

Other: goes by Chris as a disguise name, or Carrier.
Preferred class: Multi_Weapon_Users
Name: Jason Hunt (Messenger)

Appearance: Jason is 5'11 in height and fairly built in musculature, his toned skin is a result of his mixed heritage, being half Asian and half Hispanic. His hair is naturally jet black, however the tips have been dyed green making him look like a punk. His facial structure accentuated even further by his sharp eyes. His eyes are a deep rustic color. He has no facial hair. He wears dark navy denim jeans, like any young person of his age, accompanied with dark black combat boots. White collar shirt to give a semblance of formality and a black jacket. On his arms and legs are round bracelets of different colours, sometimes when you look from the corner of your eye, they sparkle. He carries a set of black shades in his jacket pocket. This will all be noticed after seeing the swords on his body. Two on his left and a concealed dagger in right boot. He also carries around a silver glock on his right hip.

History: When Jason was born to his parents, he was born into a perfectly ordinary life, well okay fine his dad was a ex-gang member for the resident Hispanic gangs and his mother was the daughter of a yakuza member but such was life in the crime infested world. He grew up in a dangerous area, his dad taught him how to shoot so that he didn't die and he made sure to keep a piece with him at all time. He was only 8 when he got his first gun. His mother however taught him how to handle a blade, because ammunition costs money and the economy was rough back then. Life went on as usual until Jason got involved in something he didn't want to, gangs. He got guilt tripped by his best friend into helping him out with the local gangs since he was deeply connected via his parents. At the age of 18 he got interested in The Obsidian Forge, a legendary forge where one blacksmith, ages ago, made deeply magical blades out of life energy. Vibrant and constantly changing, they could control strong forces. One day his friend took him along to a black market trade, that was when he saw 2 of the fabled blades. They were going to be sold to a rich collector. Jason was taught by his mother that a sword is not something to mount on your wall to rust into disuses. He objected to deal, and took the blades. Two katanas. After a long shoot out with the Syndicate, one fool decided to use an experimental grenade that was being auctioned nearby, the explosion destroyed half the building and shot Jason out of the building. He had promised himself that he would never let the swords of The Obsidian forge be misused. He however lost almost all of his memory from the blast and all that he remembered was that promise. His own name was a mystery. Not knowing anything he believed that if he completed his quest to gather all the swords he would regain his memory. He was 20 when that happened. Jason eventually started to do underground jobs, his alias? Messenger. Along his jobs he started to encounter the supernatural, this was of course expected searching for the legendary swords.

Personality: Jason is sarcastic and enjoys to make light of other's tragedies and believes himself to damn near invincible due to the abilities granted by the swords and magic. He enjoys to toy with people but he doesn't like to controlled and will probably get angry if he realises that he was. His go to method for problems is violence, this does not always work. He does not beg and has a strong will. He doesn't like to break promises and hates those that do. When with family Jason would sometimes act confrontational however he still loves them. With friends he will eagerly point out mistakes and make fun of them. He will however make it obvious that he's just playing around. If someone he has newly met does not realise this, he will awkwardly apologize. He is not good at apologizing. Obnoxious people who look like they need to be knocked down a peg will be met with a strong mocking attitude. When Jason gets angry, he welcomes it and uses it to fuel his actions. If he feels self regret or self pity he will attempt to push them aside. Love is not something he has ever experienced but if he did he would be very awkward and unsure of what to do. He trusts his allies when they appear. He has a fondness for strawberry cheesecake.

Weaknesses: His body is vulnerable to weaponry of all kinds due to him still being human. He is extremely vulnerable to Lightning and other Electrical attacks due to the amount of metal he is carrying on him. Fire attacks and explosives hurt more due to his mind having a mental imprint of the amnesia inducing explosion. He is weak to Light based attacks due to the experimental grenade being a Dark based magic grenade.

Weapons/Abilities: He has 2 fabled swords Hikari the light based wakizashi which can send out a light pulse to blind enemies, the sword can also teleport to the owner if it senses he/she is in distress of the sword feels uncomfortable. And Surudoi, a razor sharp katana, much sharper then an average katana. He also carries a small combat dagger in his right boot and a silver Glock. Daggers stab and guns shoot...
Jason has a mixture style of street brawling and martial arts. He also a kind an ability from the grenade, when he concentrates he can cover his fists in dark flames, these damage more than normal fists but do not burn in the average sense, only giving a numb feeling. Similar to pins and needles. Jason's physical stamina,strength and speed are at Olympic level due to amulets he wears. Without those he would be at an above average state.

Other: Jason has amnesia just in case it was forgotten and goes by Messenger.

Requested Class in Chatroom: Multi_Weapon_Users
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Name: Princess Aalarai of Orlankrone
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Personality: Aalarai is usually very level headed and calm but she forgets that she is hiding her royal blood and gets extremely angry when someone doesn't treat her with the up most respect.
History: This young Princess was always expected to be a perfect "Lady Like" woman. She instead wanted to wield a blade on the front line and defend hr nation. But she was constantly scoulded for playing with toy swords as a child and would have a doll forced into her hands. she would fling her self over fences to be cought by the Queen and would be put in dresses. When she turned 19, Aalarai fled and never returned to Olankrone. Her word skills are to be beholded and her speed is unmatchable. She masquarades as a man by having her cape's hood up. Her alias is "Soul".
Strengths: Speed,Agility,Stamina
Weaknesses:Brute Strength,People Knowing her secret,Guilt of abondoning her nation.
Weapon: A custom made Katana she made
Prefered Class: Sword_Wielders
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Character Name: Elizabeth Sturion

Age: She's 2338 years old. But has the appearance of 19.

Species: Demon

Gender: Female

Appearance: Despite being "old", Elizabeth looks like a young girl of about 19 years old and most of the people who talk with her says that she's pretty, she have a smooth long hair, of the light green color and her eyes of the same color as well. Her face is, let's say "gentle" and her ears are pointy like a elf ear, her skin pale and her body is skinny and pretty fragile, but Elizabeth have a considerable strength, she got some scars over her body, some in the chest, tummy and a lot of cuts on her right arm, those scars aren't visible with her casual clothes nor her dress, they're always hidden. Elizabeth ALWAYS wears a necklace, that looks like a large red stone, but not so big. Her casual clothes are a simple beige long sleeved dress (and it's still a little big on her) going down to her thighs, under her dress there is a black medium shorts. She wears a pair of black and white shoes with white socks most of the time. That's what she wears when she have nothing to do, or going to places like a Cafe or a restaurant, but she wears what she finds confortable. When she's going out she tries her best to impress, she will wear a long black dress with white high heels, she will tie her hair, making it look like a ponytail and will use some perfume on her neck.


History: Elizabeth was a high class demon, daughter of a powerful overlord that ruled the netherworld they lived, she had a nice childhood, with decent school and friends. Around her 113 years, her father, Zagan, taught her a powerful magic that was learned by every member of the family Sturion, what they call the Dark Arts, her father teached her everything about Dark Arts, how she was discovered till how he used it to become overlord, he said to him it's weaknesses as well.

As Elizabeth grown up, her magic was getting stronger everyday, she was capable of creating and destroying small objects in a blink of an eye, her father was really proud of it, but.. a certain day, Elizabeth met a angel, who's been sent to assassinate the Overlord. Of course, Elizabeth tried to stop him, but he was far more powerful than her. The angel was about to kill her, when her father suddenly saved her, throwing himself in front of the arrow which the angel shoot, that was merely a scratch, he killed the angel, and teached something to Elizabeth, that every Sturion had a secret power that can only be used in the netherrealm, the Transcendent Demon Physiology, with that, she can transform into a beast of imaginable power, made of pure evil, but it takes years to master a powerful skill like that. They went back to the Overlord Castle, and protected against the angels.

She reached her 1900 years, and she asked Zagan if she could visit the Human World, her father was shocked with such request, Elizabeth implied to let her go, he had no choice but to accept that. She promised him that she would be back, with all her skills stronger than ever, he nodded and let her go, saying the words a demon should never say "I love you.", she smilled and went on her "quest", reaching the Human world, she noticed how everything was in place, and her powers weakened, she was confused, didn't even know what she should do first, she had to get some easy money, and so she did, with the very little of power left she created a lot of money to buy a place for herself, where she could rest and call it home. Elizabeth started to study the humans, how they act, what they do and why they live, she discovered that they live like demons, they all have a goal to reach and right now her goal was to understand this world. She didn't care much about having friends or having a job, she could create money with a snap of fingers. Elizabeth went out to try every type of food, from snacks to sushi, from candy to cakes, she tried everything and anything that a human being could eat, and she found the perfect food for her, she loved that food so much that she buyed a lot of them to her fridge, the humans call this food Ice Cream but Elizabeth call this Demonic Food.

Personality: Elizabeth act like she's a overlord and of course, act like the world turns all around her. She's arrogant and rude with people (Most of them strangers) and mock them all, but that doesn't mean she can't have a friend, It's hard for her, after all she's a demon. Elizabeth for some reason likes Ice Cream of any flavour (But her favorite is Chocolate), that makes her happy. When her friends are in danger she can be very protective and try everything to save them, she would sacrifice her own life and lose all of her powers to have them back. Elizabeth is very proud of herself and that can annoy other people, she hates love, more like anything and it's hard for her to say "I love you" or hug someone, that would make her "skin burn" (not really), she hates to lose fights that makes her even more angrier. When she is happy, she will not demonstrate it but she'll have a smile on her face and will stutter most of the time. When she's feeling sad she will let a tear or two out but will clean it as soon as possible, also when she's sad she will become nervous sometimes depending in the situation. When Elizabeth is mad she can be quite dangerous, she will make decisions without thinking twice and will act without thinking, she'll become stronger of course, and will fight until the end using her full power.

Weakness: As a demon, her weakness would be powerful divine artifacts or the power of light itself, that can weaken her more than anything. Holy water and Fairy dust can hurt a demon as well, but Holy Water will only work on her if it's a lot, when I say a lot, It's REAAALLY a lot, Angel Blood can weaken her and stun her for a couple of seconds, but not hurt her directly. And of course, exorcism work as well.

Weapons/Abilities: Elizabeth don't really have a weapon, but she can create a scythe for a couple of hours for her own use, nobody besides her can use it. Also she is capable of using demonic magic, magic to achieve several feats such as creating, destroying and reconstructing anything, sometimes even to warp reality, she have a lot of powers for her own use, from create or destroy things to necromancy, but it will require a lot of her. While she's on the Netherrealm she can become Pure Evil, assuming the form of a creature of imaginable power. This form will have the same powers as her normal self but they're upgraded to a more powerful spell. She will have a Demonic Aura that will allow her to reflect spells and attacks, giving her more strength, this form also gives her the power to transform any living being (excluding angels) into demons, but the process can be painfull and slow and it WILL be irreversible, it will take time to finish the process and may be denied with holy power, with time she will learn how to use this form in the Human World. As her appearance, Elizabeth will grow black wings and her hair will turn black, the necklace and her eyes will shine red and your whole body will become black, she won't change her size or anything but her voice will become somewhat more demonic.

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Character Name: Kalisi Galron

Age: 25

Species: Human…mostly.

Gender: Female.

Appearance: Kalisi has an exotic look to her features. Her hair is a bright red, her eyes a vibrant green. She has freckles dotting her cheeks and nose. If anyone were to read her specs written down, red hair, green eyes, they'd think she was of pure Irish descent. But what you don't see on paper is the slight tan of her skin, the contours of her face, the broad nose, her full lips. No one knows what her father had looked like, he was not there when she was taken, but it can be assumed that she took her hair and eyes from her mother and that her father was very light skinned and of African descent. Her body is long and lean, strengthened from years of training and upkeep. She has a moderate bust and a waistline and hip range that is proportional to the rest of her. As for clothing/uniform, she has her standard military suit. Light weight yet strong metal armor, capable of withstanding the different atmospheres of planets as well as the bullets of many guns. Out of uniform she usually wears the normal attire for her laid back and comfy fashion sense: cargo pants, t-shirts, wifebeaters. She's almost never seen in dresses or skirts unless it's a special occasion, and even then only when her 'father' begs for her to doll up for him.

History: Kalisi was born in an era where bloodshed was the norm. She was birthed amid that bloodshed, amid the screams and tears of families. But what could a woman do when she was going into labor as the invaders attacked? Nothing. And so her mother was robbed, robbed of the child she'd carried for nine months. Her mother had named her Alisa, but the uprising had named her Kalisi. She was taken into a false family, raised under military rule, as her 'father' was a top officer in the forces.

She was born of Earth but raised in space, on the outlaying platforms that the rebellion called home. It was the usual story of the war. Earth forces versus alien forces. It's just how things went. Despite being an earthling herself, Kalisi was raised as if she were one of them, and even being injected on a regular basis with alien blood to help fool anyone who could smell the earthling in her blood. They'd told her she was sick, that she needed it for medicine. But they were simply trying to make her more like them, more powerful.

All in all, Kalisi had a great childhood. She ran and played with the other children on the platform, she was likeable and friendly, with a great spirit. Most of the other children were alien, though there were a few that were 'sick' just like her. In her teenage years, she grew a rebellious streak. She knew her father's power would protect her from any real punishment, and he thought her wild streak was a good sign for leadership, something to reign in and gain control of, that could help her in the future. Her mother, on the other hand, thought it was something they should squash, to make her a nice, obedient wife. But she would follow her husbands orders, for he saw something in the human girl that had potential for more than just being a subservient wife and mother.

When Kalisi came of a good age, sixteen, she began training with her father for the military. Hand to hand combat, weapons training, the art of killing as well as the art of torture. It was all taught to her by her father and the various training officers on the platform. The young girl enjoyed it, it tested her, strengthened her. The killing of course was another story. She learned it but did not enjoy it. It was just another task to conquer the skill of. The alien blood coursing through her viens helped her along the way, giving her extra strength, heightening her senses. No, not so much as if she was a purebred, but it helped. By the time she reached her mid twenties she was very well trained and enlisted. She was a fighter pilot and a soldier, ready to invade the planet that she unknowingly was stolen from.

Personality: Kalisi's personality has a wide range, as do most peoples. Around her friends and family she is bright and caring. It's easy to make her laugh when she's around the people she is most comfortable with. She's a good daughter, if not a bit of a stubborn girl at times. It is a trait her mother certainly doesn't appreciate, and one her father thought she would out grown of. But even still, it reminds him of the little girl he raised. Kalisi doesn't know of her original origins, and her family gives no tell that she is not their biological daughter. Her mother has green eyes but both parents hair is brown. They just called it a fluke. Around strangers Kalisi is still a bit reserved, but she opens up pretty quick as long as the person is nice. Around those that are rough with her, she will be rough right back. She dislikes when people judge her on gender, and will be quick to prove she's just as good of a fighter as the boys. In her solitude she enjoys reading, from fantasy to military strategy, her mind is like a sponge, soaking up anything she can get her hands on. People would describe her most as cool, calm, and collected. But even she has her weak moments. In sadness or anger. She conceals it in silence the best she can, but everyone can be pushed only so far.

Weakness: Her advanced hearing is one of her weaknesses, the sounds of gunshots is not too bad for her, but explosions and other very loud noises can drop her to her knees if she does not have any protection for them. Sirens especially are a hindrance. She also took a bullet to the shoulder during one of her interplanetary outings, taking a nice hit there will render her right, dominate arm, pretty useless. She can shoot a gun with her left, but she's far less accurate.  

Weapon: Her standard military issue rifle and handgun. She carries at least one knife on her at all times. Her fighter ship, of course is her largest weapon, but obviously can really only be used while in flight. She also carries various other weaponry that she exchanges for each different mission.

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Name: Yamada Kushijitsu
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race: Mostly Japanese with a small mix of hawaiian from a distant family member 

Race 2.0: Human/ Demon/ Cat (original human form)
Appearance: human: long straight hair that covers her left eye thats a light dirty blonde beatiful tan unblemished skin tall and skinny but very strong the type that you would not wanna get in a fight with huge breasts and a curvy figure very large eyes that are a deep aqua blue
Demon: human with slight changes: hair turns into a jet black and eyes turn red clothes get torn in this transformation
Cat: add ears and a tail <3

Personality: Yamada is a happy outgoing person whos basic goal in life is to make others happy its would not be enough to say she was a kind person and cats tend to follow her you almost never see her with out one or two trailing behind her. Her grandmother who is currently losing to breast cancer is her guardian she lives in a dorm with one other girl and goes to a high school in tokoyo but little does she know that there are powers in her that not even she knew about...
Demon Side: Yamada is that person when shes her normal self but when she transforms she gets a whole new personality she develops a "im better than you" atitude and is dark and quiet she is an expert fighter and will go out of control if you mess with her  

History: Yamadas parents where killed in a car accedent swerving out of the way trying to avoid her- she had gone out side to check the mail they proceeded to hit the very tree that her mom had perviously that day told her to not climb ever sense she hides this with a smile and trys her very best to make sure that no one thats close to her will ever be killed again because of her because of this she is very loyal and a true friend she will always stick by your side once she got moved to her grandmother house she led a "peaceful" life until the summer when her grandmother developed breast cancer she then had to move to a dorm where she is presently her power are from a demon who posessed her when she was in the womb he left the devils mark on her leaving her as an unholy child in wich the devils powers reside in her until her 16th birthday wich is when she will awaken to her new self

Strengths: Speed Agility Stamina Sword Weilding And Brute Strength

Weaknesses: Friends Cars (because of her parents) and bullys

Powers: Controls Water Cat claws and demon powers (she still has no idea how to use any of these powers such as she is the only one who weilds them and has not yet awoke to them when she turns 16) 

Weapon: Katana whom her mother gave to her on her 5th birthday (her demon powers are held in this, yes i know blue exorsist copyer blah, blah, blah i dont care)

Class: Sword_Weilders/ Shape Shifter i would perfer sword
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