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April 23, 2011


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Welcome to RPDream. Please read the following rules so that you can become a member and start rping. Until you are a member yourself, please refrain from talking to the members. And members, please only help the Dreamers if there are no mods or if they are all idle. The Sidekicks, Heroes, and Demi-Gods are here to help Dreamers and Members alike, please feel free to ask them any questions you may have. :)


1) Post one detailed, non-fanbased character as a comment to this rules journal, then ask a mod (Sidekick, Hero, or Demi-God) to look over it. ( Here are examples of what we are looking for - 
Male Character and Female Character.  The mod will either approve your character or tell you what to fix to make it acceptable. Once your character is accepted, you will be promoted to a Member class.  Once you are a member, feel free to rp with as many characters as you want, original and fanbased. You may rp in RPDream if you'd like, or you can take your rps to a less crowded, private chat. The non-member (Dreamer) idle limit is 1 hour, so please check in while writing your profile to avoid getting kicked.

2) To Avoid Spam - Limit the use of icons, emotes, capslock, and stretching. Bold is to be used ONLY in rp requests. Icons are not allowed in away messages or RP requests. No large thumbs, small emoticon thumbs only. RP requests are to be no larger than 250 words. If you have a large request, please sub your text.

3) No advertising your art, chats, or websites. 

4) No Bots! The only bots allowed in RPD are Ego-Berri, IAmABot, and other mod-authorized temporary bots.

5) NO DRAMA. Please use RPDOOCOfficial if you need to address any drama with a member or mod, to petition a ban, or to put in a formal complaint to a mod. Feel free to use the /ignore command to avoid drama, however members are NOT allowed to use that command on mods and vise versa.

6) Do not rush the mods. If you find a mod is busy, simply tab another mod to help you.

7) Keep it PG-13. Sexually explicit roleplaying is NOT permitted in ANY chatroom on deviantArt, private or otherwise. You will be IMMEDIATELY banned for breaking this rule. Because of the sexual connotations, the following words are not allowed in rp requests: Dominant-dom, submissive-sub, seme, uke, smuke, seke, top, or bottom. Please use MxM, FxF, MxF, ect to specify gender pairings rather than using the words Yaoi, Yuri, or Hentai.

8) No Multiple Accounts. If you would like to switch accounts, please log into both accounts and alert a mod. They will demote the old name and promote the new one. If you are unable to log onto your old account, please find a member to vouch for you, or you will have to submit another character profile.

* All rules are subject to change. If you are kicked for rule breaking 3 times in a 24 hour period, you will be banned.

:bulletgreen:Character Profiles:bulletgreen:

You MUST use this format. Please fill-in all fields with as much detail as possible or it will not be approved. Avoid overly cliched or perfect characters. ( aka Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus) Use full sentences instead of listing off traits. Use correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation please.

Examples of what we are looking for:  
Male Character and Female Character

Character Name:
Age: ( Actual and physical age if needed. Please do not go overboard on actual age.)
Species: ( If uncommon or made by you, please explain. )
Appearance: ( Must be written in full sentences, not listed. You may link a picture at the end, but you MUST write an appearance as well.)
History: ( From birth to current age. Please avoid cliched childhoods, unexplained powers, characters that are the only ones left of their race, slaughtering numerous/stronger enemies at a young age or with no training, ect. Also, even if they don't remember their past, they DO have one.)
Personality: ( How they act socially around different types of people, what makes them mad/sad/happy and how they react to those emotions, their likes/dislikes. )
Weakness: ( Must be a specific Physical or Elemental weakness. Emotional weaknesses and fears do not count. 'Normal human weaknesses' will only be accepted if the character is human with no powers, weapons, abilities, or special training. Your weaknesses MUST balance out your powers/weapons.)
Weapons/Abilities: ( Please don't over do it. )
Requested Class in Chatroom: Choose one of the following: Sword_Wielders, Spell_Casters, Battle_Mages, Long_Weapon_Users, Axe_Wielders, Archers, Gunners, Lashers, Short_Weapon_Users, Shape_Shifters, Fist_Fighters, Ranged_Weapon_Users, Multi_Weapon_Users, Mind_Users, Beasts, Non_Fighters )

:bulletblue:Useful Links and Information:bulletblue:

Sheeply's Roleplaying Guide for Beginners
Elvan-Lady's RP Information Guide
dA Notice: How to Discourage Predators
TheRainbowLlama's Tabbing Tutorial
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Eri-Kagiso Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Character Name: Yui Eiko




Appearance: She's five ft two,weighs 108 pounds.She has strawberry blonde hair that falls to knee length  and aqua colored eyes.When not in combat she will often wear frilly white or light blue dresses .When in combat she wears a aqua blue tunic or a set of light weight steel armor with her hair in pigtails. 

History: From a young age she has practiced healing ,playing the harp,singing,combat with a bow and arrow,and growing herbs.  .Thoughout the years she has been attending a school of the arts where she will enhance her knowledge of these subjects.After school she will often practice archery with her friends.During this time of her childhood and teenage years a battle between her race and dragons  have been brewing .At the age of sixteen she will have to decide what part she will be playing in this war whether she will use her healing abilities ,making potions or fighting on the front lines as a ranger.

Personality: Yui is very friendly toward new friends and old ones alike.She is very sensitive and will shut you out if you hurt her feelings.She also has a bold side too.She likes to try new things and will accept MOST of the challenges you have given her. 

Weakness: She is vulnerable to any class when she is healing .she has a hard time attacking 
enemies with shields 
Weapons/Abilities: Healing/archery
Requested Class in Chatroom:  Multi_Weapon_Users
Dragonprincess123 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member Student General Artist
Character Name: Thorn Zestroer
Age: 18

Species: Demon
Gender: Female
Appearance: (Demon) She has long tangled black hair and crimson eyes with long eyelashes, her claws stretch almost to the ground and her teeth are razor sharp and tentecles growing from her back. She wears a turqoise top that hangs over her shoulder and green trousers. (Human) Exactly the same as her demon form exept without her claws, gaping jaws and fangs.
History: She was born to her mother
, Asroilu, the guardian angel of the seventh heaven. At an early age her father, Zalgo, casted her out of Hell, leaving her to fight for herself. Alone and with no shelter, Thorn became depressed, not allowing anyone or anything near her. At the age of 6 she met a man, that man was the famous Slenderman. Taking her in, Thorn soon learnt that he was her uncle. Later on as a teenager she got into the habit of scaring people, midnight being her favourite time to do so. At the age of 15 she had devoured her first human, tasting the blood of the innocent and once again feeling high and mighty. She went on rampages, killing any living thing that she came across. Now, at the age of 18, she is the most feared demon both on Earth and the Under Realm.
Personality: She can be VERY sarcastic and is very rude. She makes mean comments and laughs at anyone's misfortune, but if she is treated kindly and isn't yelled at she is the most loyal companion and nicest person one could ever meet.
Weakness: Animals, she loves animals, if she see's anyone harm an animal in anyway she will be ripping them apart within a blink of an eye. She hates spiders though. She also doesn't cope well in extremely bright lights, thats why she prefers to keep to the shadows and only go out at night.
Weapons/Abilities: On occasions she will be seen with either a demonic Blade of the Flames or just a usual katana, but she prefers using her tentecles to rip her victims apart, her claws to shred the flesh off of bose or her teeth to bite into any material, even titanium or steel.
Other: Has a special pet, a female version of Seedeater, named Dead Devourer or Ammut. She is also a Creepypasta.
Requested Class in Chatroom: Shape Shifters
KamuraIzunaiAkuma Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member Hobbyist Artist
Character name : Kamura izunai
Species : kami
Appeareance: long brown hair to the waist if its tied up when its down its on the floor blue or golden eyes he is 2'20 and his powers are transmision strenght love creating and destruction and he can di magicspells ,his weakness are : his past and his ex
Sexuality : bi
Weapon : a golden katana and a reapers scyce
His past : he is on of the first kami's of yagurei and was kind of a shogun he lost many things like friends and family
His character:loving and dominant and serious but sometimes goofy
artorgamesilovethem Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Character Name:Clockwork
Appearance:Has long brown hair wears white tank top and a blue jacket black leather jeans with black leather boots always carry's a kitchen knife with her black leather gloves she sowed up her mouth lip to lip ed and ear to ear one green cat eye and one clock eye

History:unknown to any human
OreoAKAPoison Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Character Name: Nieve Niagara Charist  
Age: 15 1/2
Species: Wild cat
Gender: Female
Appearance: Nieve is a wild cat leopard mix with very soft white fur and long brown pin straight hair with blonde tips on the ends which ranges down to her paws. She also has a head shaped like a cheetah and has very few large and medium spots on her back including small ones on her face below her eyes though she is only 12 inches tall, she has a strong, brave, serious mind and heart with very strong teeth, claws and powers which are mist, ice, rock, fire, and air. Nieve has powerfull white thousand feathered wings which she uses them in battle to blow her enemies away to avoid getting hit by weapons from above. Her favorite colors are mostly bright colors like orange, pink, red, yellow, blue, orange/red, light green, sometimes she just likes all colors but mostly she likes the brighter ones or the ones that represent her.  

History: Nieve was born on the 18th of April,1997 and the last of 12 cubs and the only one that was born with feathered wings including her mother and father, the rest of them were without wings and she usaully got inspired from other cubs. Nieve was usually the happiest cub in the rain forest until she faced something hard, and sad which was her parents death that they got caught outside of the forest while looking for some food for the family and got triggered to a trap and got killed. There was also a war after the death of Nieves parents and after all that 90% percent of her family where dead including her friends she met when she was a cub. Her remaining family was worried that the same thing will happen to Nieve and them, so they moved to another rain forest until the same thing happened and Nieves whole family was dead. Luckily, she found some of her friends harmed after the huge rumble and she asked to live with them and their family, since she has none left. Nieve was fond and appreciated the family was well as her old family in the past few years, though her friends home wasn't very tidy because they usually fight or goof around the den. After a year when she was the age of 15, Nieve decided to leave her friends home and get her own. It was a hard step to make, even when living by herself, Nieve will have to do a lot for her home. Nieve did a lot of wonderful things after a few months past,she helped orphan cubs and gave them a home, she tidied dens, gave away some food, and cleaned the forest, but most of all the things Nieve did, she let more than 10-20 cubs to live with her.    
Personality: She's really sweet and outgoing. She can be bossy or ignorant, it depends on her mood. She has a strong, happy, powerful heart, and helps many people that she can including the cubs living in her house. She can be the sister that gets mad easily or even attitude, you mostly have to leave her alone that time when shes like that. She's a goof mostly, she plays with the cubs or just messes around herself.
Weakness: When Nieve is thinking of uncomfortable things or hears voices in her head, she kinda makes weird noises and goes crazy with her powers even rain, she can't be in the rain or she will whether melt or freeze for 2 days
Weapons/Abilities: Nieve can turn invisible while attacking ememies or even blend with whatever:trees,bushes, etc.  
Other: Her height 5'2
Requested Class in Chatroom: Spell_Casters
JacobDaGun Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, so I assume I just put my thingy here, then?

----- ---- --- -- - -  -   -    -     -

Character Name: Jerur
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Appearance: He has somewhat neat hair that usually falls into a comb-over on it's own;  It usually is held back slightly by a teal headband.  He generally wears a Navy Blue vest over his shirt, both enchanted with protections.   He has a pair of heavy greaves, a pair of durable gloves, and boots that enhance speed.  He has one blue eye and one grey eye, and has long, lanky legs.  He also wears a small pendant, a memento of a lost friend.  He also carries a Kite Shield and an odd sword of his own making.
History: For the most part, he had a fairly drama-free life.  He had a normal childhood until 10, when he decided to become a Paladin (as most of the people in his culture sent their kids to make better of themselves at 10-ish).  He also trained in the magic arts, becoming adept at Wind and Crystal (or Ice, if you will) magic.  He joined a guild after completing training at age 15.  During one mission, his friend (who also happened to be a prince somehow) died, leaving him a small memento.  He travels around the land, helping others randomly, but keeping aloof for the most part.
Personality: Generally a fairly easygoing fellow, but also strong.  He also tends to support others when he can, and often helps those around him.   Be warned, if you make an enemy with him, run.  Contrary to what one might believe, he prefers Gung-ho tactics.
Weakness: Weak against Dark, Fire, and Metal elements, as well as heavy weapons.
Weapons/Abilities: A self-made sword, named Tsubasa (or Wing) that enables him to create wind-slashes.  A Kite Shield, for defense.  His vest protects him from many physical and magical attacks, while his shirt is made from highly-protective scales. 
Other:  Specific height:  5' 11"
Requested Class in Chatroom: Battle_Mages (or Sword_Wielders, Battle_Mages preferred)

Okay, if I think of anything else I need to add, I'll do so.
Terra-Scales Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago  New member
Rebecca Maverick:

Age: 18

Species: Anthro Brown wolf

Gender: Female

Appearance: Rebecca stands at 5'10'' with soft, brown fur. Her brown hair flows down to her elbows. Other features include hazel eyes, c-cup breasts, and white fur on the tips of her tail and ears. She is usually seen wearing a t-shirt and jeans of various color(s) with black boots along with blue fingerless gloves.

History: Rebecca's mother died at childbirth and her father was nowhere to be found, so she spent in her infancy in an orphanage. She doesn't really remember much from it since no one ever really talked to her besides the caretakers, but she does remember them having to raise money to stay in business.  Adopted by a rich family with military ties at the age of 4, she led a wonderful life and graduated high school at 16 as the validictorian. Of course the road up there wasn't easy, as she went through countless friends and boyfriends, most of which tried to use her for various reasons. She then took up work as a mercenary/assassin after learning that her biological father was one of the FBI'S most wanted., constantly training herself with the gunblade she received as a graduation gift. She also soon learned how to concentrate her energy into powerful spells, and as such has made quite a name for herself.

Personality: Usually sweet and outgoing, she can be quite temperamental. She also was born with autism, making her overly curious and socially awkward. She doesn't really keep in touch with her family anymore and has a constant fear of being like her father. Her circle of friends is few but strong, and she doesn't really talk much other than to them, often coming across as timid and shy.

Weaknesses: Wind. Her spiritual energy is a mix of fire, ice, lightning, and earth. Fire and Ice cancel out, Lightning gives her resistance to water, and earth makes her sensitive to wind magic.

Weapon: A personalized gunblade that shoots lasers.

Abilities: Various elemental magic and BulletVision (she can see in bullet time)

Requested Class: Battle Mage

(This should look familiar since I moved to a new account).
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CloudClipper Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Luna Devious Pax (Translated: Moon Eratic Silence)

Age: 19

Species: Human/Cloud Clipper- The cloud clippers are a species of big cats, which grow to be much larger than normal big cats (they grow indefinitely, though slower with age). They possess feathered wings, often similar to those of birds of prey, and also often have a special ability or power. Cloud clippers possess the ability to see into and enter the spirit world in order to aid spirits on their journey to the Light, and speak through telepathy. They're bones are extremely light, though maintain strength against the impacts of landing and battles. Their flight is mostly maintained through muscle power in the wings, but, like their special abilities, is aided by a deep and ancient magic.

Gender: Female

Appearance: Human - Luna has brown hair with dirty blonde highlights, which reaches to just below her chin and is heavily layered. Her eyes are the cerulean blue of a pool in summer, and her head has a rounded shape. Her skin is light (not easily tanned) and spattered with many freckles, and though she is only 5'2", she is slender and strong, though overall rather petite. Cloud Clipper - Luna is a hybrid leopard cloud clipper, with her base coat a bright white, and each paw fading to near black. Her tail is tipped black with four black rectangular markings (typical snow leopard pattern) on the dorsal side of her tail, and a black streak on the ventral side. Her spine also has a black line along it, with small, circular spots scattered across her upper back and shoulders, akin to stars. Her ears are also black with a white eye spot in the center, and a black crescent rests on her brow. Her feathered wings are white with barred stripes, similar to a snowy owl's plumage. Her eyes remain the same cerulean blue as in her human form. In her battle form, her fur and feathers all melds into a deep charcoal gray, and her eyes become a harsh, cold, icy blue of glaciers. Her canines lengthen into saber teeth, her claws lengthen several inches and she grows about 50% in size and muscle mass. In her normal form she is about 1.5 times the size of a large polar bear height wise, with a build similar to a snow leopard's but slightly more lean and higher off the ground. 

History: Luna was born the oldest of a large family in a small country town in Indiana. Her parents were divorced, and both remarried and had more children, leaving Luna to bounce between families, out of place. She excelled in school, enjoying the escape from her home life, and made a small handful of close friends while keeping a larger number of loose friends. The wilderness and nature always inspired and intrigued her, leading her to hope to become a veterinarian one day. 
During her freshman year of high school, she traveled with two of her friends on a camping trip, and while on a hike they wandered into a deep part of the forest far off the marked path. There they discovered a small, dark cave, and within they experienced a black out, during which ancient magic (the same that allows Cloud Clippers to fly) worked at them, transforming them into Cloud Clippers - a dangerous species they had been taught to hate and fear by society. At first, Luna and her friends were on the run once their power to transform was discovered, but once the government had stepped in and settled the turmoil, they were sent to aid in a war against an uprising of dark spirits. While traveling, their parents were killed in a plane crash, and the three were left to join the pure Cloud Clippers on their own. 
Soon the war was well under way, and Luna began to see a secret behind the dark spirits - one that would spell doom for her side of the war. In order to investigate this and to avoid suspicion, she abandoned her friends and allies and escaped into the wilderness of Eurasia, where she met her soon-to-be mate, Bronco, who was also an escapee (but from the spirits' side of the war). After several months together, the two split apart to search the globe for answers to the war, flying to various places while secretly keeping an eye out for clues on how to defeat the dark spirits (though she tended to be distracted by adventures and rescue missions with newfound friends). Several months later they met again, only to discover a rift had formed between the two, and soon after they split apart again to go their separate ways... forever. 
Luna has now returned to her expeditions, alone and free but doing her best to keep her cloud clipper identity hidden from most of the world, though she continues to aid those she finds and still stands for the cloud clippers' upstanding honor - to protect the earth and it's inhabitants. 

Personality: Due to her history of a troubled family and living out in the country, Luna is often shy when first met and rather quiet. She takes great interest in listening to others (she eavesdrops just a little too much) although sometimes she drifts off into daydreams of her own, losing track of her surroundings. Once someone opens up to Luna, though, she will be quick to make friends, and those she allows as close friends will soon learn she has a feisty side and enjoys poking fun. Small things (most often family and "stupid people") can annoy her quickly, but she rarely becomes truly angry, which allows her to show great loyalty to those who have earned her absolute trust. However, if that trust is broken, Luna tends to hold a grudge for years, giving whosoever wronged her the cold shoulder. Despite her generally peaceful demeanor, when in extremely tense situations she tends to jump to conclusions and is often ready for fight or flight - most often fight if she feels there is something for her to defend. Her cloud clipper survival instincts override her gentle nature in such situations.
Weapon: As a human - not much, she has not learned much in the arts of attack or defense in her human form. As a Cloud Clipper, she uses instincts, claws, and canines to maul her enemies. When in her battle-ready form (explained later), she is especially perceptive as to the best route in a battle, and has longer, sharper canines and claws (canines will have lengthened into saber-teeth).

Weaknesses: As a human, Luna may befall any illness or injury a normal human may suffer. Flesh wounds, diseases, they all may affect her. As a Cloud Clipper, she is much the same, only that her immune system is slightly stronger, although she may fall prey to feline sicknesses as well. If injured, the wound will carry over to both forms (so she cannot escape being wounded by shifting forms). If she falls ill, the sickness will also carry across forms, though a feline sickness in human form will be weaker (since it does not normally affect humans) and vice versa. Also, while in the spirit world, if Luna is "killed" by another spirit, she will return to the living world, but will have lost sight and access to the spirit world.

Strengths/Weapons/Abilities: Luna has great strength and can fly as a Cloud Clipper, and also can transform into her saber-tooth self when greatly upset. In that form she is abnormally strong and agile, and can better process and execute a fight(fight instincts are heightened). As a human she can transform into a Cloud Clipper, and in both forms she is able to see spirits of the newly deceased as they travel towards "the Light," as is the case with all Cloud Clippers. While in her feline form, she also may enter the spirit world, while her physical body disappears from the living world, transformed into a silver version of herself in the spirits' realm.

Requested class: Shape_Shifters
flutterprincess235 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Student General Artist
Character: Alana Sinclair
Age: 18

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Appearance: Alana has velvet, short, curly hair. She has glasses that are not too big but big. She is 5 ft., 9 in, so she thinks she can boss people around just because of how big she is. She loves to wear flip-flops with short khaki pants, and pink, blue, or red collar shirts. She loves rings so, she has at least five rings. She always wears her great-grandmothers pendant. It is blue and shines every time you point it to any kind of light. She has a tanish kind of skin color.

History: Alana was born on a planet known as Oplettia (this and planet Earth are the only two planets with mammals on them). Oplettia was ambushed causing her family to send her to Earth. She ended up at a house and a family who was known as the Mcullers took her in. When she turned ten, she was forced to learn how to use weapons in combat (such as swords, guns, knifes, etc.). She never was really up for learning how to use those but, she did and succeeded. By the age of 15, her parents had died. The only two that survived was Cally (her stepsister) and herself. Since then, she had to learn how to cook, clean, hunt (or shop), and protect. To Alana, Cally was one major priority for her. She didn't want anything to happen to her. By the time Alana was 18, Cally died from severe blood cancer. Alana wasn't very happy when that happened. She would hide, and then assassinate, and hide even more. She had changed from being a happy person to a mad women on the loose. She would always blame people for what had happened. But, she eventually got over it. She pulled it together and decided to adventure. She thought that adventuring would keep her mind off those sad memories. She had settled in a little hut just off a little cove. She was next to a beach to many people who were adventurous would go and find her. Once there was a man who came and saw her, he was surprised at first but then thought that she was the perfect one. They would talk and venture through places. After all of that mushy stuff, they became together. Here they are now adventuring even more than any person has adventured before.

Personality: She is very shy, she only opens up to Jackson (her boyfriend). She strongly dislikes when people lie to her (it makes her very angry). She is adventurous. Loves to read books. Her favorite kind of books are mystery.  She isn't a party person. She would rather sit in a house with her books and hot coco than partying with other people.

Weakness: People with no soul.

Weapons/ Abilities: She can equip her pistol and she always carries her luck sword "Fallen". She does not have any shield (because she simply does not need one). She also has a bow and a limited supply of arrows.


Requested class in chat room: Multi_Weapon_User
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