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April 23, 2011


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Welcome to RPDream. Please read the following rules so that you can become a member and start rping. Until you are a member yourself, please refrain from talking to the members. And members, please only help the Dreamers if there are no mods or if they are all idle. The Sidekicks, Heroes, and Demi-Gods are here to help Dreamers and Members alike, please feel free to ask them any questions you may have. :)


1) Post one detailed, non-fanbased character as a comment to this rules journal, then ask a mod (Sidekick, Hero, or Demi-God) to look over it. ( Here are examples of what we are looking for - 
Male Character and Female Character.  The mod will either approve your character or tell you what to fix to make it acceptable. Once your character is accepted, you will be promoted to a Member class.  Once you are a member, feel free to rp with as many characters as you want, original and fanbased. You may rp in RPDream if you'd like, or you can take your rps to a less crowded, private chat. The non-member (Dreamer) idle limit is 1 hour, so please check in while writing your profile to avoid getting kicked.

2) To Avoid Spam - Limit the use of icons, emotes, capslock, and stretching. Bold is to be used ONLY in rp requests. Icons are not allowed in away messages or RP requests. No large thumbs, small emoticon thumbs only. RP requests are to be no larger than 250 words. If you have a large request, please sub your text.

3) No advertising your art, chats, or websites. 

4) No Bots! The only bots allowed in RPD are Ego-Berri, IAmABot, and other mod-authorized temporary bots.

5) NO DRAMA. Please use RPDOOCOfficial if you need to address any drama with a member or mod, to petition a ban, or to put in a formal complaint to a mod. Feel free to use the /ignore command to avoid drama, however members are NOT allowed to use that command on mods and vise versa.

6) Do not rush the mods. If you find a mod is busy, simply tab another mod to help you.

7) Keep it PG-13. Sexually explicit roleplaying is NOT permitted in ANY chatroom on deviantArt, private or otherwise. You will be IMMEDIATELY banned for breaking this rule. Because of the sexual connotations, the following words are not allowed in rp requests: Dominant-dom, submissive-sub, seme, uke, smuke, seke, top, or bottom. Please use MxM, FxF, MxF, ect to specify gender pairings rather than using the words Yaoi, Yuri, or Hentai.

8) No Multiple Accounts. If you would like to switch accounts, please log into both accounts and alert a mod. They will demote the old name and promote the new one. If you are unable to log onto your old account, please find a member to vouch for you, or you will have to submit another character profile.

* All rules are subject to change. If you are kicked for rule breaking 3 times in a 24 hour period, you will be banned.

:bulletgreen:Character Profiles:bulletgreen:

You MUST use this format. Please fill-in all fields with as much detail as possible or it will not be approved. Avoid overly cliched or perfect characters. ( aka Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus) Use full sentences instead of listing off traits. Use correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation please.

Examples of what we are looking for:  
Male Character and Female Character

Character Name:
Age: ( Actual and physical age if needed. Please do not go overboard on actual age.)
Species: ( If uncommon or made by you, please explain. )
Appearance: ( Must be written in full sentences, not listed. You may link a picture at the end, but you MUST write an appearance as well.)
History: ( From birth to current age. Please avoid cliched childhoods, unexplained powers, characters that are the only ones left of their race, slaughtering numerous/stronger enemies at a young age or with no training, ect. Also, even if they don't remember their past, they DO have one.)
Personality: ( How they act socially around different types of people, what makes them mad/sad/happy and how they react to those emotions, their likes/dislikes. )
Weakness: ( Must be a specific Physical or Elemental weakness. Emotional weaknesses and fears do not count. 'Normal human weaknesses' will only be accepted if the character is human with no powers, weapons, abilities, or special training. Your weaknesses MUST balance out your powers/weapons.)
Weapons/Abilities: ( Please don't over do it. )
Requested Class in Chatroom: Choose one of the following: Sword_Wielders, Spell_Casters, Battle_Mages, Long_Weapon_Users, Axe_Wielders, Archers, Gunners, Lashers, Short_Weapon_Users, Shape_Shifters, Fist_Fighters, Ranged_Weapon_Users, Multi_Weapon_Users, Mind_Users, Beasts, Non_Fighters )

:bulletblue:Useful Links and Information:bulletblue:

Sheeply's Roleplaying Guide for Beginners
Elvan-Lady's RP Information Guide
dA Notice: How to Discourage Predators
TheRainbowLlama's Tabbing Tutorial
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UltimateSuperX Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Name: Starflame

Age: 20

Species: Wolf

Gender: male

Appearance: He have Red and Green eyes, he is blue and he have dark blue spiky hair

History: He likes to have keep that secret

Personality: He have a laidback 
Personality and sometimes acts little goofy but lot smarter then you think he is.


Weapons/Abilities: sword

Other: none

Class: Multi Weapon Users
MyCoyoteSight Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member
Name:Echo Coy

Age: 21 

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Personality: He is smart and creative but he is really weird because of the actions he does. For example, he will help feral animals survive no matter what diseases he fetches from it.

He has blue eyes, brown hair, short hair, and he is slim. Also, he is 5'7" feet tall.

History: Echo was born in 1993. He was left at birth and was never adopted. He grew up in Texas and lived in an orphanage. In school, he was bullied because of his name and had no friends. His childhood was miserable. When he was a 18, he got a Internship for NASA in and moved to New Mexico. When he was 20, he went to Iraq to fight against terrorists with U.S marines.
His squad was called Foxtrot-Charlie-89. He became friends with his squad mates and they did everything together. During a battle his squad got wiped out from a grenade and he survived but was left for dead. He explored the land of Iraq until he was captured by a demon. The demon took him to another world and left him there with no clue where he was? Echo explored the world similar to Earth.

Weapons/Abilities: F2000, P226, and a combat knife. He has good aim with ranged weapons and is great at hacking into computers

Weakness: Almost any weapon can injure Echo...

Other: None

Class: Gunner
cyberwolfgirl1819 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student General Artist
Character Name: Moonswift Erigale

Age: 22 years old

Species: beast (werewolf)

Gender: female

Appearance: She has white fur and has no markings. She wears a black muscle shirt and worn blue jeans, with a pear of black skater shoes. She has no peircings or tattoos. She has blue eyes and short black hair.

History: She was born in a pack from the north. She was raised in a normal life of learning to hunt and protecting the pack. As she grew up the more dangers came from humans. They though of them as humanoid abominations. One day she went hunting, she had just turned the age of sixteen, when she had gotten her kill and was heading back to the pack, she saw smoke. When she arrived it was all carnige; everyone had died. She was terrified and ran south, to find another pack, and to hide from the humans. She still has not found a pack and tries to look positively towards the future.

Personality: She is friendly and tries to befriend everyone. She is very energetic and a child at heart. The only thing that makes her mad is being rude or mean to her. She gets sad when someone doesnt want to be her friend. What makes her happy is spending time with friends. If someone is upset, she tries to comfort them, she really is a crowd pleasure.

Weakness: Her weakness' are she has allergic to silver (classic i know).

Weapons/Abilities: no weapons and she had learnt to fight in the pack that she was born in.

MaxandFang4evr Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She has waist length blond hair, freckles, ice blue eyes, and is 5 feet and 7 inches. She weighs 108 pounds. Her skin is white but fairly tan, her features are harsh but pretty, and her eyebrows are thin and light brown.

She has lived with her mother all her life, and her mother has kept her inside as much as possible, due to the strange things Ralia sees when she goes outside. Ralia went shopping by herself for a few things at age 16, and was attacked by harpies. She made for what appeared to be open ground that was away from normal people so she could continue hitting the creatures with a sharp stick. Bloodied and bruised, she stepped past a tree to find the creatures no longer chasing her and a camp full of other people just like her. After an unfortunate incident which involved a boy, a fight, and sprinklers, she was claimed by Poseidon.

She is kind, stubborn, brave, and will do anything to protect innocents or the ones she loves/cares for. Other people's company and having something important to do makes her happy. Being able to do nothing or being cooped up makes her angry (as this had happened her whole life, she now has slight anger issues)

Weakness-kicks to the gut-for some reason, her gut is the link to her power

Weapons/abilities-has Percy Jackson's powers, plus one more-she can control small amounts of water (i call them water snakes) and have it temporarily heal just about any wound for about an hour, depending on the size of the wound. If it is small, she can heal it completely.

Class- Long_Weapon_User
ReturningBlackFire Featured By Owner 2 days ago

Character Name: Rez or Vektyr

Age: 22

Species: human / pure essence - Pure essence being the substance that all creatures are made of, the raw form of it anyways. Essence is the energy of the Earth and is usually commanded by no creature, usually, but rituals have taken place with virgins amongst the crowd. Later the virgins would give birth to those known as Sentinels or Earthen guards.

Gender: male

Appearance: Just a regular kid when you look at him, aside from the fact he doesn't really have a home. Dark brown hair and piercing green eyes that almost glow. He stands at a towering 7' tall but his form is lithe and lightly muscled. Usually wearing boots, camo cargo shorts and an old t-shirt, he can never really stay clean for long. When his form wants to shift, glowing purple veins cover his body before it all "melts" and reshapes. His forms canreplicate anything he sees to a T, so long as he has sufficiant practice in that form.

History: Mother had given birth to him 16 months after a ritual taken place on the intersection of several energy lines that course through the Earth. She had been the virgin in the group and willing to take the sacrifice, she dies soon after birth as her energy was absorbed into his. Rituals such as these are taken once a generation to replace the fallen Sentinels. Rez, a Sentinel has the duty of keeping natural and man-made at a balance tending to life wherever it flourishes. He was given a surrogate mother and allowed as much freedom as he could want.

Rez was taught to read and write and all the basics of such necessities but he loved to read so his vocabulary and understanding grew. He always knew somewhat of what he had to do, for the Earth's energy still coursed through his veins and still commanded the energy he held. He was able to command plants and small animals since 7 but his shifting came in later around 12. Rez's shifting is always sketchy at best, such as his first time ever. He was raised with several other children and one of which was a young girl of 13. Rez's mind had become so engrossed on her form that he shifted, in front of her, into the spitting image of her. He was immediately outcast by the children and kept to himself from then on.

At his 15th birthday he was set out on his own to wander aimlessly. This seems like a young age but nature had its way of protecting Rez, a pure spring here, a thickly canopied tree in a rain storm, a pile of apples in a meadow there. Since then he has preferred to stay away from humans but he goes where the Essence tugs him. Recently the Essence has been pulling him closer and closer to human and whatnot territory, throwing him to the wolves in more then one adventure.

Personality: Usually a loner but lets a few people in. Reacts harshly to angry people. Is usually a mediator to fights but tries to stay out of them. He has a very neutral approach to most situations but he keeps an air of humor about him. Not truelly having a family has caused trust issues with him and can anger Rez if it's brought up too much. If someone purposefully destroys something for no good reason within his vicinity (such as a plant or animal) it can send him into a violent rage that's devastating to behold. His biggest fear is being the last of his kind, and if there will ever be a ritual to overtake his position should he leave this world. Though he dreams of being normal, of having a loving family like a normal human.

Weakness: Strong electrical currents can disrupt his forms and wreak havoc on shifting. Magic can sometimes have similar effects as well though its more varied on the outcome... When just one specific body part is shifted, the whole form can collapse if the body is hit with a disruptive frequency (such as electricity or magic). Rez's anger can cause his ability to control plants and animals to go berserk, turning his immediate area into an army of psychotic plants and animals running off pure rage. Rez is unconcious during this stage and will not react to things normally. When the rage finally dissipates he usually falls into a deep slumber while his body is shielded by a large thick tree.

Weapons/Abilities: Parkour, self taught of course. Form shifting which includes specific parts instead of the whole body but only of things he has seen and can remember. Able to channel his energy to leave his main body but attached by a thin tether ( such as a key or projectiles). He has an innate ability to command plant and animals as well, but is extremely emotion based.

Other: none

Requested Class in Chatroom: shape_shifter

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Coolpandagirl Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Character Name: Sally
Age: 16 (real age)
Species: vampire-wizard
Appearance: pure dark red eyes, shirt thats a short sleeves and say: life is a mystrey, demin shorts that are darkish
History: Born as a vampire and wizard, abandonded at 1st birthday, only vamp/wiz hydrid, has shapeshifting powers for unknown reasons( its true.) lived with wolfes for her life until found by a man in purple. rasied with lots of spells, and can understand what animals say, also has death spells)
Personality: Shy, weird, silent.
Weakness: Sun.
Weapons/Abilities: fast, shapeshift, spells, can suck color red, wepons: kayla and ???(secret name) both human-guns
Other: nothing
Requested Class in Chatroom: Shape_shifter
CupcakeForMyKitten Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago  New member Hobbyist Artist
Character Name: Alya
Species: Elf
Gender: Female
Appearance: Alya has Slightly tanned skin and no freckles. Her hair is Dark brown and usually worn in a loose bun. Her eyes are an olivey green, and she doesn't like makeup.
History: Alya had a pretty typical childhood, and is still in high school. the only thing that may separate her from others is the death of her father when she was 7, though she doesn't really remember it now. Her mother is caring, even though it annoys Alya to death.
Personality: Alya  is a Somewhat solitary Elf, but she has a compassionate Core and will help those in need. Alya does not believe in 'Different' Kinds of people. She sees everyone as a whole World, without races. She will be as kind to another elf as she would be to an Anthro or Mermaid.  In other words, everyone is equal to her. What really pushes her buttons is when she sees people being racist. that just makes her angry. there are a multitude of things that make her happy or sad.
: she has a really bad fear of Fire, and is actually kinda scared of candles (xD). Her mind thinks too fast for her to actually process, so that gets her into a multitude of situations, both good and bad. Asid from that she has no weaknesses, other than the fact she's a REALLY bad swimmer.
Weapons/Abilities: Alya is an expert Marksman- or, excuse me, Markswoman. she has no special training, but she is an above average climber, both in nature and in cities.  and also, she is very food- Motivated.
Other: .
she can handle a gun, but she prefers her bow.Pies because IDK
Requested Class in Chatroom:  Archers
CupcakeForMyKitten Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member Hobbyist Artist

Character Name: Alya
Species: Elf
Gender: Female
 Alya has slightly tanned skin and no freckles. Her hair is dark brown with lighter highlights, and is worn in a loose bun most of the time. Her eyes are an olive green with gold- colored flecks around her pupil. She usually wears loose fitting clothes, and despises skirts. She has a scar on her right wrist that was from the fire (see History). Alya likes to think it looks like a dragon, even if nobody else sees it.
History:  Alya was born May 27 1997, in her family’s Cabin in Canada. She lived for about three years in Canada before her parents moved to California.  They lived there peacefully for four years, before a fire, killing Alya’s father and scarring her for life, destroyed their home. She feels like it was her fault, even though the Fire station said it was just an electrical fire. After her father’s death, her mother took what little money they had, and they moved back to Canada. Alya has had a normal life since then, but her father’s death still haunts her.
 Personality: Alya is a somewhat solitary Elf, but she has a compassionate core, and will help those in need. Alya does not believe in 'different' Kinds of people. She sees everyone as a whole World, without races. She will be as kind to another elf as she would be to an anthro or Mermaid.  In other words, everyone is equal to her. What really pushes her buttons is when she sees people being racist. Racism and inequality just outrage her.  Her favorite food is Ramen noodles, and she is a couch potato, though she will cease her couch- potato activities if her assistance is required.  Even though it seems unlike her, she loves adventures, and sometimes actually goes on a few of her own. she also has a slight British accent for absolutely no reason. (It’s fake)
she has a very bad fear of Fire, because her father perished in a fire, and she almost died as well. Her mind thinks too fast for her to actually process what she’s doing sometimes, or really most of the time , so that gets her into a multitude of situations, both good and bad. Aside from that she has no weaknesses, other than the fact she is a bad swimmer.
Weapons/Abilities: Alya has no special training, but she is an above average climber, both in nature and in cities. She is an expert markswoman, and an above average Sniper.
Other: she can handle a gun, but she prefers her bow because she has used it longer than any gun. Her favorite song is Home by Ellie Goulding.
Requested Class in Chatroom:  Archers

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